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    MOD [Winners Announced] Style Spotlight - November 2016

    Hey Elpeeps!

    It's time to hit the runway, we've got a new fashion contest for you. Style Spotlight will run a bit like the Look of the Month contests but with a major difference - you do not have to own all of the items in your outfit.

    For November 2016 we want you to create a look themed around "Fall Fashion." If you don't have enough items to create an outfit that matches the theme don't worry! You may use up to 2500kc worth of items from the item mall supplement the pieces you already own in creating a signature look (ice burner previews excluded).

    Again, items that aren't actually being purchased from the item mall and being used only for preview cannot exceed 2.5k worth of K-Ching

    Read through the rules carefully and check out the sample entry before entering, best of luck to all!

    - Create an outfit that fits the theme using pieces you own and (optional) up to 2500kc worth of items from the item mall (excludes ice burner previews)
    - Post a screenshot of your character in this thread. Screenshots from the item mall are okay as long as all of the costume slots are visible.
    - Post a list of all the items included in the outfit. Clearly indicate the items you do not own, and the cost (for full-priced perm versions)
    - Include your IGN, Server, and the total cost of unowned item mall pieces in your entry
    - You cannot enter an outfit that has already won or placed in a previous fashion-related contest (LotM or any other official forum contest), or an outfit that was designed for you as another contest's reward (such as the Extreme Makeover contests).
    - Event/Promo costumes, accessories, and timed items are allowed.
    - Contestants are limited to only one entry, no entering multiple characters from a single user (if entering as Luciel please enter as either Lu or Ciel not both)
    - A maximum of up to three screenshots are allowed, make sure all aspects of your costume are visible.
    - If you're going to edit your screenshot in any way, please link a raw version of your screenshot. Cropped screenshots are not considered "edits."
    - Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits made of 4 or more pieces from the same set are not allowed. This is a contest about creativity, you won't win if you're entering with a costume that's already been made for you.
    - Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your entry.

    Entries will be judged on color, creativity and how well they match the theme.

    Contest Deadline: 11/26 11:59 PST

    First: 2.5k
    Second: 2k
    Runner Ups: 1.5k

    *amount of winners determined by participation rate

    First Place: xXProjectXx

    Second Place: BlueFlewQueen

    Runner Ups:

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    Sample Entry:

    Items Used
    Aisha Els Beachwear 2.0 Sweet Parfait (A) - own
    Aisha's Spring Lolita Hair (A) - 600kc
    Aisha Steam Fever (Gold) Top Piece - 600kc
    Velder Academy Knights - Black Noble Bottom Piece (Aisha) - own
    Aisha Els Beachwear 2.0 Gloves (A) - own
    Aisha Spring Star Academy Uniform Shoes (Red) - 280 KC
    Harmony Festival Maple Seal - own

    KC Used: 1480
    IGN: Yusalin
    Server: NA

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    Items Used:
    Hour Hand Spear (Brown) - 850 KC
    Ara's Winter Salvation Hair (White) - owned
    Ara's Spring Star Academy Uniform Top - 600 KC
    Miracle Alchemist Bottom Piece (Ara) - owned
    Ara's Crimson Sailor Gloves (A) - 280 KC
    El Search Party Officer's Shoes - owned
    Velder Camp Muffler - owned
    White Blossom - 500 KC
    Ara's Star Eyes - owned
    (Aaahhh I forgot to take off wep accessory in the screenshot)

    Total KC Used: 2,230
    IGN: Joahaeyo
    Server: NA

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    School fashion and fall fashion go hand in hand!


    Costume Pieces:
    Eve's Trump Bunny Waitress Drone (A)
    Eve's BTS 'RUN' Hair
    Eve's Steam Fever (Gold) Top Piece [600 KC]
    Cozy Cashmere Skirt (Red) [600 KC]
    Eve's Star Academy Gloves (White) [280 KC]
    Eve's Elrios Schoolwear Designer Heels
    Pink Backpack [500 KC]
    Elegant Dancer Eve

    IGN: Ezeldan
    Server: NA
    KC Konsumed: 1980

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    Mar 2014
    ?! ?! ?! ?! ?! ?!
    aaabbb . something something entry

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    ~Portal of Otome~

    IGN: Otomate
    Server: NA
    Items Used:
    Ara's Magical Pumpkin Spear -owned
    Ara's BTS 'RUN' Hair -owned
    Ara's Spring Star Academy Uniform Top Piece (Red) -600 Kching
    Ara's Summer Star Academy Bottom Piece (Brown) -600 Kching
    Ara's ELS Beach Wear 2.0 Gloves (A) -280 Kching
    Ara's Sailor Shoes (Red) -280 Kching
    Ara's Black Eyes -350 Kching

    Kching Used:
    2,110 Kching
    : Done

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    Apr 2015
    First time early in this crib, Reserved indeed! ^+^

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    at an ice rink


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    Fall. The time where the memories of the living and dead play in a soft harmony as the air turns cold; and the world shifts from a canvas full of color, to a blank slate of white.

    Fall Entry.png
    Fall Entry (2).png
    Fall Entry (3).png

    Ign: RoomMate

    Chung's Cursed Halloween Coffin (v.2) [Owned]
    Velder Academy Knights Hat (Chung) [Owned
    Enhanced Mechanized MK - 5 Gloves [Owned]
    Winter Nap Top Piece (Red) [600 k-ching]
    Chung's Alps Shepard Checkered Bottom Piece (Red) [600 k-ching]
    Chung's White Magic Nutcracker Shoes (A) [280 k-ching]


    New Appraiser's Magnifier [Owned]
    Wild Arm Tattoo [Owned]
    Bad Luck Patch [Owned]
    Warrior's Necklace [Owned]
    Eltrion MK2's Earrings (dark) [Owned]


    Chung's Tree Stump of Memories [350 k-ching]
    Chung's Model Pose [Owned]

    Total K-ching coast: [1,830 k-ching]

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    SC_ 2016-11-10 17-05-40-432.png
    SC_ 2016-11-10 17-05-23-489.png
    SC_ 2016-11-10 17-05-31-282.png

    Costume Pieces:
    -Ara's Steam Fever (Gold) Head Gear 600 K-CHING
    -Dark Feather Top Piece (Ara) 600 K-CHING
    -Gothic Punk Bottom Piece (Ara) (Blue) 600 K-CHING
    -Ara's SWAT Shoes (Black) 280 K-CHING
    -Ara's Promotional Costume Gloves Ver. 2 ~own~
    -Ara's Promotional Costume Spear Ver. 2 ~own~

    IGN: Kisunie
    Server: NA