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    Dec 2015
    Fetch Aura - Ain's face look sleepy so let's leave the ed picking from the pet XD.

    Ring of Fury - Let's not waste the beauty of Ain's awakening form which is so mesmerizing!

    Life Crystal (Hoya) - A fox pet for Ain define's his calm personality.

    Summon Stone: Nono-MK2 - So Ain can sleep comfortably on the mount lol.

    Skill Slot Change Medal - Breaking his limiter to unleash more magic!

    Ain Christmas Party Suit - Celebrate christmas with a christmas suit!

    Pendulum of Clouds And Flowers (black) - Not too holy for a cool looking pendulum for Ain.

    Ain's Dark Priest Top Piece - This costume represents Ain's mood, gloomy.

    Ain's Dark Priest Bottom Piece - This costume represents Ain's mood, gloomy.

    Ain's Dark Priest Gloves - This costume represents Ain's mood, gloomy.

    Ain's Dark Priest Shoes - This costume represents Ain's mood, gloomy.

    Dark Feather Scarf - A dark scarf for a gloomy looking one.

    Ain's Dark Priest Hair - Symbolizes the German country.

    Ain Wishlist!.PNG

    IGN: GrumpyK
    Server: INT

    PS: I know i'm asking too much but i'm just taking the chance lol.

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    Dec 2016
    Permanently AFKing in Altera (best town)

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    Ain Wishlist Shopping Spree

    List / Reasons


    Drowsy Ain: Ain looks absolutely wonderful with this motion. The floating pose matches his elegance and angel motif, and it looks great if you have a set of wings to match!

    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Hair (Teal): While I'm sure all of Ain's job paths will be gorgeous, this hair has a callback to the base hairstyle Ain is created with -- and who doesn't love Ain's hair? With the way it glows teal underneath and all.
    Ain's Holy Priest Top Piece: He's an angel who works for Ishmael... I think a white priest top is pretty fitting! (He'd also look gorgeous in it while floating with angel wings, right? nudge, nudge)
    Sapphire Circlet: He's already glowing with pride, right? Let's let him glow... literally! The way it glows is like a heavenly crown - perfect for Ain!
    Sapphire Earring: Matching earrings for a glowing circlet! Pretty simple, right?
    Wing Star Pendulum (Teal): I know I'm abusing the same answers here, but I'm working with a theme! The wing star pendulum would match not only the sapphire circlet accessories, but also Ain's angel motif. Pretty sweet, right?
    Skill Slot Change Medal: Okay... so this one is a little obvious, but who doesn't want an angel to use twice the skills to protect the El? C'mon!
    Ain's Holy Priest Bottom Piece: Well, he certainly can't walk around without pants now, can he? That wouldn't be appropriate for an angel/priest!
    Fluffy Lamb Fur Wings: For those days when Ain just wants to take it easy and not have giant angelic wings, but just little ones.. It's okay to take a break, even if you're the guardian of a goddess!

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    Mar 2016
    SC_ 2016-12-22 15-35-24-512.png

    IGN: Daebyeol

    Just a short wishlist

    Ring of Fury: Its for i can use the full capability of Ain in battles
    Pet <3 (the Fairy 'Merheem'): She's so cuuute i'm gonna die!!!
    Skill slot: want it for i want to try a lot ot combo skills
    Fetch Aura: I'll love it more if its an item picking fairy.. <3
    Mount (Summon Stone: Nono-MK2): an angel riding a cute robot is soo kawaii...
    : Forgot something xD

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    Dec 2016
    SC_ 2016-12-22 14-45-02-493.png
    My Wishlish
    Ain Christmas Party Suit : I really love this suit because its so synchronized with ain style and posture
    Skill Slot Change medal : Because i want it for more experienced skill and enhanced gameplay and combo
    X'Mass blessing of holy night : The Yellow glowing effect make the ain more lively and coolerrr
    Summer Casual (Black)Hair,Top,Gloves,Bottom,Shoes,Pendulum : I love it because it has an unique own style and making me really want to try it for styling
    Life Crystal Pet ( Hoya ) : Because this pet looked cool with white hair and looks very stylish and make cooler when combined with Ain

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    Dec 2016

    first of all . im poor kid who wish to get this items alone in Xmas please GM give this Wishlist to me (

    IGN : Lyzserg
    Server : INT

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    Oct 2016
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Hair (Peal) - He looks so elegant in this set i want this FSA set for Ain :")
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Top Piece (Peal) - Top piece for FSA set, he looks good in this shirts, like an honorable student.
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Bottom Piece (Peal) - Gotta have jeans to go with the shirt.
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Gloves (Peal) - I love any character with this style of gloves, exposing finger like that.
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Shoes (Peal) - FSA shoes, goes well with the whole set of course.
    Ain's Holy Priest Pendulum - It's look so nice, goes well with FSA set.
    Fantasy Priest Pendulum - Keep going with the Fantasy theme :">
    Ain's Bad Guy Hair (Red) - Goes well with the whole custom, same color with the FSA one, just a different style.
    Wireless Headset - Admit this, it looks so nice with him in FSA set, cool calm character.
    Sport Glass - A cosplay choice, for roleplaying a cool character.
    Sleeping sheep - Ain is always so chill and laid back, he looks like he gonna fall asleep anytime.
    Dream Command Silver Dust - Angelic-like aura for Ain.
    Ain Christmas Party Suit - It's Christmas, come on join the holiday pack.
    Mezmorised Ain - A gentle man stand, goes well with the FSA set.
    Ain's Stump of Memories - looks good, he could fall asleep sitting on this )
    Ain's Promotional Skill Cut-in (Ver. International) - More cut-in = more lovely skill spamming.
    Skill slot change medal - I want to main him. Slot B more skill to spam for SD-ing.
    IGN: HakuHimemiya
    Server: NA

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    Nov 2016

    Drowsy Ain- Because I love characters that float.(Dont judge me)
    Ain Promotional Skill Cut-In (Ver. International)- Because he reminds me of Victor From Yuri!!! On Ice.
    Skill Slot Change Medal- Because I need more skills for both PVP and PVE.
    Poseidon's Wings-It looks cute and star guardian themed <3.
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Hair (Red)- It looks like Katsuki Yuri's Hair from the anime <3.
    Fantasy Priest Pendelum (Black)- It looks like a star, and I love stars :3
    Ain's Bad Guy Leather Jacket (Blue)- Its gonna look like Yuri's top from his short program, On love:Eros
    Ain's Bad Guy Pants (Blue)-The bottom part of the costume.
    Ain's Bad Guy Gloves (Blue)-The gloves that he uses.
    Ain's Bad Guy Shoes (Blue)-To complete the look.
    IGN for Ain:GLOWGLOW (because his skin is white and reminds me of that time in 7th grade when my science teacher told my friend,(her name)1,2,3,GLOW)
    By the way, Yuri's theme on his skating program is love, but, his program, is Eros and he has to show, Seductive Love. This anime is a yaoi thing, why yuri?? XD Im so sorry for saying too much...I CANT HANDLE MY SELF BECAUSE OF EPISODE 10 UUUUUGGGHHHH

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    Oct 2013
    Okay just to make sure. We don't have to fill the entire wishlist slot like the other one, do we?
    my question as well, do we have to fill the entire wishlist?

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    Oct 2013

    (dont judge my name i joined a long time ago and i was stupid)...(still am but less)

    SC_ 2016-12-22 10-39-25-288.png
    B slot so Ain will be able to use TWICE the skills *W*
    Ring of fury so Ain can keep the GLORIOUS awaken form going
    Ring of strength so Ain can BLAST those annoying demons with bonus power
    Christmas suit so Ain can be in the celebration spirit with feels AND looks
    Couple ring so Ain can propose to his love <3
    Dark priest set because it can deceive those demons into thinking he is on their side and when they aproach be SMITED by the power of ishmael!
    Black glasses & Dark feather scarf for the bonus style points
    Magic necklace because its the best mana gain amulet that exists *^*
    Nono mount because Ain wants to help little big nono avenge his friend!
    eltrion jr because what's better than the small version of the guardian of the skies of elysion to join forces with the powerful angel of ishmael herself?
    and of course the fetch aura so Ain can let his little friend pick up the sweet sweet loot while he OLBIDERATES those pesky demons >;D