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    Lanox Oracle
    Sep 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    My CEm was made for a wintry party look, hue...


    Costume Pieces:
    Eve's 'X-MAS' Fairy of Holy Nights Weapon (Warm) [850 KC]
    Champion's Hair
    Glacial Top Piece (Eve)
    Eve's Christmas Bottom Piece (Black)
    Eve's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Gloves [280 KC]
    Eve's Idol Shoes (A) [280 KC]
    Glacial Crown (Eve)
    Champion's Earrings
    Tired Eve
    Eve's Deep Blue Eyes

    IGN: Flote
    Server: NA
    KC Used: 1410

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015
    In my house~ :3

    IGN: Cloette
    Server: International~

    Costume Pieces Used~
    Weapon: Eve's GFRIEND 'Rough' (Navy) Drone~
    Hair: Henir - Lord and Time Space Hair (Eve)~
    Top: Eve's 'X-MAS' Fairy of Holy Nights Top Piece~
    Price of Top: 600 K-Ching~
    Bottom: Eve's Sailor Skirt (Red)~
    Price of Bottom: 600 K-Ching~
    Gloves: Eve's Sweet Waitress Gloves (Choco)~
    Price of Gloves: 280 K-Ching~
    Shoes: Eve's Christmas Dress Shoes (Red)~
    Price of Shoes: 350 K-Ching~

    Accessories Used~
    Face Accessory (Top): Christmas Party Santa Hat~
    Price of Face Accessory (Top): 500 K-Ching~
    Costume Accessory (Arm): Dream Step - Snow Flower~
    Costume Accessory (Bottom): Dream Command - Silver Dust~

    Customization Used~
    Motion: High Class Eve~
    Face: Eve's Star Eyes~

    Total K-Ching Spent: 2,330 K-Ching

    I hope you like my costume~ It's supposed to look like Santa (or Mrs. Santa) standing outside while the snowflakes are falling~

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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2015
    Inside Senpai' s Closet
    Yey More of this contests imma try my best dis time XD


    Go TEAM ARA!!!

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1
    SC_ 2016-12-10 16-41-32-051.png

    SC_ 2016-12-10 16-41-44-751.png

    Items used
    Archangel Bow (rena ) : Owned
    Rena's Sailor Beret (blue):600 kc
    Rena's Shark hunter top piece(Blue ):600kc
    Rena's Gloomy Night Bottom piece : 600 kc
    Rena's Trump Bunny Waitress Gloves (B) :Owned
    Rena's Hamel School Of Wizardry shoes (Void): 280 kc

    Strong warrior Chronicle :Owned
    Shooting Star Accessory : Owned
    El Lord Exodus (Vitality) :Owned
    Pendulum Of Memories : Owned
    Champion's Earrings : Owned

    Voluptuous Rena :350 KC

    Total KC used : 2430

    IGN :lyralai
    Server :INT

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    Bethma Guard
    Feb 2013

    Costume Pieces
    - "X-Mas" Fairy of Holy Nights Drones 850Kc
    - Christmas Dress Top Piece
    - Sailor Skirt (Red)
    - Fairy of Dark Clouds Gloves (Light)280Kc
    - Surf's Up Shoes (Red)
    - Arch Devil Hair
    - Christmas Party Santa Hat 500Kc
    - Christmas Candy Cane Decoration 500kc
    Total Kching Used: 2,130Kc

    IGN: CodeLoved1
    Server: NA

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2014
    Seems like we can reserve an entry? O. O
    The I reserve one too.

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015

    throws this —


    Drone: Eve's 'X-MAS' Fairy of Holy Nights Weapon // 850 kc
    Hair: Nasod Battle Suit Hair (Eve) // own
    Top: Eve's Christmas Dress Top Piece (Red) // 750 kc
    Bottom: Eve;s Sweet Waitress Bottom Piece (Choco) // 600 kc
    Glove: Eve's Elrios Schoolwear Gemstone Bracelet (Orange) // own
    Shoes: Eve's Magician to Illusion (Original) Shoes // 280 kc

    Costume Face Accessory (Middle): El Lord Exodus (Fallen) // own
    Costume Face Accessory (Bottom): Blush (Shy) // own
    Costume Accessory (Bottom Piece): Sophisticated Classic Milky Way // own
    Costume Accessory (Arm): Dream Command - Purple Dust // own
    Accessory (Necklace): Golden Necklace // own
    Accessory (Earring): Golden Earrings // own
    Accessory (Ring): Golden Ring // own

    Eve's Custom Face: Eve's Heart Eyes // own
    Eve's Custom Motion: Eve's Model Pose // own

    KC Used: 2,480 kc
    IGN: ArcheKoeln
    Server: INT

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Beside Harnier

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    Bethma Guard
    Aug 2011

    Weapon: Aisha's Alp Lady Umbrella (Red) - (Owned)
    Hair: Perkisas - Guise of Greed Hair (Aisha) - (Owned)
    Top: Aisha's Beauty Magician Top Piece (White) - (Owned)
    Bottom: Aisha's Trump Bunny Waitress Bottom Piece - (Owned)
    Glove: Christmas Gloves (Aisha) - (Owned)
    Shoes: Aisha's Trump Bunny Waitress Shoes (B) - (Owned)

    Costume Face Accessory (Bottom): Blush (Shy) - (Owned)
    Costume Accessory (Top Piece): Red Muffler - (Owned)
    Costume Accessory (Bottom Piece): Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe - (Owned)
    Costume Accessory (Arm): I am Your Gift - Pink Ribbon (No stats) - (Owned)
    Accessory (Necklace): Mana Concentration Necklace - (Owned)
    Accessory (Ring): The Ring of Bravery (II) - (Owned)
    Accessory (Ring): Swift Ring of Restraint - (Owned)

    Costume Accessory Weapon: Spooky Symbol of Corruption (Aisha) - (Owned)
    Custom Motion: Warm up Exercise Aisha - (Owned)
    Custom Face: Aisha's Chic Eyes - (Owned)

    KC Used: 0
    IGN: Disolia
    Server: NA