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    Dec 2012
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    MOD Ain Wishlist Shopping Spree!

    Hello hello~

    Have you tested out Ain yet? Does his beauty inspire you to play dressup? Or do you desire other items to aid in your journey through Elrios? We've teamed up with the RNG gods to bring some item mall goodies into the lives of a few lucky Ain players. Check out the rules and post your entry on this thread!

    How to Participate:
    Enter the Item Mall on your to access your Wish List and start adding to it with items you want/need for Ain.
    Once your wish list is at least half-filled (1 row) with items for Ain, post a screenshot here along with a written list of the items.

    Be sure to give us a short reason why you want that item! One sentence per each item is all we're asking for!
    A total of 5 lucky winners will be selected and be given 5 items off of their entire wishlist.
    The 5 items given will be selected by complete random!

    - Limited items or timed items cannot be included on your list
    - Upload your wishlist and post it to this thread with your in-game name & server!
    - Wishlists must be at least halfway filled (1 full row)
    - All costume pieces must be for Ain but you can include accessories or common items (ex. magic necklaces, pets) as well.
    - Wishlists submitted past the deadline will not be accepted
    - All entries must comply with the forum rules


    12/28/2016 @11:59PM PST

    Ai(n) wish you the best of luck~

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    Jan 2014
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    Yay, another chance to get some items! Hopefully this time around luck is on my side :>

    Item List:

    Skill Slot Change Medal: An extra 4 skills will come in handy for my Ain.
    Mezmorised Ain: This motion is super cute! <3
    Life Crystal (Hoya): A cute and powerful pet would be perfect for my Ain!
    Fetch Aura: Super useful since I'm a TH. Would make dungeon runs much less of a hassle.
    Ain's Frost Pixie - White costume pieces:
    .Ain Frost Pixie Top Piece - White
    .Ain Frost Pixie Bottom Piece - White
    .Ain Frost Pixie Hair - White
    .Ain Frost Pixie Gloves - White
    .Ain Frost Pixie Shoes - White: A lovely outfit for my Ain; The winter theme goes perfectly with him.

    Ain Frost Pixie Pendulum - White: This would make a great weapon for my Ain and his winter theme.
    Fantasy Priest Pendulum (Black): Another cool looking costume wep I'd love to have!
    Ain's ELS Casual Pendulum (A): I like the simple design~
    Ain's ELS Casual Hair (A): This hair makes him look even more handsome~ <3

    IGN: Ainero
    Server: NA

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    Dec 2016
    Reserved My chance to get my wishes come true

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    Aug 2011
    Reserving chance~ =p

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    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~
    Reserving this.

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    Velder Noble
    Feb 2014
    Mobage Spree
    When I already bought most of the stuff I need for Ain //sobs


    1. Drowsy Ain
    He looks so cute with this pose ' 7 '

    2. EXP Boost Medal (100%)
    Level level level GET TO CAP koffs

    3. Ain's Stump of Memories
    Sometimes Ain gets to tired of standing/floating and needs a place to sit down!

    4. Ain Frost Pixie Set
    ~ Hair - White
    ~Top Piece - Sky Blue
    ~ Bottom Piece - White
    ~ Gloves - Sky Blue
    ~ Shoes - Sky Blue
    ~ Pendulum - White

    I need this beautiful set for my baby Ain ; v;

    Good luck to all other participants \ o /

    IGN: AniAin
    Server: NA

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    May 2012
    Ontario | Canada

    Ain Christmas Party Suit - Aaah I absolutely adore the christmas suit and it fits the reindeer theme I want for him.
    Drowsy Ain- Honestly I like the fact that he floats with this pose, and he looks adorable when sleepy.
    Emperor Penguin Hair (Grey)/Top/Bottom/Shoes/Gloves/Weapon (all Black) - I'll kinda be saying the same thing for the entire set -- it fits a very nice Reindeer and Christmas theme for Ain.
    Reindeer Tail (Grey) - And the cake topper to the outfit -- a little tail for him!
    Fetch Aura - Please it isn't fun having to pick up ED yourself. I got a temporary one for now.

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    Oct 2014

    Ain's Dark Priest Shoes, Gloves, Bottom Piece: In order to blend in, and have everyone think I'm bad, and being Ain eyesore is just wrong.

    Ain's Bad Guys Pendulum (Red):Making the demonic monsters, or other players see this bunny before death
    is terrifingly adorable, and red for christmas.

    Ain's Bad Guys Jacket (Red): What? Not all priests have to wear a fancy robe, I just want to wear a leather
    Jacket to express myself.

    Reindeer Hair (Blonde), Reindeer Pendulum (Black): Just for the festivities of the holidays

    Ain's Els Casual Pendulum: 'Cause everyone needs to have their magical handbag on them at all times.

    Mezmorised Ain: I find that Ain putting himself to sleep, is kind of funny.

    I'm guessing IGN of the Ain, so IGN is: Eonasin, Server: NA
    : lel

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2015

    Ain Christmas Party Suit - Need to be wear my Christmas suit
    Ring of Fury - Because Ain has a fabulous awaken form
    Skill slot medal - Because I need more skill to use
    Summon stone: Nono MK2 - Walking is just tiring
    Resurrection Stone - Dying is not that easy

    ign: Tabris06
    server: INT

    --sorry for the small image. just click the image to enlarge--

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    Apr 2013

    Ain's ELS Casual Top

    Ain's ELS Casual Bottom (A)

    Ain's ELS Casual Gloves (A)

    Ain's ELS Casual Shoes (A)

    Drowsy Ain

    I just want my Ain to look nice. I would come up with some puns but I can't think of any. Good luck to everyone!

    IGN: Kreierung
    Server: NA