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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015

    Explaining Herbaon's Enigmatic Battle

    Hello, one and all, and welcome to my Herbaon boss guide. I hope that the contents that follow will help you understand what Herbaon is capable of, as well as how to deal with his techniques.

    I understand that people have different amounts of time to study things like this, and may also learn content differently. For that reason, I would like to provide three different ways of explaining Herbaon's abilities.

    Firstly, for anyone that needs a quick reference, a summary of each of Herbaon's attacks can be found in the spoiler below.

    Herbaon's attacks are as follows:

    Light Explosion
    -Herbaon's counterattack, used after he has been in hitstun for a certain length of time (a little over 3 seconds in length)
    -Herbaon's explosion has a massive radius, and Herbaon can also leave lasers in the area; Herbaon can also potentially teleport away, leaving a gravity well where he was
    -If he teleports, he will always teleport to the upper platforms to the side opposite his attacker(s)
    -Preemptively back away from Herbaon - if you try to back away as he winds up the explosion, you usually won't get away in time
    -Dashing on the ground can match the pull of the gravity well, letting you stay in place if you need to wait out lasers

    Light Arrow
    -A pair of light-based projectiles Herbaon shoots in a straight line
    -The arrows can hit players on a platform tier above the arrow, but cannot hit anyone below it
    -Herbaon readies this attack in super armor, only dropping it shortly before firing the first arrow
    -Herbaon attempts to orient himself in the direction of a player before shooting the first arrow... once he shoots the first arrow, however, he's locked in that direction for the rest of the attack
    -Baiting Herbaon in one direction, then turning around to attack his back, deals with Light Arrow rather easily

    Iris Chain
    -Herbaon's use of this attack depends where players are, relative to him, when he tries to drop structures: if anyone gets too close, he'll use Iris Chain immediately
    -If any player trips Iris Chain, Herbaon will bind every player in the party to the spot (regardless of their positions)
    -Unless you have a special active ready to target Herbaon with (and thus I-frame through the Chain), don't approach Herbaon when he summons structures - wait for the structures and attack them for MP instead
    -If you don't destroy the structures, any laser that hits them will cause them to count down and then explode
    -Herbaon is completely invincible when dropping structures, only vulnerable after finishing this or cancelling into Iris Chain

    Guardian Iris
    -Herbaon enters full super armor and walks in one direction, emitting four explosive waves from him as he walks
    -The attack also launches two vertical lasers that come in from both sides - they leave a gap at the horizontal location Herbaon stood when he began Guardian Iris
    -Wait for Herbaon to finish his explosions, then get to the safe zone from the lasers
    -Use ranged attacks or special actives if you wish; however, be careful with specials, as their delays can end up affecting the lasers

    Quadrato Plasma
    -Herbaon enters a stance, and four lasers converge from all sides of the arena, leaving no safe spot if they travel their full course
    -Herbaon cannot lose health while in this stance, but can still be attacked
    -If Herbaon sustains a certain amount of damage (based on his maximum health), he'll collapse and be vulnerable for several seconds
    -If this damage amount is not met, Herbaon will become invulnerable and fire seven Quadrato blasts at players
    -There is a single horizontal laser (and only one), followed by one vertical laser aimed at each player
    -The lasers readjust their aim after each shot - keep changing your vertical and horizontal position to keep out of the way
    -Consider moving in the same ways as allies to keep the lasers targeting you or other players from causing collateral damage
    -The lasers here can also be affected by delays, and can easily throw the lasers off-sync - hold off on using awakenings or special actives until the final laser blast

    If anyone would prefer to see the fight explained alongside video examples, a video guide is available here:

    However, if you want to see a detailed explanation of everything Herbaon can do, you need only read on.


    For all of you at this point, I will then do my very best to detail Herbaon's fight in every manner I can manage. Without further ado, let's get started, shall we?

    I. Introduction

    Herbaon's boss fight is, by far and away, one of the most complex battles the game currently offers - many of his attacks have obscure triggers behind them that no other boss in the game has ever utilized. Herbaon is a highly defensive fighter - a number of his attacks react to player actions near him. Not only must players have a solid grasp understanding of how Herbaon reacts in order to properly comprehend what's happening, but they must also utilize proper patience, positioning, and timing for battles with him to go properly. Learning what Herbaon is capable of is only the first step - only adjusting to his powers through practice against them will see one towards any form of success.

    II. General Information

    To begin, I would like to state some general properties and behaviors about Herbaon that will play constant roles in how players should approach the battle.

    Firstly, much like Dekal and Annihilation Mode Maya before him, Herbaon has complete immunity to all forms of debuffs. Don't waste your time trying to use weakening moves or Water/Wind Orbs - focus purely on getting damage out.

    Secondly, Herbaon is distinct from the other bosses of Elysion in the fact that he has a standard reaction to being attacked, complete with his own knockdown gauge; furthermore, Herbaon has no stoic threshold. However, one of his attacks - which we'll discuss shortly - makes these facts very difficult to make use of.

    Lastly, Herbaon has two actions he can take when not directly using an attack:

    1. Despite the fact that many of Herbaon's attacks can affect the whole arena, he won't use attacks unless there is a player relatively close to him. If no one is near him after he's finished an attack, he will walk directly towards a player without super armor. It is notable that Herbaon is incapable of jumping; furthermore, if Herbaon walks off a platform of his own accord, he will stay in place in super armor for a few moments afterward before continuing to move.

    2. When players are close to him, Herbaon may choose to stand in place in super armor briefly rather than launch an attack. Whenever he does this, while it does present a prime opportunity to assault him, do be aware that Herbaon is going to shift into an attack the moment he leaves this stance.

    III. Attacks

    There's quite a bit to go through with each of them, so each will get its own section. I'm using spoilers here because of the sheer amount of text that follows.

    III.A: Lasers

    Herbaon summons horizontal and vertical lasers in various manners alongside his attacks. While the manners in which Herbaon uses them are unique to each attack, there are two traits common to all lasers that I feel are worth pointing out.

    Firstly, anyone fighting Herbaon needs to be cautious the first time he fires his lasers. While I am personally unsure if this happens to anyone else, the first he does so (and only the first), the game always hits a significant lag spike. This lag can be enough to momentarily freeze the screen, giving you no perception of what your character - or what Herbaon - is doing. I would personally recommend staying grounded so as not to blunder into a laser during the spike, and one might consider using a special active to get I-frames - certain actions Herbaon can take can end up with you only realizing what he's doing when he's already attacking you with it.

    Secondly, it is notable that the lasers themselves are related to physical entities, directed by sliding points that move along the floor and walls of the arena. Because of this, if a player is close enough to where the laser is being fired from, using an awakening or special active can end up having the move's delay affect the laser. However, this very often results in a situation significantly worse than if you had just let the laser go about its normal course. More specific examples of this will be explained in the descriptions of the other attacks, but in general, delay the lasers at your own risk.

    III.B: Light Explosion

    Seldom does anyone go through a battle with Herbaon without seeing Light Explosion, Herbaon's form of counterattack. The trigger for Herbaon being able to use this is unusual: he will automatically launch it if he has been in hitstun for a length of time. (An estimate of this time is around 3 seconds.)

    Once this time is up, Herbaon will enter super armor and tell everyone to stop attacking him shortly before emitting a massive explosion around him that harms and knocks away anyone in range. Herbaon can additionally summon vertical lasers to either side of him - further damaging anyone still in the vicinity - and a horizontal laser directly above him, making any attempt to escape by jumping away a harmful proposition. These lasers are even more troublesome if Herbaon decides to teleport away - if he does, he will leave a gravity well where he stood, potentially dragging players into the vertical lasers.

    Simply put, anyone who doesn't want to get pummeled needs to do as Herbaon asks and back away - in fact, if you want to be sure that you don't take a hit, you need to back off slightly before Herbaon tells you so. The explosion's radius is gigantic - by the time you see Herbaon readying the attack and you recover from any attack you were performing, if you still have time to get out, you BARELY have such. (From my personal experience, if I didn't back away from this counterattack before he started launching it, I would only avoid it some 15-20% of the time.)

    Once you've backed off, wait a moment so the lasers can dissipate. Of course, if Herbaon left a gravity well behind, this becomes more troublesome; to resolve this, stay on the ground (to avoid the horizontal laser) and dash on the ground away from the gravity well - this should keep you relatively in place and out of harm's way. Don't run too far away from the lasers and near Herbaon - this risks putting you in the way of another attack we'll be discussing in a few moments.

    One might consider using a special active as the Light Explosion detonates to assail Herbaon while he's in the armor, simultaneously avoiding the explosion. Given your placement, you can often end up delaying one of the vertical lasers, as well. However, if you do this, be prepared to take damage - the space between the two vertical lasers is just large enough for someone to fit in and avoid both lasers, but you'll have to let yourself be dragged into the gravity well in the process, possibly resulting in you hitting one of the lasers or having Herbaon drop structures on your head (something I'll mention momentarily). I would only recommend using this strategy if you're purely focusing on damage and are in a hurry to get the fight finished.

    An intriguing thing to note about the Light Explosion timer is that it requires that the time Herbaon spends in hitstun be consecutive - if a player stops attacking Herbaon before 3 seconds elapse, the counterattack timer will essentially reset. Because of this fact, anyone fighting Herbaon alone can attempt a hit-and-run strategy of continually running in and out, getting small combos in, then retreating to reset the timer before heading back in. While this strategy does offer the chance to gather much MP and deal a fair amount of damage in a relatively short span of time, it is not without risk: if you back away, Herbaon can attempt to launch attacks, one of which involves him teleporting away from you. This method is probably best served for when an individual needs a chance to gather MP to use for future special actives.

    III.C: Light Arrow

    Light Arrow is Herbaon's simplest attack, and the easiest to manipulate in one's favor. Herbaon will enter a super-armored stance, raising his metal plates to prepare to shoot two light projectiles in a horizontal direction. These light projectiles have upward vertical reach, being able to hit players a platform tier above them - however, they will completely miss anyone underneath them.

    Herbaon is able to adjust his aim prior to shooting the first arrow, and will attempt to do so if he realizes there is no player in front of him. However, once the first arrow has been fired, Herbaon cannot change direction anymore - he will be affixed in that direction until the second arrow is fired and he ends the attack. Because of this, players can intentionally bait Herbaon into aiming in one direction, then double back to the other side, leaving Herbaon shooting at nothing and his back completely open to attack.

    Patience will lead you to success against this attack, while haste is quite risky: the super armor that Herbaon uses persists until just before he fires the first arrow. While this does mean it is possible to interrupt Herbaon before he can launch a single shot, most of the time, attacking him recklessly will just have him armor through attacks and shoot the person responsible.

    III.D: Guardian Iris

    Guardian Iris is one of Herbaon's more oppressive attacks - Herbaon does not leave a great amount of room to avoid this, nor is there much one can do to punish the attack.

    Herbaon will enter super armor, and walk in a direction, emitting four explosions around himself as he walks. Anyone who gets hit by these explosions will be sent flying backward - this is very hazardous, as Herbaon summons two vertical lasers with this attack that start at the far ends of the arena, closing in towards Herbaon. The lasers will eventually stop and leave a gap between them - found approximately halfway between the points where Herbaon starts and ends the explosions - that can be used as a refuge.

    To avoid this attack, stick somewhat close to Herbaon and be patient. Wait for his fourth explosion, and then get to the area that is safe from the lasers. You cannot afford to be distant from Herbaon, as this will put you in the path of one of the lasers; furthermore, the longer the distance the laser has to travel, the faster it will move overall.

    Punishing this attack with melee is out of the question, as the combined super armor and repulsing explosions lead to all such attacks being cast aside. Ranged attackers may be able to slip a few hits in on Herbaon... but even this has risk, as you still have to be on the move to avoid both the Iris explosions and the incoming lasers. Special actives seem among the best candidates to use to try and attack Herbaon during this, but one has to ensure that one will not be right in the way of part of the attack come the special active's end. Additionally, because of the manner in which Herbaon travels (walking in one direction, regardless of platforms), he'll often be low to the ground - this makes targeting him with special actives a problem, because the sources of the lasers are on the floor: being too close to a laser when using a special active will delay it, possibly making the laser fire while Herbaon's moved on to another attack. If you do attack Herbaon with special actives, choose your attack and timing with care.

    Lastly, be cautious if Herbaon is on the brink of defeat and decides to use this: if Herbaon is defeated while using Guardian Iris, any remaining shockwaves will still emit from him. Get away from him for a couple of moments to avoid any issues.

    III.E: Iris Chain

    Easily the most obscure attack Herbaon has, Iris Chain is a counterattack, reactive to the positions of players.

    Iris Chain comes into effect when Herbaon tries to drop structures. The structure drop attack begins with Herbaon teleporting (leaving a gravity well where he last stood) to the center of one of the two upper platforms in the arena; Herbaon will always pick the platform furthest from his attacker(s). Once in position, he will attempt to drop two structures onto players, their incoming positions signified by lights shining on the corresponding part of the floor or platform.

    Should any player come too close to Herbaon while he tries to drop structures, he will immediately cancel out of his animation for dropping structures and use Iris Chain, entering super armor and binding that player and every other player in the party to the spot. (The other members of the party will be bound no matter where in the arena they are at the time.) In addition to this bind, Herbaon will create a horizontal laser that sweeps from the top of the arena down to the first platform's height - players can minimize the harm of this laser by getting to the floor's height, but be warned that this laser can end up harming people that stand on the floor, albeit slightly.

    Attempting to attack Herbaon with command attacks or actives during the structure drops is pointless - Herbaon will launch Iris Chain the instant anyone approaches, and even if players attempt to attack Herbaon at range, he is completely invulnerable while he's dropping structures.

    When Herbaon begins creating structures, there are two logical approaches to take. The first strategy is to keep one's distance from Herbaon, baiting the positions of the structures into harmless spots. Once the attack is over, the structures can be attacked to gain MP with ease while Herbaon is distant. (It's a good idea to keep these structures out of the arena, as well - they don't leave the arena until they are destroyed, they are physical entities that can blockade your way, and if any of Herbaon's lasers strike a structure, the structure will count down and explode.)

    Alternatively, if one has sufficient MP, he or she can go to where Herbaon will pop up after his teleport and use a special active on him - if he tries to drop structures, he'll notice that player's position and use Iris Chain while in super armor, but that player will be in invincibility frames and thus be unaffected. However, there are two warnings to be noted: firstly, even if this person uses I-frames to get through Iris Chain, Herbaon will still have the attack target every other player in the party as well, and summon the horizontal laser; if you want to utilize this strategy, ensure that you won't be causing severe harm to your teammates. Secondly, this strategy relies on Herbaon actually trying to summon structures in the first place - if Herbaon teleported to his position out of Light Explosion, it's very possible that Herbaon could use Guardian Iris instead; if this happens, any attacker will be taking one or two explosive waves as punishment for guessing wrong.

    As a final caution, know that, on rare occasion, Herbaon may end up using Iris Chain outside of one of the two positions on the upper platforms. If this happens, only those fortunate enough to be in I-frames at that time will avoid taking damage. I am still personally uncertain as to why Herbaon is capable of doing this to begin with, and if anyone has any leads as to why he's able to do this, I would do my best to research this matter further.

    III.F: Quadrato Plasma

    Quadrato Plasma is Herbaon's desperation attack, causing different results depending on what damage players can deal to him.

    Quadrato Plasma begins with Herbaon teleporting to the center of the arena; any on-screen lasers will be removed as Herbaon starts this attack. Herbaon will enter a stance in which he cannot lose health, and vertical and horizontal lasers from the four extremes of the arena will begin closing in towards Herbaon. If Herbaon takes a certain amount of damage while he is in this stance (the amount needed varies based on Herbaon's maximum health), he will collapse, the lasers will stop firing, and Herbaon will be completely open to attack for several seconds.

    Should Herbaon's damage threshold not be met quickly enough, the lasers will eventually close to the point where all players are certain to take damage; should Herbaon's stance finish before the threshold is reached, Herbaon will become completely invincible and begin Quadrato Plasma.

    In a failed Quadrato Plasma (i.e. the threshold was not broken), Herbaon will fire a barrage of 7 aimed laser blasts, with independent lasers targeting each player in the arena. The laser shots will readjust their aim after every shot - keep changing both your vertical and horizontal position in order to stay out of the way of these shots. In multiplayer, if multiple players manage to follow the same movement pattern, the lasers will all gather to the same spots, greatly reducing the chaos of the attack and sparing the party from much harm. However, know that, though this is an optimal strategy to minimize the damage the party takes, it is also very difficult to sync up quickly, and having to deal with Quadrato Plasma with three or more people in a party is a nightmarish situation - come the time, do whatever it takes to ensure that this attack does not have the opportunity to make this occur.

    Should you realize that breaking Herbaon's stance won't be possible, get what MP you can off Herbaon, and then mana break immediately. Doing this, you can take as little harm as a single laser tick from the lasers that are closing in, and prepare yourself to begin dodging the aimed shots. This is a far better alternative to recklessly attacking Herbaon, expending MP in the process and losing health from the lasers, only to have not broken Herbaon's stance and thus caused absolutely no change in his health.

    Come dealing with the aimed laser blasts, one might be tempted to use awakenings or special actives to avoid damage. While the I-frames would ordinarily be helpful, remember that the lasers can be delayed if you're too close to them. If you delay a laser during the Quadrato barrage, you will almost certainly throw that laser out of sync compared to the rest of the lasers, making dodging the rest of the assault extremely difficult. If you have to take any non-movement action to get out of laser blasts, use mana breaks to prevent this worst-case situation from ever happening.

    Note that Herbaon is scripted to try and utilize Quadrato Plasma when he hits 50% of his maximum health. This can situationally be helpful or detrimental: on one hand, if Herbaon is collapsed from a previous Quadrato Plasma and hits half health, he'll attempt to use Quadrato again. However, it seems that whenever this happens, Herbaon's stance is notably easier to break than usual, likely leading to another opportunity to score free damage on Herbaon. On the other hand, Herbaon using the scripted Quadrato can interrupt some of his other attacks: this can result in Herbaon teleporting to the center of the arena with Guardian Iris explosions still to come, or with his Light Explosion timer still running. (If the Light Explosion timer hits 3 seconds due to players hitting him in his Quadrato Plasma stance, Herbaon will cancel the stance and ready the explosion instead.)

    IV. Possible Approaches to the Battle

    As I previously stated, timing and patience are key factors in this battle. A balance of gathering and utilizing MP according to what Herbaon does would be my personal recommendation on how to approach the battle as a whole.

    Come catching Herbaon out of armor or after a Light Arrow attempt, command attacks and low-cost special actives are often good choices. These provide players with a way to get in a fair amount of damage, and possibly gather a solid amount of resources, without overinvesting into attacks that could get people caught in a Light Explosion or caught off guard by a sudden Quadrato attempt. Using a hit-and-run strategy would be viable for solo players if gaining MP is a necessity.

    There is little to be done with Guardian Iris - if any player had a special active that could fully hit Herbaon without causing any problems with evasion or the side lasers, it would be opportune - otherwise, just waiting out the attack would likely be for the best.

    Come Iris Chain, a divide in choices exists: individuals can either choose to wait out the structures and harvest MP from them, or approach Herbaon with a special active to deal out damage (should no major harm come to the party from doing so) - parties should pick out the best approach based on what resources are available to them at the time.

    With Quadrato Plasma, players ought to take a look at their resources, and then figure out whether or not they will be able to shatter Herbaon's stance. If they doubt this, they should just gather what MP they can before preemptively mana breaking, preparing for the onslaught to come. If they believe they can, then the party ought to fire everything at Herbaon possible; every attack will either end up going toward breaking the stance or toward lowering Herbaon's health, both of which align with the offensive tactic this angle wants to achieve. Additionally, players ought to be wary of Herbaon's health, as the party does not want to be caught unprepared for the scripted Quadrato stance.

    Choose when to gather and expend resources carefully and reactively, and you can expect the best results out of your decisions.


    With that, I have described everything I can provide to help explain and navigate you through Herbaon's enigmatic battle. If you have anything that you would like clarifications on, or would have any requests to improve the guide (e.g. images/clips of Herbaon's attacks for the detailed guide), merely ask and you shall receive.

    Above all else, thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Best of luck to you all~.

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    Elder Citizen
    Jun 2015
    This...is...FABULOUS!!! Now I can fight Herbaon without squeezing my brain to figure out what his next attacks will be.

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015
    Well, I didn't expect to have a notable update for this guide so soon, but: apparently, Herbaon's fight has a glitch. While I'm still researching more of the specifics about it (especially since the following sequence of events DIDN'T happen once), I've encountered it enough to be able to explain some of its basics:

    As I've stated earlier, if Herbaon moves into his scripted Quadrato from being attacked, his Light Explosion timer can keep running and interrupt his stance. However, it seems that this can result in a very unusual effect.

    If Herbaon does this and teleports away, he may leave behind a hittable, invisible entity where he was attempting to use Quadrato. The entity has a finite amount of health, as well. Furthermore, it seems that the more damage is dealt to this entity, the easier it is to break Herbaon's next Quadrato stance. It's entirely possible that the hitbox for his stance doesn't get taken away due to the Light Explosion interrupting the attack, and you attacking the entity literally is you damaging his future Quadrato stance.

    A video of this is below. If anyone can provide anything further, it would be a great help~.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2016
    Your kokoro
    The only time Critical Strike sees the light of day is when I fight this guy. He's also the most enjoyable boss as of yet. Thanks for the guide OP.

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015
    Hello, everyone. I'm just stopping by to provide a number of updates based on some new things I've found out through battles with Herbaon. (The main guide post has already been updated with this information in mind. Also, the Quadrato Stance glitch is still something I'm researching - I'll try to look into it more should my time provide.)

    To start out... I was wrong about something. In the guide, I said previously that the lasers summoned by Herbaon during his Light Explosion counterattack had a gap too small to fit in between them, in which trying to fit would get you shot by both lasers. In truth, this gap actually keeps a player safe from both of the lasers, as shown by the following:


    Nonetheless, it is notable that I had to delay one of the lasers to even get into the safe zone, and being safe from the lasers didn't keep me safe from having structures dropped on my head. I still recommend just trying to keep away.

    Next, I'd like to point out a very useful aspect of Herbaon's behaviors: if Herbaon walks off a platform trying to get to a player, when he lands, he'll momentarily stop while in super armor, as shown by the following:


    This aspect of Herbaon's behavior allows players the chance to freely attack him for MP or damage in the short time Herbaon is not able to do anything but stand in place, and can be exceptionally useful for getting out a burst of damage without having to worry about Light Explosion.

    Continuing on, I have a slight note to add about Guardian Iris, as the following video clip shows: the four shockwaves that emit from Herbaon will do so even if Herbaon is defeated during the attack.


    While a minor note, it's definitely something to be wary about. No one wants to get the fight done only to die alongside the boss.

    To conclude, I have noticed what seems to be a pattern in Herbaon's AI. Herbaon is designed to always be moving towards a player; furthermore, he only ever does so by walking, and cannot jump. This led to an exploration in the following video clip, in which Herbaon seems to always try to teleport to drop structures on players if they are above him in a position he could no longer reach:


    While this will usually prove irrelevant in most party battles, solo players in need of MP could use this fact to goad Herbaon into teleporting away from them and dropping structures, which could then be farmed for resources.

    If there's anything further I can look to, or improve this guide, please just let me know. Best of luck, everyone!

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015
    Hello, everyone. Just stopping by because (somehow) I've managed to learn a couple of new things about Herbaon. One of these is a way to forcibly gain a chance to attack Herbaon freely; the other, a potential threat and what can be done about it.

    (Before I go further, I must apologize for the quality of the two example videos I provide - for some reason, they're quite laggy and a lot of frames got dropped. Please let me know if I need to create stabler versions of these in order to give you all some clearer instances of what I describe.)

    To begin, I must first again note the fact that Herbaon stands in place in super armor for a couple of seconds after walking off a platform by his own accord - this is a prime opportunity to attack him without fear of starting the Light Explosion timer.

    However, it seems that this same stance can be forced by player actions - if Herbaon gets launched by an attack (such as Eve's >>x) and falls a sufficient distance as a result, he will enter this super armor stance on landing, providing a chance to assault him.

    This strategy does have to be used carefully, however: it seems that only certain attacks are able to cause this, and Herbaon must fall a minimum height - a launching attack on Herbaon from the ground floor won't make him go into super armor if he lands on the upper platforms as a result. Furthermore, if Light Explosion's timer expires while Herbaon is in the air, it will take priority over the armored stance. Timing and positioning are paramount to making use of this possibility.

    Examples of this are shown here:


    The aforementioned threat occurs whenever Herbaon is pushed to either horizontal limit of the arena. If he is put here, he will automatically teleport to the other side of the arena and begin his structure drop attack. Herbaon does not care how he gets into the position that causes the teleport: he can walk there, waltz there during Guardian Iris, or be hit there by players - all of these cause him to teleport.

    However, if Herbaon gets forced to the end of the arena by player's attacks, a surprise threat awaits: Herbaon's timer for Light Explosion starts because he received hitstun, but it seems that, due to the fact that Herbaon teleported during the hitstun, the timer does not stop after the teleport. This results in Herbaon forcibly using Light Explosion, halting his structure drop attack, and very likely teleporting back to the side he originally came from to try to drop structures again - if players are still on that side of the arena, they are in immediate danger of getting hit by an Iris Chain.

    In the case that players do hit Herbaon into doing this, there are two best courses of action:
    1. Run towards the center of the arena, so you can get out of Herbaon's Iris Chain range once he makes the second teleport (just don't get too close to Herbaon after his first teleport)
    2. Have a special active ready to attack Herbaon when he returns via the second teleport

    While it is possible, as it turns out, to hug the wall when Herbaon teleports back to stay out of Iris Chain range, this almost forces anyone who does this to take hits from the dropped structures: any attempt to horizontally evade the structures would likely mean triggering Iris Chain.

    A short video highlighting these forced teleports can be found here:


    I hope these new details can prove to be of use to you all~.

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2015
    I have a question. I mean I saw what you said about if you're in a party but what if your douche teammate delays the lasers of Quadrato Plasma and keeps trying to use skills on a Herbaon on iframes? :T

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015
    I have a question. I mean I saw what you said about if you're in a party but what if your douche teammate delays the lasers of Quadrato Plasma and keeps trying to use skills on a Herbaon on iframes? :T
    Very bad things will happen.

    Firstly, that teammate will just be wasting MP, since Herbaon's completely invincible while Quadrato Plasma is firing.

    Secondly, if the teammate happens to be close enough to one of the lasers and delays it, he or she will likely throw off the entire timing of how to dodge the attack. Having the lasers desync results in your internal measure of when to move to avoid the next blast of lasers being completely thrown off (you would basically have to move nonstop at this point, and pray that you don't run into another laser by accident; this doesn't even begin to describe the ordeal this would place on teammates). This would be dangerous not only due to the disrupted timing of the attack, but also due to the fact that your party member is fixing one of the laser's positions, making dodging other lasers without getting hurt very difficult (if not impossible in certain cases).

    Lastly, it's worth noting that Herbaon doesn't end Quadrato Plasma until all of the lasers have stopped firing (i.e. every laser has fired seven times). Thus, if a teammate delays a laser, the party is going to have to wait that much longer in order to continue the fight.