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    MOD [Winners Announced] Style Spotlight - January 2017

    Hey Elpeeps, it's time for the first fashion contest of 2017!

    Sleighbells ring
    Are you listening?
    In the lane, snow is glistening
    A beautiful sight
    We're happy tonight
    Walking in a winter wonderland ~!

    For this month the theme is winter wonderland. This can be interpreted as general winter fashion, or outfits that are inspired by snow/frost. As usual read through the rules before entering. Good luck everyone!

    - Create an outfit that fits the Winter Wonderland theme using pieces you own and (optional) up to 2500kc worth of items from the item mall (excludes ice burner previews)
    - Post up to 3 screenshots of your character in this thread. You must include a front and a back screenshot. Screenshots from the item mall are okay as long as all of the costume slots are visible.
    - Post a list of all the items included in the outfit. Clearly indicate the items you do not own, and the cost (for full-priced perm versions). Rings and Magic Necklaces do not have to be included in the list.
    - Include your IGN, Server, and the total cost of unowned item mall pieces in your entry
    - You cannot enter an outfit that has already won or placed in a previous fashion-related contest (LotM or any other official forum contest), or an outfit that was designed for you as another contest's reward (such as the Extreme Makeover contests).
    - Event/Promo costumes, accessories, and timed items are allowed.
    - Contestants are limited to only one entry, no entering multiple characters from a single user (if entering as Luciel please enter as either Lu or Ciel not both)
    - A maximum of up to three screenshots are allowed, make sure all aspects of your costume are visible.
    - If you're going to edit your screenshot in any way, please link a raw version of your screenshot. Cropped screenshots are not considered "edits."
    - Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits made of 4 or more pieces from the same set are not allowed. This is a contest about creativity, you won't win if you're entering with a costume that's already been made for you.
    - Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your entry.

    Entries will be judged on color, creativity and how well they match the theme.

    Contest Deadline: 01/29 11:59 PST


    First: 2.5k
    Second: 2k
    Runner Ups: 1.5k

    *amount of winners determined by participation rate


    First Place

    Second Place

    Runner Up

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sample Entry:


    Items Used:
    Ice Staff (Blue) -850kc
    2014 Aisha Japan Costume Contest Winner Hair - own
    Aisha's Frost Pixie Top - White 600kc
    Aisha's Trump Bunny Waitress Bottom Piece (B) - own
    Aisha's Trump Bunny Waitress Gloves (B) - own
    Aisha's Mysterious Thief Breeze Shoes (A)- 280kc
    Sapphire Wing - 500kc
    Arch Angel Leg Wing (Aisha) - own

    Total of unowned items: 2230 kc

    IGN: Yusalin
    Server: NA

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2015

    My Entry

    Item used:
    Add's Patissier Crepe Dynamo (Mint Choco)
    [Cobo] Add's ELS Gothic Loli Hair (Blue)
    Add's Frost Pixie Top Piece (White) - 600 kc
    Add's Frost Pixie Bottom Piece (White) - 600 kc
    Blue Millennium Fox Shoes (Add)
    Blue Millennium Fox Gloves (Add)
    Dream Command - Silver Dust - 700 kc
    Theodore's Cute Bird
    [Cobo] Rubenian Resonance Stone
    Frost Pixie Snowing Mini - 500 kc
    Add's Model Pose

    Total Cost : 2400 k-ching
    IGN: SpaceMachine
    Server: INT

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    Master Chef
    Nov 2015


    Items Used:
    Add's Classic Butler (Black) Hair
    Add's Gloomy Night Top Piece
    Add's Frost Pixie Bottom Piece - White : 600 k-ching
    Add's Hamel School of Wizardry Gloves (Void) : 280 k-ching
    Add's Trump Bunny Waiter Shoes (B)
    Frost Pixie Crown - Sky Blue : 500 k-ching
    Frost Dynamo
    Tears of Fenriart
    Mysterious El Lord Seal
    Pendulum of Memories
    Champion Earrings

    Total of unowned items: 1380 kc

    IGN: Azmagi
    Server: INT

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    Your Vital Regions
    This time i will not fail!

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    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.


    Items Used
    Rena's Sweet Waitress Weapon (Blue) - Own
    Rena's Hamel School of Wizardry Hair (Void) - 600kc
    Rena's Frost Pixie Top Piece - White - 600kc
    Rena's ELSE Casual Bottom Piece (Ver.B) - 600kc
    Rena's Spring Lolita Gloves (A) - 280kc
    Rena's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Shoes - 280kc

    Sapphire Core (Rena) - Own
    Rena's Deep Blue Eyes - Own
    Blush - Own
    Star Academy Wings - Own
    Dream Step - Snowflake - Own
    Sapphire Bracelets - Own
    Gladiator Earring (Rena) - Own

    Total cost:

    IGN: Beeble
    Server: NA

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    Cobo Service
    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~

    Hint: Click me for the full version

    Items Used:
    Blue Angel Wings -500 kching
    Aisha's Deep Blue Eyes -owned
    Aisha's Model Pose -owned
    Will Power Champion's Earring -owned
    Aisha's Black Magic Swan Weapon -850 kching
    Archangel Hair (Aisha) -owned
    Aisha's Frost Pixie Top Piece -White -600 kching
    Aisha's Trump Bunny Waitress Bottom Piece (B) -owned
    Aisha's Majestic Butterfly Gloves -owned
    Shining Feather Shoes (Aisha) -280 kching

    Total: 2,230 Kching

    IGN: RLM2

    Server: NA
    : DONE

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2016
    Reserved hopefully luck is on my side

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    Captain Ara
    Oct 2012
    Crash Fever Hell

    Items Used:
    Ara's Frost Pixie Spear - White [850 KC]
    Ara's Frost Pixie Hair - White [600 KC]
    Ara's Holy Priest Top Piece [Owned]
    Ara's ELS Casual Bottom Piece (Ver. B) [Owned]
    Ara's ELS Casual Gloves (Ver. B) [Owned]
    Ara's ELS Spring Rain Shoes (White) [Owned]
    Frost Pixie Snowing Mini - White [500 KC]
    Frozen Tree - White: Ara's [350 KC]

    Total KC: 2,300

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    In a place we may never meet

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    I've been meaning to ask but did LoTM suddenly change to Style Spotlight? o: Are there any differences between the two?

    EDIT: Thank you for the clarifications~ :>