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    my own topic about El Resonance

    Any & everything give extra EXP, effect ERP

    Understand how is the exp system works:
    basically you're killing mobs which give exp and at the end of dungeon you get extra exp as it is:
    bonus clear 30% Rank clear 1%~13% & Contest Bonus 0~10%
    dungeon bonus clear is always 30%

    MVP MVP is top damage done player among the party, it's something else not related to Rank bonus, it's 20% bonus Separated from anything & Not shown in any value, but u get the Exp for it in the end.
    so does it mean getting MVP is good? yup it's epic glory to achieve MVP

    Rank Bonus is based on certain amount of Damage you have to do in the dungeon & the numbers of players in party, let's say an sd for example...require 750m dmg done to be cleared, if you did under 30ish m orng u'll only get 1% if you're at 50m u get 2~3% if you're dmg is 150m-200m uget 6-8% if you're at 300m u get 10% if you did half the dmg done required on your own? U get 12% it works like that, so it means if one person got all the dmg he will make others get no bonus & if all did equal dmg they all will get avg bonus of 6~8%
    how is party number effect it? the dmg needed for %bonus ranks get lowered the less players in party this means if you're not that strong & U can only do 150m out of 700m required to clear the dung? as you're in 4man party u'll get 5% but if the party is 3man u'll get 7% and if it's 2man u get higher than that, while a solo player will always get 13% but note that party increase exp by 6%exp for each player "so anyway being with a carrier in 3man party is better than being in 4man party with cus in 3man party with bad dmg u can end up with 6-8%bonus rank while in 4man you'll only get 2%, heck? why would that matter if 1more player add 6% while as 3man pi'll only get 4-6% so they r the same!?!" read later down

    Contest Bonus 0~10% this is something new kog add'd on 15december
    if it's 0% it won't even show, if you're solo it's always 10%, it works with same system of amount of players, less in party higher chance, for 4man group the amount is always random however its NOT of related to your damage done, or result Ranks, Or time Clear, or boss dmg, so i'm looking into that atm, but anyway it's simply new bonus exp for everyone will slightly help cus it's value is add'd after everything else...."it seems that it's related to your Number in result! if you did best performance you get 10%, if you did half half u get 5-7% & if you sucked you get 3% or nothing at all"

    So both Rank Bonus & Contest Bonus force you to play properly & do good dmg otherwise u'll lose LOTS of EXP, but as Both depend on the amount of players in party? the less people the higher chance youcan achieve high value without doing that high performance or damage.

    what exactly is Bonus EXP? & How Exp gain works

    bonus exp is 2differant types, the things that boost mob's kills Exp gain, and the things that add %value to end clear which give more %over all Exp u gained per kills....& so bonus exp by %value are so important, this is why Rank bonus is something to care for & ofc MVP too, Plus Medals.

    medals & mission bonus are add'd to the end value "however medals work too for killing mobs extra exp too" this is why Exp medals are the most valuable things to give extra exp over all cus simply? they do make mobs give extra exp and then add it's bonus value to end clear too.
    And note: exp medals doesn't stack together, even the different %'s doesn't stack, only 1medal works.

    if ur avg bonus rank + Contest 10% that makes the total amount of exp gained is "69%from killing mobs & from the bonus 31%" but abased on the amount of exp u gained if u have 100% Medal that would make it 42% from mobs & 58%from clear, cus bonus exp at the end is the real deal for medals, even though increasing mobs exp is helping still.

    how to put this in numbers? let's say you killed mobs and got 2m exp then u'll still get 2.8m more exp from clear that's if u have 100%medal ofc.. but if u don't? mobs u killed would only give u 1m and clear add 450k to that, that's for avg rank

    Understand how the extra exp works:
    things giving more exp, like title/sockets Are Not applied to any values in the end, Only works for mobs kills
    full gems would give 105%sockets,10%title,10%promotion, 5%accessory, guild passive 15%, wedding dress 5%
    that would be 150% extra exp only for mobs kills...

    how would that work with the values up?? it means that Instead of the 2m exp u gained from killing mobs + 2.8clear it would be 5m mobs + 7m clear.still same percentage as 42%from mobs & 58% by clear

    What if i found a mission? missions only boost the clear exp gain for dung clear and isn't effected by any extra exp or bonus exp(only erp passive skill will effect it) cus it's divided from other bonus's and so it's just a separated bonus to your kills at the end, this is why big missions doesn't boost the exp you gain by big numbers even when they add their Bonus to result screen, so if 110%Mission that would add 10%value to the number u gained by killing mobs it means if you killed mobs for 5m u get .5 which is only 4%(8%if u have 100point in erp) of total exp gained
    and here is exactly what mission gives:
    120% random mission =6.5% or 13% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.
    130% random mission =9% or 18% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.
    150% random mission =10% or 20% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.
    170% random mission =15% or 30% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.
    190% random mission =40% or 80% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.
    250% random mission =60% or 120% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.
    300% random mission =130% or 260% if you have the 100points in ERP EXP passive.

    this makes any mission above 170% worth doing, while 110-120-130-150-160% is still trash"so great the best way to level? is all about luck & RNG xD" if missions to appear and if they are high or not, same with gate of darkness as second best way to lvl lol.

    does Mysterious El Lord Wings worth it? 1st of all mel wings add 5%chance to active random mission and since yo can never trust kog chances so i thought to test how it work, first it's working for the personal owner only, mel wings aren't effected by the number in party, 2nd mel wings is pure chance on it's own it doesn't even stack with current kog chance on finding mission, 3rd mel wings isn't proc >< it is just a base chance.
    question? what do you mean by all of this?

    i've been testing the random mission chance with and without the wings, let's say i've done 50dungeon without wings counting how many times i get random missions then i've done 50dungeon with the mel wings to test how many times i get missions, then later again i do the same....etc counting massive numbers to find out how it's effect work, and i was surprised that sometimes i got more missions without mel wings than when i had it, that made me sure it's a pure chance on it's own, if it wasn't? this would never happen if both the code of random chance and mel random chance was stacking for higher chance, and my final thoughts is "random mission chances is around 32-45% this is pure RNG while mel on it's own have a second rng system for 5%" so it's still pure luck. does this mean mel worth it? tbh not at all "mel wings is trash" i wanted to buy mel for 2b or 2.5b but i realized hat it doesn't even worth 100m because even if it's a chance for the RNG and i'd get more missions? if lucky? i could get more chances even without mel, and anyway it's so rare to get high missions and i'm not interested in trash 110~160%missions.

    so is the socket for exp worth it? it surly does, but you don't have to over do it for everything cus hey, remember it's all about fast clears & rank bonus Unless you have stamina problems and doing limited runs per day? then full exp gear is best option....but i'd suggest "ib weapon / suit & promotion socket'd with shining growth for max value" that's base 40% & the 20%title seems so good same with 5%accessory if u have that, however remember that luto mobs would give higher exp the higher extra exp gain u have, BUT the bonus rank is so important you should never gimp your damage done or else u'll only get very low bonus rank so using fail weapon with exp sockets leading to no dmg at all is so waste. same with getting a booster sure OP people will speed things up for you? but is considered "a lower exp gain over all". if you care for stamina, if not? then fast runs still your best options! however remember that avg bonus rank as 10%bonus is equal to 15% of extra exp by sockets & Also MVP which is 20%Bonus is equal to 30% extra exp by sockets, cus the bonus value almost give 1.5x times than extra exp on kills! and more players in party give the exp only for kills, this is why best farm for you is a booster in 3man party so you don't end up with 1-2%Bonus and instead get 6-8%, but it's your choice, if u want to socket everything or keep some parts to aim for high dmg done.

    so question does it mean solo playing is better? cus as solo you'll always get bonus rank 12% & contest rank 10%? as party gives only 18% and that's only applied to mobs kills? while bonus %value considered much better, still solo isn't better than party for the reason that u get party exp & U can still get high %value from rank bonus & contest bonus, so if you're OP and can always achieve highest value's it mean 4man party is better for you but if you're avg person? or "op but whole party is op too" it's much better to go 3man party for highest exp due ranks will give higher value in 3man party than 4man...yet a solo now can give nearly exp as party and if u got any mission during solo....it means you get more exp than what u would get in 4man party without mission.
    so right now getting queue without 4man party is always better specially if you're full/half exp socket'ed

    another question:
    what if i'm too op? and always getting very high dmg doesn't it mean 12%rank bonus 10%contest & 20%MVP + full party on bonus kills? yup this seems good but a player who afk'd in you're party with full exp sockets will still get much hither exp than you did.
    but doesn't exp medal & erp exp passive enough to lvl with? sure they can be enough specially if you're with your own gear clearing so fast, but this mean more stamina consumed
    let's say you would clear 10x lanos within 1hour with ur own gear, but if you're with socket gear, u'll clear 6lanox per hour, you're 6x lanos run would gave same amount of exp with exp sockets than 10x without while the 6x runs consumed less stamina ofc...this is why you have to balance between extra exp sockets without gimping your damage much to get high value bonus rank or MVP, unless you go heavy EXP stacking and run 3man party only to not lose high value rank even if u won't do high damage done.

    Understand How Luto Works for ERP:
    luto doesn't give any %value to clear, the 300% Only works if you're not level 99 however even if luto doesn't add any %exp value to ERP still mobs in luto are getting harder which make them drop higher base of EXP by 30%(value is increased the higher exp gain you have from exp increase for mobs kills) which as if that you add'd a 30-60%sockets of extra exp sockets..depend on what number already yo have!!! but then if your full exp socket it means slow clear And lose of bonus rank, which isn't good at all...."A MVP in normal SD will give higher exp than a luto run for same sd but with bad bonus rank" so it's not worth it at all doing luto's cus calculating it by time wise? luto is surly waste of time no matter how good your party is, u could've done more Normal runs instead and that would be higher exp to erp farmers not to mention fast runs means higher chance for Gate & it give So good EXP for 1min clear or less...
    luto with missions? if to say that luto takes double the time! if you're not maxed extra exp then the mission has to be exactly +250% because if not??? then 2x runs without missions is better than 1luto with mission less than 250%.

    1run for extra exp add'd150% +clear bonus 140%(5m +7m) -2x runs would be 300% 280%(10m +14m) 24m
    luto would make the bonus kills as 180% the clear is still 140% which is (5.8 +8.2) +8.7mission = 22.7m
    but if u have full sockets luto would still be 210% (11m + 15) as 26m so slightly better than 2x runs but u wasted a chance for Gate.

    So Again why should i press no on luto even if i have +200%MISSION? BECAUSE exp erp PASSIVE & your bonus clear exp doesn't effect luto somehow and only extra exp & medal works this means a normal run with 160%mission will be better than luto with 130%Mission, but we'r talking about time? so u'll still do more normals for more chances of gate & missions, And also note that "1normal + Gate is better than 1luto"

    what if my party is so op that clears luto fast? it means you can clear normal faster but rly luto is useless for ERP farmers, unless you just want to see fancy numbers But remember it's not about how much exp you gained per 1Sd, it's all about How much EXP over Time.

    and don't be like...wow luto give lots of exp cus that depend on how fast u get luto? if for example you cleared more than half the dungeon and then luto appeared? u'll re-do more kills so higher exp but more time! i'd still prefer 2x runs than 1luto as in this screenshot
    lanox luto, no missions.

    13.5m for 40m exp? it sound great ? yet i would've did 2x normal runs in those 13.5min and i would've got 54~56m exp instead but yea only lanox luto is considered a worth of doing cus any missions will scale high with it as lanox have highest base value mobs kills give with lots of mobs, while other sd's luto is worthless...& remember if u ever felt like pressing luto? remember the fact that normal sander or lanox give higher exp than luto bethma/altera/eler >< so yea if you care about over all time and exp then never say yes to luto it at all unless u have +12 to 1shot everything in luto to not waste any time or lose the MVP to another player or even fail to get high bonus rank.

    Luto & stamina? luto mobs doesn't take more stamina than normal mobs except for black mobs which are few of them, but yes luto redo the dungeon at early stage's so it means more stamina is consumed over all & More time wasted, so for sure 2x normal sd is much better than 1luto, even 10x normal sd's are much better than 7x luto of same SD, so if you your normal clear is 5min & luto is +7min? it means you're wasted time & EXP to ERP by going Into Luto, so don't go into any luto except for lanox, in the end more runs = more chance for gate & Missions.

    which Sd's considered the best to farm?

    first the dungeon give higher exp in order Elder>bethma>altera>velder>hame>sander>lanox
    bigger sd's are longer but missions scale well with them and fast sd's are cool cus they can proc Gate much often

    but based on time clear & amount of exp gained? LANOX is your best option, u should never miss it or pick any other over it, lanox is not longer than bethma by much while it give +45%More exp, Altera comes in second place. Altera is cool, not long and it's much better than elder ♥♥♥♥, Bethma in 3rd place! pick it over any sd but not over lanox or altera, other choice's? velder is 4th, hamel is trash and sander is good except that it eat the Stamina & it's so long><

    "Gate of darkness" isn't effected by any exp gear/sockets yet but Erp exp points effect it, that makes it free 5 or 6m exp for 45sec" gate of darkness is the most amazing thing for fast erp leveling PLUS it doesn't consume stamina, this is also a reason why fast sd's are considered better than bigger one & this makes Gate is the second best option for fast leveling.
    Heroics give poorly exp but Heroics doesn't consume stamina, Ereda is giving ♥♥♥♥ exp cus extra exp isn't effected it.

    Erp Exp passive is a must btw cus it add'd to mobs kill gain exp & that's 200%, so it doesn't change the formulas it just give you massive amount of exp gain to began with
    and it give exp to everything & works everywhere.

    How fast can i level my ERP?

    the Erp is not as normal exp system, the number if exp needed is multi-able by strange factors but i've been noting most of them anyway, it doesn't take you any time to get to Erp lvl 60, if u have 100% exp medal and socket'd full exp u'd get it in few hours cus if so? u should expect +7m from first 3sd's in order & +10m from the others, the more you level? the higher cus u'll add points to the ERP exp passive, leading to 15m exp per sd or so, how ever to reach from level 59 to 60, u need only 24m exp? that means 2sd's or so, the exp requirements is pretty much lower under that level so u can easily reach 60 if you're prepared

    after level 60 the exp required is started to get higher but not by much till lvl 85 or so, after that, it's getting massive increase, you can check the Experience table i've noted so far

    from level 79 to 80 exp needed is 100million

    85>86 146m

    88>89 181m

    95>96 295m
    96>97 315m
    97>98 335m
    98>99 355m
    99>100 387m
    100>101 399
    101>102 411m
    102>103 423m
    103>104 436m
    104>105 442m

    106>107 480m

    110 > 111 515m

    114 > 115 554m
    119>120 611m

    126>127 780m
    128>129 791m it took me "41x run in altera sd with some gates ofc"
    129>130 808m 47x bethma for just 1 level gg

    149>150 required 1,175,545,545 EXP points.
    so imagine how many sd's just to get from level 149 to 150

    and i'm even full exp sockets, sure rank bonus & contest matters, same with if mission or gate or not but you can imagine how much sd's needed to get one level the exp required is randomly & cruelly increased

    How Many Sd's i need to spam?
    ok from what i've looked into & done let's say you need total of 2000 SD to get to level 120ERP wtf? don't panic lol...thats is you're not using any bonus exp or extra exp, so 100% medal is a must, that will cut the number by 1/3 droping it to 1333 SD, while the exp Sockets/title or w/e u can get should drop that amount by nearly 1/3 as well if you're at 150% making it 666, then while you're leveling put all your poins in the ERP EXP passive gain, this should drop the number to 400 or so cus u won't cap unless ur lvl 100, after level 100? expect 20sd's for 1 level, that's not bad at all, and at level 130 except 40 sd per lvl, at level 150 you need 60sd's per level if you're full exp stacked.

    15December NOTE: leveling erp should be much easier now and shouldn't need this amount of sd's to reach lvl 100-120 cus kog increased exp gain by monsters during the last week event when sd's got stronger & and yesterday they add a new %value for over all EXP so thats good exp bonus as well so you probably don't have to do massive amount of sd's as i did to reach lvl 100~120.

    my personal thoughts about this? the exp required from level 1to85 is the same exp needed from 85 to 100 & it feels like that the amount of exp needed from 1-100 is the same as 100-120.....zzzzz Endless farm yet i feel that cause at lvl 120 the amount of exp needed to lvl is too high so the increase for higher levels aren't increasing by much as what happened between lvl 90-100 but i don't think kog ever aimed to let anyone get 999...even no lifer need unlimited stamina or he/she will spend months to reach 200 and years to reach 300, so yea it's all about time

    a Tip: what if i don't have VIP or stamina potions? you can still use your level 99 Alts to farm sd's with, when you run out of stamina on your main, as all exp to erp is shared on account.

    in the end i'm not sure why people keep asking this silly question "how much %bar u get per dungeon?" cus it's obviously depend on the stacking of any EXP gain you have. but yea at lvl 115 i took off all of my exp sockets/title and medal & i got 1.2% from 1sd's(altera)...i put all my things i get 2.7% so GG well the day lanox open is my hope for good leveling specially on weekend & ofc i gotta do my best for MVP & High bonus rank. I hope that you enjoyed my post.

    last Note: why would you die trying to level El-resonance? cus it's account shared, once you unlock it on a character and level it? all your other characters will have separated points to put in what ever passives you want, if you're lvl 100, u can put 100point on skill dmg on your main, 100point extra exp on alt, 100point attribute resistance on 2nd alt, 100point on w/e u want on 3rd alt...Etc etc PLUS ALL El-resonance passives Works Everywhere....field/dungeon/pvp & even Ereda.
    yes max HP/mp & skill dmg or Mp skill consumption are Sooooo OP for ereda.

    but anyway i'm running atm with what u can normally count as
    20%exp title, 15%exp guild passive, 119%exp from gear sockets/accessory, that's 154% total extra exp + 200% from erp passive that makes it 354% extra exp & then add 200%medal + 20% VIP making them, 574% total, Yet medal & vip will count again for the bonus so it become, 795%exp and yes i'm getting exactly 8x more times what i could get without any extra/bonus EXP. if without any extra exp people get 3-4million, i get 24~32million, however exp gain could change depend on my bonus rank or contest so it's always a random number.

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    And that's only 100 ERP. Rip.

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    i edited and improved the post a lot if anyone is interested to read it xD

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    i edited and improved the post a lot if anyone is interested to read it xD
    it's really helpful for me ovo
    good to know which option is better for ERP farming lol

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    pretty much had the same strategies I had when it came to ERP farming...

    now, to finish capping my asura so there's an exp mule since her ERP is all going to EXP boosts

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    Thanks for sharing information, this confirms it that if you save 25$ for the column reset you should just invest the first 100 into expgain if you don't need immediate rewards (PVPplayers/Henir challenge). Then you can reset at like 150-200 to have a good amount of points to spend. LVL 300 seems realistic maybe in a year ^^;;

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    I don't want to sound like I'm asking to much, but it will be nice to see the numbers in EXP/min. I know this can be affected by whether you have a +12 or and op party, but if we where to take a middle ground lets say a +8 party with full SD gear, how will they fare in exp/min?

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    Thanks for sharing information, this confirms it that if you save 25$ for the column reset you should just invest the first 100 into expgain if you don't need immediate rewards (PVPplayers/Henir challenge). Then you can reset at like 150-200 to have a good amount of points to spend. LVL 300 seems realistic maybe in a year ^^;;
    Why column reset? There's a $10 dollar option for 100 points.

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    Ah thanks for pointing this out. So it's even cheaper than expected to simplify ers leveling definitely worth it (time=money)

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    So much work jakndskkdkskakwndbd