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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2015

    Skill Slot B - The more skills my Ain can use, the more fun it's to dungeon. (To me at least)

    Fetch Aura - So that my Ains pet can pick up everything. (And reduce my lag. :'>)

    Fantasy Priest Pendulum (Black) - Is rather fancy and fits with the rest of the costume pieces below. (Sort of making an outfit)

    Fantasy Priest Top Piece, Bottom Piece, Gloves and Shoes - Gives my Ain the look of an adventure with class. It's pretty neat, aha. (Part of an outfit design thing with the other pieces)

    Unbalance Volume Dandy Cut Hair (Black) - Thought the ponytail looked rather cute but refined. (And again, sort of apart of an outfit with the other costume pieces in this list.)

    ELS Casual Bottom Piece - Forgot to get this piece for one of my Ains, would be nice to have for the casual look.~

    And that's all, I hope I didn't ask for to much... I hate it when I ask for to much... hhh T^T

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    Bethma Guard
    Jul 2012
    Over There

    Holy Priest Top/Gloves/Bottoms/Shoes - This set is perfect for my AIn because it sorta mingles who Ain is w/ the character her was named after
    Fantasy Priest Pendulum (Black)- Every warrior needs a weapon XD
    Bad Guy Hair (red)- Have you seen this hair on Ain? so so fancy
    Christmas Party Suit- You can never have to many nice looking suits
    Drowsy Ain- I just really like this pose an its just perfect for Ain

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    Sous Chef
    Jul 2013
    The Void
    IGN: Aingelic
    Server: NA

    Mezmorised Ain - This is the best pose imo! He's so cute putting himself to sleep~
    Cynical Down Perm Hair (Brown) - I love this hair with the glasses.
    Blush - The blush makes him cuter~
    Modern Glasses - He looks so cute with the perm hair and these glasses!
    Drowsy Ain - I prefer the other pose, but this one is cute too!
    Ain Promotional Skill Cut-In (Ver. International) - Cute skill cut in! Plus it gets stats.
    Summon Stone: Nono-MK2 - A mount for my dear Ain~
    Fetch Aura - I already got a pet for him, but it's going to need this.

    Good luck to everyone~

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    Feb 2014
    buried in seals
    IGN: DeusWings
    Server: NA

    Mesmorised Ain - Most adorable custom motion in existence. I must have it ;A;
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Hair (Teal) - A costume for sockets and just plain looking good.
    Ain's ELS Casual Bottom Piece - Also part of my costume mix-and-match.
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Shoes (White) - More Spring Rain pieces for a costume.
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Gloves (White) - More Spring Rain pieces for a costume.
    Ain's Holy Priest Pendulum - Last piece of my costume set.
    Ring of Fury - Gotta maintain that 3-stage awakening for maximum PVE power.
    Fetch Aura - I'm too lazy to pick up my own ED... >w>
    Life Crystal (Hoya) - A pet for fetching things and general usefulness in dungeons.
    Skill Slot Change Medal - Arguably the biggest necessity in the IM. More skill space is a must.
    Blush (Shy) - ...Yeah I have a thing for cute. Blushing Ain pls ;u;
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White) - Costume mix-and-match. I also happen to especially like the Spring Rain set.

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2015
    Okay just to make sure. We don't have to fill the entire wishlist slot like the other one, do we?

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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2013
    His own thought bubbles.
    My Wishlist for Ain 2.png

    IGN: Igong
    Server: NA

    Here are the items I want for my wishlist! I chose the five I need the most because the other stuff ain 't really necessary or would possibly offset the look.

    Ain's ELS Casual Top Piece (A)
    I chose this mainly because it's something I'd wear IRL, and I like looking casual, even in-game. Happy to see these costumes made lately.
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Bottom Piece (Red)
    This goes really well with the top, so it had to be added! Denim and Brown always made a good match, honestly.
    Cynical Down Perm Hair (Brown)
    This hair style closely resembles my own, which traces back to why I wanted to buy the other two items. I like things that I'd have IRL. Basically, having my character look like me gives me a bigger sense of joy in playing.
    Ain's ELS Casual Shoes (A)
    You've got the casual jacket, and the casual shoes match just as well. Even better, they get along with the jeans, too. It's a comfy looking pair, but not too showy too offset the balance.
    Drowsy Ain
    I. Sleep. A looooooot. If I want my Ain to look a bit like me, of course he'll have to have the moments too. It's a composed look.

    To expand on these reasons for the items, I originally chose Ain after his reveal because he fit my aesthetic far better than Raven (Who I had been playing ever since 2013, but didn't feel particularly attached to.) A kind looking fellow like Ain has a sorta elegant air to him, but not too elegant (Provided the right look.) out of all characters, he looks the most realistic in garments like these.

    Thanks for taking your time to look at this!

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2016

    IGN; Anmut
    Region ; NA
    Skill Slot B - Additional Skills wouldn't be bad also , some skills would be v useful towards Ain (not just 4)
    Drowsy Ain - Floating Ain gives him that statement pose out there!
    Ain Christmas Paarty Suit - I would really love this because it's the holiday spirit x3
    Iceburner - Archpriest - Ain would look really look with Arch Priest so these would be lovely
    The Fairy Merheem - A companion that looks like Ariel looks very useful!
    Hoya Pet - Hoya is such a powerful pet!

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2014
    IGN; xCyriak
    Server: NA

    i'll shine like an ainmond♥


    So let's start

    1-. Ain's Els Casual Hair ''A'' I like this because how Ain looks, if i have to choose two words to describe how he looks is Cute and sadistic.

    2-. Ain's Summer Casual Top Piece ''White'' It is just so nice, always liked guys with that kind of clothes, and for real, it make him looks hot.

    3-. Ain's Summer Casual Bottom Piece ''White'' A nice boy with a cute face always need shorts. Like it is so neccesary to do a nice match, like everything it's about fashion.

    4-. Ring of Fury I need this because i really like to do pvp and if i have it i'll awakening a lot and beating a lot of people and it will help so much, You'll ask why of course. Well this is because seeing a cute Ain like mine or what i'm trying to do, will make they happy and think well he was cute, i feel honored losing against someone like him And it will help to destroy all the salt in the serv-♥

    5-.Ain's ELS Casual Pendulum The combination of colors and the theme is so perfect, and well it gives a bit of hipster taste, it's cute.

    6-. Magic Necklace It is so important for every character in elsword, you can spam a lot, and i need it, so i can show how my Ain moves. If you know what i mean w////w

    7-. Ain Promotional Skill Cut-In ''Ver International'' You already see how Ain looks there? omg. Ain't my fault if i do something bad to him qq. Actually it would looks cute while i'm spamming skills with that Magic Necklace ^♥

    8-. Mezmorised Ain This is the important part, THIS CUSTOM MOTION God. It just make Ain more perfect than what he actually is, like it make him loooks so sofistic like a king and calm but at the same time just so egocentric and he thinks he's more than everyone in this world I won't denied this because he's perfect, the word that can say what this motion is about IS DIVA.

    9-. Summon Stone: Nono-MK2 It will help me a lot while i'm lvling because you know it is a bit hard and need all the help i can get, and it is a cute machine to match with Ain, like everything from him has to be like that

    10-. Fetch Aura It will pick all the money to buy more cute stuff for Ain, he needs everything, who will say no to him?

    11-. Life Crystal I feel that this pet has the same aura as Ain, just so calm, and she will help me in the fields destroying all the evil things in the world. This unicorn is so cute♥♥

    12-. Skill Slot Change Medal 8 skills are better than 4 i have to explain more? everyone want to see this cute character spamming something♥

    13-. Blush ''Shy'' Blush always make everything more cute. And for Ain it is like he's shy but so perv at the same time, i love it

    14-. Cherry Aviator Sunglasses Just one word Badas (Can't write it properly in the forum) It's about how the character looks, never forget that

    Finally i end this, so i'll be really happy if i won something♥ Thanks anyway, as an advance, and hope everyone luck♥♥♥

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    Hamel Guardian
    Sep 2014
    Okay not yet....
    Okay just to make sure. We don't have to fill the entire wishlist slot like the other one, do we?

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015

    Red face

    wish list.jpg

    IGN : ThroneChaser
    Server : INT

    1.Magic Necklace
    Ain require a lot mp and fast so that ain skill can not stop / spam skill

    2.Ring Of Fury
    because ain has 1 awaken, and ain must quickly get awaken charge more quickly and will continue to use awaken

    3.Skill Slot Change Medal
    Ain has a lot of skill and the cooldown mp fair amount of time because of it ain must have a skill slot b for more skilll used and skills continuously

    4.Ain Promotional Skill Cut-In (Ver International)
    will look more cool if it ain using Skill Cut-In in the current skill

    5.The Ring Of Strength (II)
    ain has spread with type skills: Strength, and I wear the ring to allow larger Strength ain damage when using skill