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    Oct 2016
    80% Hamel 10% Velder 10% Feita

    GM Elsword Forum Awards

    Ahoy, El Peeps!

    From the moment you sign up and participate on the forums, you're eligible to receive awards based on various requirements.
    These awards can be seen as something similar to the titles you can unlock in-game for completing quests or other tasks.

    To view our current list of awards, follow this link:

    You can also view them at any time from our main toolbar located towards the top of the forum's page.

    A select few of the awards will be marked with "Special" which means that they can only be earned through in-game means.
    This means you must accomplish the task in-game and provide proof to myself or a moderator that you've completed it with a screenshot.

    Our list of awards will constantly be updated with new awards so be sure to check back to view the new awards added.

    There is no concrete number of posts or actions that have to be made for a number of the awards.
    We'd like players to be awarded by actions they do regularly and we'd like awards to be a symbol of representation for each player.

    The last thing we want is for players to post in an area X amount of times for an award and never appear again.
    Again, these rewards should be treated as a representation of who YOU are and how YOU contribute on the forums!

    Because the award system is in the process of being revived, there may be a few awards that you're eligible for, but we may have missed.

    If this is the case, please send myself or a moderator a Private Message requesting the award.
    We will look into the claim and distribute the award if you do indeed meet the requirement.

    We hope you enjoy the newly revived award system!

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    Sander Chieftain
    Sep 2015
    At Nemmy's feet
    Can I trade my Thermodynamics degree for the Elegant Eve title?

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2016
    The Vast Unknown
    FIGHT ME!!!!! Not for the award, for my Elsword playing HONOR!!!!!!!!! I am not gonna forget that declaration 'till the end.

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    Sander Chieftain
    Sep 2015
    At Nemmy's feet
    Senpai doesn't even notice himself!

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    Mar 2011
    piglet my guy
    so i am the final boss!
    but how could you bust yourself

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    Fury Guardian
    Oct 2012
    In a safe place

    gee busty, how come your mom lets you have 2 reliable renas.

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2016
    The Vast Unknown
    so i am the final boss!
    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This game just got 100X harder. Tactical retreat troops, we need a new game plan!!!

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    @thelordyuuma - can't deny myself ><
    @peper0chan - because I'm the BUST!
    @rodreuxxvii - because Rena has two shoulders ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Cobo Service
    Mar 2012
    In America
    So I can't get a revered Raven, damn then.