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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2015

    Hespathus's guide to level 90 heroic gear

    So a lot of people have been asking me "How does heroic gear actually work?". I'll try to explain and list all the different nuances for heroic gear in this short guide.

    So, first things first. How to actually get said gear. You will need to find the queue for heroic hell mode, which only appears in velder and late stages. This button is fairly obvious in the stage select. You will also need a minimum character level of 90 and item level of 130, as well as 3 heroic invitations to enter. I do NOT recommend you to even attempt heroic hell without an item level of at least 170, an inventory expansion and at least 300 fire and water attribute resist.

    Once you have gone into the dungeon you will find that it is actually rather difficult; most enemies will do a good 20% of your hp in 1 hit and you will be absolutely destroyed by supreme monsters as they have Gate of Darkness elixir effects that do about 80k per tick in damage over time effects (hence the 300 fire and water resist). These supreme monsters however will guaruntee drop 3 heroic weapon pieces, which is what you will be using to craft the level 90 heroic gear. These pieces can drop from any monster in the dungeon but are mostly from the supreme ones. The boss at the end of the dungeon will also have a chance to drop an actual piece of heroic gear.

    If you did get a heroic gear drop, but its not the identification you want, do NOT discard it, but dismantle it (more on identifications later). You dismantle them as you will get heroic weapon fragments from doing it. You can "craft" heroic gear by using the "trade" button at glave (elite pieces are useless btw, dismantle on sight).

    Now when you identify your heroic gear, the first thing you should notice is that it has 4 rows of orange text, with the first one called "Heroic Presence". This is the unique identification for that piece of heroic gear. There is NO way to change it. Once you have that piece of gear you are stuck with that identification, which can make farming for heroic gear extremely frustrating.

    There are also 3 types of heroic gear: Wrath, Wisdom and Vision. Wrath is for pure skill damage, wisdom is for mp cost reduction and vision is for skill cooldown reduction. In my opinion, Wisdom is useless for pve, but its very strong for pvp as the 5 piece effect gives -15% mp cost in total.

    Now for the identifications. The first row below the "Heroic Presence" should be the items "Heroic Rank". The "Heroic Rank" determines the base stats of the gear. It ranges from 1-30, with 1 being the weakest and 30 being the strongest. If the "Heroic Rank" is higher than 24, the gear is stronger than level 85 legendary raid weapon and level 90 4th dimension henir gear (when it comes out on NA). This kind of makes both redundant. Heroic rank really isn't that important however, apart from for the weapon.

    The second row below the "Heroic Presence" will be the main part of the heroic effect. I have compiled a list of them below:

    Universal effects (can appear on any piece):
    +% damage to targets below 30% hp
    +% damage in proportion to health lost
    +[skill type] % cooldown
    +physical/magical defense % ignore
    +item drop rate % increase
    +% damage increase to boss monsters
    +% skill cooldown upon defeating a supreme enemy
    +% debuff duration decrease
    +% recovery item effect increase
    +% mana cost decrease

    Weapon effects (unique to weapons only):
    +% damage on 10th hit
    enemy resistance reduction per hit for 10 seconds (stacks up to 10 stacks)
    +% chance to cause sea of flames
    +% chance of causing gust
    +% chance of causing ice zone
    +% chance to cause poison fog

    Top piece effects:
    +% attack/attacked damage (this is extremely strong, as it is applied after all other damage calculations have finished)

    Bottom piece effects:
    +% party stat

    List of party stats that can be boosted:
    Physical/magical attack
    Physical/magical defense
    Additional damage
    Reduced damage
    Critical rate
    Attack Speed

    +% skill cooldown after 10 attacks
    +% [skill type] damage stack for 10 seconds (stacks up to 5 times)

    A brief explanation on how this works. Basically, if you use a e.g. a bravery skill, and have a 10% value for damage stack on your glove, your bravery skill will do 10% more damage. The next bravery skill you use within 10 seconds will do 20% more damage, and so on and so forth until 5 stacks. This is actually incredibly powerful.

    No unique identification specific to boots. Poor boots. KOG doesn't like then :[

    For weapons, the maximum value of a % is 15, and for armor it is 10. A lot of these have a cap however. For example, % mp cost is capped at -20% mp cost. These identifications are also nearly all dungeon only, with the party buffs from bottom pieces being the only exception.

    Now for the last row of identifications: +10% of a skill damage. This is completely up to the person who is trying to get the gears preference. This and heroic rank is all you will care about if you are planning on using heroic gear for pvp (except maybe for pants), as you can stack up to +50% skill damage (I'm looking at you pain of caladbolg) from having a 5 piece effect. This also stacks additively with other effects that boost that skill damage (skill rings, strong warriors chronicle etc.)

    I hope this guide is useful. TL;DR: If you're doing pvp, ignore the 3rd line of orange text for heroic gear and use wisdom as you get -15% mp costs.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2014
    Post Brexit UK
    Thanks for the info Hespa :^)))))))))))))))))))))

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    Feita Knight
    Aug 2014
    Feita2 Feita
    Something I've been wondering. Wisdom says -MP Consumption (max 20%), so does this stack with the -MP Consumption identifications as well or are they seperate max 20 percents?

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2015
    They are completely seperate, the mp cost reduction 20% cap is only for the heroic identifications.

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    Velder Noble
    Apr 2013
    I don't think wisdom is that useless for pve since mp hungry classes like cbs or mm exist.
    But I wouldn't get 5/5 for anyone since it's not that good, not even wrath...

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    Hello there, I have moved your thread to the guide section as it's more appropriate there. Thanks for your info as I'm sure a lot of people will find this super beneficial.

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    Altera Savior
    Feb 2013
    If the "Heroic Rank" is higher than 24, the gear is stronger than level 85 legendary raid weapon.
    Don't you mean Unique Raid weapon? I've been comparing Heroic weapons on the board and can confirm that the Weapon Calculator is correct.

    Still, this is a really useful guide. Thanks for compiling the IDs.

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    Feita Knight
    Aug 2014
    Feita2 Feita
    Don't you mean Unique Raid weapon? I've been comparing Heroic weapons on the board and can confirm that the Weapon Calculator is correct.

    Still, this is a really useful guide. Thanks for compiling the IDs.
    I'm not sure, but he could be factoring in the 5/5's +5% to both attack stats as well. Using LK as an example, the difference between a rank 25 lv90 heroic unique and legend perki with no additional attack levels is only like 400 points. you can also ID attack levels on heroic weapons as random ones that you can reroll for. I have a unique claymore with a magic attack level +4. It's sad cause its a rank 10 with imperial blade skill damage. Would be nice to give to my BH if the rank wasn't low.


    Another thing that crossed my mind, do the 5% attack increases stack? Cause I was considering doing a 2/2 and 3/3. Like 2/2 of Heroic: Wrath for skill damage, even if small, then 3/3 of Wisdom for MP consumption and 5% attack speed/maximize/critical. Just as an example really.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2015
    Yes they do stack. I'm running 2/5 wrath and 2/5 vision. Or at least i would be if my rng didn't keep trolling me and giving me vision pieces with pretty much the best possible identifications.

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2015
    I didn't know I can dismantle and get some fragments from those. I was about to throw them away. Good thing I read your guide beforehand.