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    Dec 2012
    ( ยด_ゝ`)
    IGN: Joule
    Server: NA

    1. Drowsy Ain - Currently a base Ain and his pose makes his head so weird?? This pose improves that so it's the most wanted thing on my list
    2. Mesmerized Ain - A backup pose in case I rng doesn't want me to have the first one; this one is alright too and it's cute when he drops his wep : - )
    3. Ain's Fantasy Star Academy hair - it's the closest to his actual hair and it looks nice
    4. Ain Frost Pixie Hat - White - the hood hides the weird shape of his head ;;
    5. Ain Frost Pixie Top Piece - a cozy top piece that looks really nice and kinda resembles his promo so i really like that!
    6. Ain Frost Pixie Bottom Piece - White - i couldn't find a suitable bottom piece yet so this is here : - (
    7. Ain Frost Pixie Gloves - i love white gloves and the fur at the wrist is a nice touch
    8. Ain Frost Pixie Shoes - i'm basic and going with the full set-
    9. Ain Frost Pixie Pendelum - White - i really like stars hence my name, this is his best IM wep yet \o/
    10. Ain ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White) - i've been waiting for spring rain forever and Ain looks good in it :'( plus it mixes well with the white frost pixie pieces
    11. Ain ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (Red) - something about the red brings out his cyan/green-ness...
    12. Ain Frost Pixie Hat - Sky Blue - same reason as for the white, i kinda like the blue a little more because he's so pale
    13. Ain Frost Pixie Top Piece - Sky Blue - it gives a nice contrast and isn't as blinding as the white set with the lighter blue haha;;
    14. Ain Frost Pixie Bottom Piece - Sky Blue - goes with the top piece~
    15. Ain Frost Pixie Gloves - Sky Blue - furry gloves are best
    16. Ain Frost Pixie Shoes - Sky Blue - shoes to go with the set
    17. Ain Frost Pixie Pendelum - Sky Blue - i think i like the sky blue pendelum more than the white, the deep blue is really nice!
    18. Ain El Lord Blue Earrings - my ain needs to be bling bling

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    Nov 2015
    Planet Earth
    IGN: BoninBastaaa
    Server: INT

    Here's my wish list for my Ain:


    Ain Frost Pixie Pendulum - White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain!)

    Ain Frost Pixie Top Piece- White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain!)

    Ain Frost Pixie Bottom Piece - White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain!)

    Ain Frost Pixie Hair - White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain!)

    Ain Frost Pixie Hat - White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain when it rains!)

    Ain Frost Pixie Gloves - White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain!)

    Ain Frost Pixie Shoes - White
    (It's for my heavenly Ain!)

    Drowsy Ain
    (In such intense fights, Ain is still the calmest, coolest, and the wisest character and "should be bored and drowsy" against all of his opponents.)

    Ain El Lord Blue Earrings
    (It's glow fits well to Ain's holiness.)

    Sapphire Circlet
    (This bright circlet fits well to Ain's holiness.)

    Sapphire Wing
    (This bright wing fits well to Ain's holiness.)

    Dream Command - Silver Dust
    (Ain's holiness is too bright, to never have glitters or sparkles.)

    Ring of Fury
    (For the fury of my Ain's divinity and power.)

    Magic Necklace
    (I need this original Magic Necklace for my Ain.)

    Skill Slot Change Medal
    (To have my Ain lots of skills to use while in a fight.)

    El Resonance Point Reset Scroll
    (After leveling up my Ain to max capacity, I can reset my maxed points of "EXP Gain +2%" from El Resonance and then apply the reclaimed points into power ability.)

    Couple's Ring
    (I wanna know what Love is.)

    Life Crystal (Hatchling)
    (This pet's feature & chill attacks also fits to Ain's coolness.)

    Advance Happy New Year Everyone!!
    : fixing some grammar

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    Jan 2016
    I wish South Korea or Japan
    SC_ 2016-12-28 23-25-28-312.png

    IGN: Guavain
    Server: NA

    1. SKILL SLOT B: I need like a variety of skills that I can use since it's such a pain only being able to use 4. Plus I don't want to be accused of spamming the same skills all the time.

    2. FETCH AURA: I want fetch aura because going back to collect the drops take way too much time so why not make my pet do it for me. I sound hecka lazy right now.

    3. AIN FROST PIXIE PENDELUM - WHITE: I feel like white and blue really look nice on Ain so I kinda want to dress him up all snowy like.

    4: AIN FROST PIXIE TOP PIECE - WHITE: If I want to dress him up all white and cutesy I need the top too don't I?

    5. AIN FROST PIXIE BOTTOM PIECE - WHITE: Well I need the bottoms to match the top.

    6: AIN FROST PIXIE HAT - WHITE: I wanted the hat version because it makes Ain look so much cuter and mysterious instead of the regular version.

    7: AIN FROST PIXIE GLOVES - WHITE: White matches him best

    8: AIN FROST PIXIE SHOES - WHITE: It'll be awkward if the shoes are like a different color or style than the bottoms so yeah.


    Anyways thank you soo much for doing this and going through all the trouble of reading everything~
    : Wrote the wrong ign, it seriously gets confusing.

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2016
    SC_ 2016-12-29 15-07-47-017.png

    IGN: Therarosen
    Server: INT

    Skill Slot Change Medal - Well, this would be useful

    Couple's Ring - I want to have couple;;

    Wedding Package: Sander - and have wedding of course

    Life Crystal (Hoya) - Hoya is super cute!

    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Hair (Teal)
    Wing Star Pendulum (Teal)
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Top Piece (Teal)
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Bottom Piece (Teal)
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Gloves (Teal)
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Shoes (Teal)
    - I really like the design of this costume set

    Ain Promotional Skill Cut-In (Ver. International) - Ain looks so beautiful at this skill cut

    El Tree Fruit - of course, I want this for feeding my beloved pet

    Fetch Aura - with this I don't have to walk to pick my ED

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    Dec 2012
    New York
    locking for judging~

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    Oct 2016
    80% Hamel 10% Velder 10% Feita
    Ahoy, everyone!

    Here are our 5 lucky winners! You can expect to receive your prizes sometime within this week~

    1. Yoshiyoshi
    2. NeoGamerJay
    3. ShadowCape
    4. Becha27
    5. ZacaroAura

    Congratz, guys!

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    Oct 2016
    80% Hamel 10% Velder 10% Feita
    All the prizes have been sent out~
    Thank you guys for participating and we hope to have more of these lucky raffle events in the future!