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    MOD [Winners Announced] Style Spotlight - December 2016

    Hey Elpeeps,

    Can you hear the sleigh bells? For this round of Style Spotlight we'd like to see your holiday fashion. Dress your character up in an outfit that's sure to make the best dressed list at a holiday party. As always you can use a mixture of things you already own and preview item mall pieces as long as the total doesn't exceed 2.5k worth of k-ching.

    Read through the rules carefully and check out the sample entry before entering, best of luck to all!

    - Create an outfit that fits the Holiday Party theme using pieces you own and (optional) up to 2500kc worth of items from the item mall (excludes ice burner previews)
    - Post up to 3 screenshots of your character in this thread. You must include a front and a back screenshot. Screenshots from the item mall are okay as long as all of the costume slots are visible.
    - Post a list of all the items included in the outfit. Clearly indicate the items you do not own, and the cost (for full-priced perm versions). Rings and Magic Necklaces do not have to be included in the list.
    - Include your IGN, Server, and the total cost of unowned item mall pieces in your entry
    - You cannot enter an outfit that has already won or placed in a previous fashion-related contest (LotM or any other official forum contest), or an outfit that was designed for you as another contest's reward (such as the Extreme Makeover contests).
    - Event/Promo costumes, accessories, and timed items are allowed.
    - Contestants are limited to only one entry, no entering multiple characters from a single user (if entering as Luciel please enter as either Lu or Ciel not both)
    - A maximum of up to three screenshots are allowed, make sure all aspects of your costume are visible.
    - If you're going to edit your screenshot in any way, please link a raw version of your screenshot. Cropped screenshots are not considered "edits."
    - Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits made of 4 or more pieces from the same set are not allowed. This is a contest about creativity, you won't win if you're entering with a costume that's already been made for you.
    - Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your entry.

    Entries will be judged on color, creativity and how well they match the theme.

    Contest Deadline: 12/28 11:59 PST

    First: 2.5k
    Second: 2k
    Runner Ups: 1.5k

    *amount of winners determined by participation rate

    First Place

    Second Place

    Runner Ups

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sample Entry:

    IGN: MeikoWish
    Server: NA

    Items Used
    Eve's Gloomy Night Drone -850 K-ching
    Dragon Knight - Abbadon Hair Eve
    Eves X-Mas Fairy of the Holy Night Cape (Warm)
    2013 Eve Costume Contest Winner Bottom Piece (Black)
    Royal Maid- Assault Marionette Gloves (Eve)
    Eve's Japan 2016 Creator Award Shoes
    White Angel's Wing Weapon Guard (Eve)
    Eve's Model Pose
    Eve's Deep Blue Eyes
    Gloomy Stained Glass
    Royal Maid Headdress
    Japan 2015 Creator Award- Gorgeous Butterfly (Blue)
    Elegant Classic Milky Way
    Impact Flare - Command (Blue)
    Elegant Classic Earring

    Total Cost of Unowned items: 850 KC

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    Nov 2015

    Items Used:
    Shining Feather Staff (Aisha) (850 k-ching)
    Aisha's Majestic Butterfly Ribbon
    Aisha's Trump Bunny Waitress Top Piece Ver. Snow White Coat
    Aisha Holy Priest Bottom Piece (750 k-ching)
    Aisha's Steam Fever (Gold) Gloves
    Aisha's Hamel School of Wizardry Shoes (Pure) (280 k-ching)
    Shooting Star Accessory
    Preppy Style Glasses
    Sapphire Wing (500 k-ching)
    Star Academy Force

    K-ching used: 2380

    IGN: AiSmol
    Server: INT

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    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.
    Not all party outfits need to be dresses. Elesis is looking both stylish and functional for the holiday party~

    Costume pieces:


    Elesis's Promotional Costume Hair v2
    Elesis's Dragon Priest Claymore
    Elesis's Fairy of Dark Clouds Top Piece - 600kc
    [cobo] Elesis's Sweet Honey Ribbon Bracelet [Dark]
    Elesis's Elrios Noir Bottom Piece [White] - 600kc
    Elesis's ELS Office Wear Shoes - 280kc

    Ignia's Earrings
    Modern Glasses
    Elesis's Model Pose - 350kc

    Total cost: 1830kc

    IGN: Anjae
    Sever: NA

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    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    IGN: Primarina
    Server: NA


    Items used:
    Shining Feather Drone (Eve)- 850kc
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Hair (Eve)
    Glacial Top Piece (Eve)
    Champion's Bottom Piece
    Eve's Waltz of Flowers Wisteria Gloves - 280kc
    Eve Holy Priest Shoes - 350kc
    5th Anniversary Crown
    Mysterious El Lord Oracle
    Seraphim Wing - Holy
    Sapphire Bracelet - 500kc
    Courageous Guardian Gladiator Earrings
    Eve's Deep Blue Eyes - 350kc
    Code: Empress Pose
    Total kc used: 2330

    Happy holidays everyone!

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    Jan 2016
    in front of Computer

    IGN : lFermional
    Server : INT

    Eve's Snow Blue Fox >/////<

    Front :

    Back :

    Costume/Acc Used :


    Costume :
    - Eve's Gfriend 'Rough' Drone
    - Eve's Glommy Night Veil (A)
    - Eve's 'X-MAS' Fairy of Holy Nights Top Piece (Warm) (600KC)
    - Eve's Sailor Skirt (Blue) (600KC)
    - Eve' Gfriend 'Rough' Gloves
    - Blue Millenium Fox Shoes

    Accesories :
    - High Class Eve (350KC)
    - Saphire Core (Eve)
    - Deep Blue Eyes
    - Miho Fox Ears
    - Blush (Shy)
    - Fennec Fox Tail White
    - Large Bear Hands (Polar Bear) (500KC)
    - Mysterious El Lord Cuffs

    Total KC Used : 2050KC

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    Dec 2016
    oh WOW -reserved-

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2015

    Items Used :
    Rena's Classic Maid (Black) Bow
    Salvatore Ebalon Hair
    Waltz of the Flowers Azalea Top Piece (ver.Tale) // 600kc
    Rena's Spring Lolita Bottom Piece (A) // 600 kc
    Rena's Trump Bunny Waitress Gloves (B)
    Rena's Navy Sailor Shoes // 280 kc

    Accessories :
    Salvatore Ebalon Moon Tiara
    El Lord Exodus (Vitality)
    Sapphire Chaser // 500 kc
    Strong Warrior's Necklace
    Strong Warrior's Chronicle
    Ring of Flexibility

    Warming Up Rena // 350 kc

    KC Used: 2,316 kc

    IGN: Kurayumi
    Server: NA

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    Dec 2015
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    Ler's do dis *^* AsianDaddy got dis... I think... RESERVING

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    Dec 2015
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    IGN: DrARAmaQueen
    Server: NA

    Items Used:
    Ara's Trump Bunny Waitress Spear (B) Owned
    Ara's Glorious Little Lady Hair Ver.B 600 Kching
    Ara's 'X-mas' Fairy of the Holy Nights Cape (Warm) 600 Kching
    Ara's Hamel School of Wizardry Bottom Piece (Void) 600 Kching
    Ara's Trump Bunny Waitress Gloves (B) Owned
    Ara's Hamel School of Wizardry Shoes (Void) 280 Kching

    Dream Step - Snow Flower Owned

    Total Cost for Unowned Items:
    2,080 Kching

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    Oct 2016
    SC_ 2016-12-09 21-40-13-357.png
    SC_ 2016-12-09 21-40-04-469.png

    (Was trying to go for a Frosty the Snowman look for Add...)

    IGN: KoBAEda
    Server: INT (International)

    Add's 'X-MAS' Fairy of Holy Nights Weapon (Warm)- 850 K-Ching
    Add's Gothic Loli Hair (Blue)- 600 K-Ching
    Shining Feather Top Piece (Add)- 600 K-Ching
    Add's Shark Hunter Bottom Piece- Blue - 600 K-Ching
    Add's Shark Hunter Shoes- Blue

    Poseidon's Tattoo - 500 K-Ching

    Total K-Ching for un-owned items: 2,300