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    Oct 2016
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    GM [Winners Announced] Elsword-ify a Tannenbaum Tree!

    Ahoy, everybody!

    It's time to get festive and use that creative mind to put together a decoration worthy of being placed on the El Tannenbaum Tree!
    While it may be easy to just go out and buy decorations and ornaments, we prefer ones made with the hardwork, sweat, and tears of our El Peeps!

    Do you think you can create a holiday decoration with an Elsword theme? Give it a swing!

    Rules & How to Participate

    - Create a holiday decoration/ornament with a theme from anything related to Elsword!
    - Your decoration/ornament must be something YOU made with YOUR hands or feet
    - Apologies, but drawings aren't allowed for this contest
    - Take a picture or upload your creation and post it to this thread with your in-game name & server!
    - Feel free to give us the process of your creation and why you chose to make it
    - Creations submitted past the deadline will not be accepted. Even if it's a dancing crystal phoru ornament!
    - All creations must comply with the forum rules.


    1st Place: 5000 K-Ching
    2nd Place: 3000 K-Ching
    Runner Ups: 2000 K-Ching
    Honorable Mentions: 500 K-Ching

    *the amount of winners will be determined by the participation rate


    12/30 11:59 PM PST

    Good luck!




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    Nov 2015
    Reserved X"D

    It took me a while to get what Tannenbaum was

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    Jun 2013


    So since my all time favorite character in Els is NW, I decided to make a little imitation Erendil in honor of her!! c:

    I started out with some styrofoam plates and cut it up to form the shape of the blade, and then I wrapped it around with some foil. Next I got a toothpick and painted it black, and stuck it up the styrofoam that i used for the blade itself. Once that was done, I cut up some more styrofoam into the shapes of the gold things on NW's blade and painted it yellow. Since I thought that ornaments should be shiny or eye popping, I also put some glitter on it too. And then I found a pink pom pom, but since Rena's little orb thing on her sword is red, I had to soak the pink pom pom in red watercolor and then let it dry. Afterwards, I assembled it all together and then painted the designs on her blade. I didn't have any strings so I just got a pipping cleaner and stuck it on there. I hope Rena has a very merry christmas!!

    Also I didn't have a tree this year so I put it on a rosemary plant asddfghjk-

    IGN: Classica
    Server: NA

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    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~

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    Jan 2016
    Lexhander's heart♥
    reserved ><

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    Aug 2015
    Reserved! I have a few ideas ^^

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    Jan 2016
    Crying in a corner
    Reserved! I have a bunch of other Christmas contests I'm participating in so I'll do this if I have time.

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    Oct 2016
    Hope I'll have time to do dis...

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    Jan 2015
    reserved... hope ill have time tho T^T

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    Nov 2016
    IGN : ADDitionalM3

    I make some tree with El Gang as its own decoration XD

    I Call it Tree of El Gang!

    Explanation :

    1. The upper orb can be represent as Time And Space/ Dimension/ Different timeline/ or even corrupted El Shard
    2. The second orb represent. Element orb and El Shard.
    3. Why I put Elesis at the top? Easy because she's my main (cough) She going to become El Lady if possible and (she's also main in GC/ Crossover)
    4. Elsword and Ain often interact and other gang cant understand it since they don't remember him (Ain). So I put these two together.
    5. Aisha, Rena and Raven in it together since they look the most normal gang. Aisha pouting because she's the youngest and need some attention.
    6. Ciel, Lu, Ara and Chung in same corner since its look happy family. Lu offering her cake to Chung, Chung so happy, you may didn't see it clearly but Ara chewing her cake just fine and papa Ciel happy looking at his children.
    7. Zero, Rose, Eve and Add in the same corner as robot team. Zero (victim) look different since he being decorated by Add (mastermind/ I make a pun here if you realize XD). Rose is shocked to see Zero being look different and Eve is shocked to see Rose since she didn't know her. Add laughing manically at the corner. I wanna draw Dynamo(Cat one) but I don't remember how it looks like.

    Tools :
    1. B5 paper (Use Parrot paper as its easy to cut later on)
    2. A4 paper (Use Kami paper one because its gsm thicker than normal one)
    3. Ribbon
    4. Glue
    5. Thread
    6. Cardboard
    7. Magic Pen
    8. Stapler
    9. Some stationary to help me in my artwork.

    The Process :
    I put it into two parts since the forum seems unable to take its full resolutions .
    I imagine different one than this one. But the one on my mind going to cost lots of money.

    Finished One: Full Scale
    christmas el tree with el shard and dimension.JPG
    Total price for this art just 10$ in NA money version. Try it.