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    Cali lyfe ayyy
    I never thought this day would ever happen ;;;

    Congratulations to the all the winners!

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    Jun 2015
    Congrats to all the winners!

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    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    Gratz to all the winners

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    Aug 2011
    Congratulations to the winners!

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    Congrats everyone!!!!

    i really wish they would post the winners outfits with their names I cant find their designs to look at

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    ( ยด_ゝ`)
    congrats to all the winners!!

    Congrats everyone!!!!

    i really wish they would post the winners outfits with their names I cant find their designs to look at
    and here you go : - )

    First Place


    IGN: Cyntus ll Server: NA

    Items Used:
    ▸ 2013 Elsword Costume Contest Winner Sword (Red) ll Owned
    ▸ Dragon Knight - Abaddon Hair (Elsword) ll Owned
    ▸ Elsword's Christmas Tuxedo Top Piece (Red) ll 750 KC
    ▸ Glacial Bottom Piece (Elsword) ll Owned
    ▸ Elsword's Lofty Elegance Gloves ll 280 KC
    ▸ Elsword's Warrior Guard Shoes (Red) ll 280 KC
    ▸ Red Holly Berries ll 500 KC
    ▸ Archangel Wings (Elsword) ll Owned
    ▸ Archangel Leg Wing (Elsword) ll Owned

    Total: 1,810 KC used

    ▸ Warrior's Chronicle (Elsword) ll Owned
    ▸ Elsword's Red Eyes ll Owned
    ▸ Pop and Lock/Lonely Elsword ll Both owned




    IGN: Clematice
    Server: NA


    Archangel Staff
    Salvatore Ebalon Hair
    Aisha's Gloomy Night Top Piece [600 KC]
    Aisha's Noble Lady Bottom Piece [600 KC]
    Archpriest - Leader of Light Gloves
    Aisha's Steam Fever (Silver) Shoes [280KC]

    Poseidon's Headdress [500 KC]
    Elegant Classic Milky Way
    Strong Warrior's Necklace
    Gladiator Earring

    Aisha's Cat Eyes [350 KC]
    Aisha's Model Pose

    Total: 2,330 KC

    Second Place

    IGN: Classica
    Server: NA

    Rena's Alps Edelweiss Bow (Red) - own
    Archdevil Hair (Rena) - own
    Rena's Patissier Bottom Piece (Choco) - 600k
    Rena's Rococo Fashion Top Piece - 600K
    Rena's Spring Lolita Gloves - 280K
    Rena's Rococo Fashion Shoes - 280K
    Christmas Party Santa Hat - 500K
    Quick Champion Earrings - own
    Spooky Symbol of Corruption (Rena) - own
    Warming up Rena - own

    Total amount of KC: 2,260


    IGN: DypaLee
    Server: NA

    Items Used:
    Lu's Trainee Claw (Ver.A)- 700 K-ching
    Lu's Gloomy Night Veil (A)- 600 K-ching
    Lu's Frost Pixie Top Piece (Sky Blue)- 600 K-ching
    Lu's Hamel School of Wizardry Bottom Piece (Pure)- 600 K-ching
    Lu's Promotional Costume Gloves Ver.2 [Normal]
    Lu's Promotional Costume Shoes Ver.2 [Normal]
    Lu's Crown
    Wild Arm Tattoo
    Symbol of Transcendence

    Total Cost of Unowned items: 2500 KC

    IGN: Deprogrammed
    Server: NA

    Items used:
    Add's Trump Bunny Waiter Dynamo
    Add Perkisas - Guise of Greed Hair
    Add's 'X-Mas' Fairy of Holy Knights Top Piece | 600KC
    Add's Summer Star Academy Bottom Piece (Sky Blue, Ver. SE)
    Add's Messenger of Dark Clouds Gloves | 280KC
    Add's Magician to Illusion (Original) Shoes | 280KC
    Add's Magician to Illusion (Original) Hat | 500KC
    Lethal Charming Cupid Crown | 500KC

    Captivating Rose
    Dark Feather Scarf
    Red Ribbon
    High Tempered Add Pose
    Add's Chic Eyes

    Unowned Items cost: 2160KC

    Runner Ups

    IGN: 14x
    Server: NA


    Outfit Info:



    Ciel's Trump Bunny Waiter Gunblade (A)
    Ciel's Winter Salvation Hat (White) - 600 K-Chings
    Ciel's Trump Bunny Waiter Top Piece Ver. Pitch Black Coat
    Ciel's SWAT Bottom Piece (Black) - 600 K-Chings
    Ciel's Trump Bunny Waiter Gloves (A)
    Ciel's SWAT Shoes (White) - 280 K-Chings


    Zebra Glasses
    Dark Feather Scarf
    Fennec Fox Tail (White)
    Penetrating Wyvern's Claw (Ciel)


    Lu/Ciel's Model Pose - 700 K-Chings
    Lu/Ciel's Moonlight Dream (Sapphire)

    Total KC: 2,180

    And questions:

    1. When you say color, those that means mainly red, green, white?
    2. If IM goodies are entered with total cost of 2.5k KC but we win last place 1.5k KC do we get the outfit (for that amount) or kc?
    3. If I do not own accessories do I still have to count their value in unowned?
    4. If I creat outfit from shoes - weapon but it over 2.5k kc n I say for example I don't really want weapon or something else (even thought it listed).
    5. Do we have to own some of the stufs?

    Sorry first time doing this -

    And merry xmas, new year and good luck to all!


    Front and Back views below with the IM slots:

    IGN: Ibliis || Server: NA

    ITEMS USED (Bolded are unowned):

    Frost Gunblade
    White Angel Wing Weapon Guard (320 k-ching)
    Blue Millennium Fox Hair
    Gloomy Night Top Piece (A) (600 k-ching)
    ELS Office Wear Bottom
    Idol Gloves (280 k-ching)

    ELS Office Wear Shoes
    5th Anniversary Crown
    GFriend "Rough" Symbol Mark
    Dream Command - Sky Flower (500 k-ching)
    Dream Command - Silver Dust
    Warrior's Ring

    Total cost of un-owned items: 1700 k-ching

    Woo for blue-centric outfits. *^*

    IGN: GrieveWings
    Server: NA

    El Search Party Officer Hair
    Chic Eyes
    Winter Salvation Claw (White)
    Model Pose

    Item Mall
    Winter Salvation Top (Red) - 600KC
    Dark Feather Bottom - 600KC
    Dark Priest Gloves - 350KC
    X-MAS Fairy of Holy Nights Shoes - 280KC
    Christmas Party Santa Hat - 500KC

    Total - 2330KC



    A Fluffy, but Mature and Elegant Holiday Dress
    Note that the bikini's little flower charm shows through the dress, hanging daintily.

    IGN: Cari
    Server: NA

    Costume Pieces:
    Dark Feather Bow (Rena) [850 KC]
    Rena's Japan 2016 Creator Award Hair
    Masquerade - Royal Peacock Top Piece (Rena)
    Rena Floral Pattern Bikini Bottom Piece (White) [750 KC]
    Rena's Idol Gloves (A)
    Rena's Sweet Waitress Shoes (Blue) [280 KC]

    X-MAS' Blessing of the Holy Night
    Blue Butterfly Henna [500 KC]
    Endurance Champion's Earrings
    Voluptuous Rena Custom Motion

    Total Cost of Unowned items: 2,380 KC

    IGN: Addtsundere
    Server: INT

    B L U E
    C H R I S T M A S

    F R O N T

    B A C K

    Costumes Owned & Used:

    Add's Gfriend 'Rough' (Navy) Dynamo
    Add's Elrios Schoolwear Stylish Hair (white)
    Add's Elrios Schoolwear Bottom Piece (White)
    Add's Griend Sailor Uniform Shoes (Sky)
    Add's Velder Academy Knights (Black Noble)

    Add's X-Mas Fairy of the Holy Night Cape (Warm) - 600 KC

    Accessories Owned & Used:

    Add's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Hat - 500KC
    Blue Millennium Fox Protector (Add)
    Miracle Alchemist Light (Add)
    Mysterious El Lord Cuffs
    Sapphire Core (Add)
    Mysterious Magic Necklace
    Ring of Fury
    Eltrion MK2's Absolute Ring

    Add's Chic Eyes
    Rhyme Monster Add

    Total KChing - 1100 Kching

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    Ahh congrats to the winners I especially like that Add.
    uuu I wish I was more careful ;-;