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    Dec 2012
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    I've been meaning to ask but did LoTM suddenly change to Style Spotlight? o: Are there any differences between the two?
    LoTM didn't change to Style Spotlight. They're two separate contests. The main difference is that with Style Spotlight you're allowed to use a mix of things you currently own, and item mall previews to create an outfit while in LoTM you had to own each piece. We might have another LoTM in the future but only time will tell~

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    Apr 2013
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    IGN: Cherriess
    Server: NA


    Items Used:
    Eve's Grace Fairy Hair (Own)
    Eve's Beautiful Little Lady Top Ver B (Own)
    Eve's Nighty Night Bottom - 600kc
    Eve's Royal Butterfly Gloves - 280kc
    Eve's Trump Bunny Shoes Black (Own)
    Eve's Royal Maid Combat Drones (Own)
    Eve's Arch Angel Wings (Own)
    Blush - 500kc
    Miho Fox Ears (Own)
    Dream Command - Silver Dust (Own)
    Eve's Red Eyes (Own)
    Modern Glasses (Own)

    Total KC Used: 1,380

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    Dec 2016
    Imaginary World
    I will try until my fashionista sense improving

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    Jul 2015

    Walking In A Winter Elrios~

    Snowy Rena.png

    Is it too cold out for skirts? I should think!

    There are already so many snow themed costume pieces... so here's an outfit that focuses on icy snowy colors, and (hopefully) makes it work!

    Main Pieces
    • Weapon - Frost Bow
    • Hair - Rena's Gloomy Night Hair (A)
    • Top Piece - Rena's ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White)
    • Bottom Piece - Rena's ELS Casual Bottom Piece (Ver.B)
    • Gloves - Rena's Promotional Gloves Ver.2
    • Shoes - Rena's Promotional Shoes Ver.2

    Various Accessories
    • Rena's Deep Blue Eyes
    • Blush
    • Sapphire Wing
    • Sapphire Earring

    (Owned Items In Bold)

    IGN: Lilhyiam
    Server: NA

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    Jul 2015
    Outfits + Items Used

    Items Used:
    Glacial Crystal Claw(Lu) - Own
    Nasod Battle Suit Hair(Lu)-Own
    Lu's Frost Pixie Top Piece-White 600kc
    Lu's Idol Bottom Piece(A)-Own
    Lu's Lovely Loose Fit Pajama Bracelet (Cool Black)-Own
    Lu's Gloomy Night Shoes - 280kc
    Glacial Crown(Lu)-Own
    Bunny Girl Blush-Own
    Henir-Lord of Time and Space Seal (Lu) -Own
    Frozen Tree-White:Lu's/Ciel's-700kc
    Total: 1580kc

    IGN: Miyage
    Server: NA

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    Jan 2013

    Items Used:
    Aisha's GFriend Dress (Aquamarine) Staff - Owned
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Hair - Owned
    Aisha's Frost Pixie Top Piece - White - 600 KC
    Aisha Holy Priest Bottom Piece - 600 KC
    Aisha's ELS Office Wear Gloves - Owned
    Evil Tracer - Coral Serpent Shoes - Owned
    Seraphim Wing - Holy - Owned
    Blush - Owned
    Salvatore Ebalon Moon Tracers - Owned
    Dream Step - Snowflake - 700 KC
    Snow Crystal Seal - 500 KC
    5th Anniversary Crown
    (I also own the sit motion xd)
    Total of unowned items:
    2400 KC

    IGN: Laylina
    Server: NA

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015
    SC_ 2017-01-15 23-14-31-575.png

    SC_ 2017-01-15 23-16-32-196.png

    SC_ 2017-01-15 23-14-55-299.png

    "Let me warm up your winter nyaa~~ <3"

    Items Used:

    ~~~NOT OWNED~~~

    *Ara's Els Spring Rain Top Piece (White) - 600kc

    *Ara's Elrios Kindergarten Bottom Piece - 600kc

    *Ara's Idol Shoes (A) - 280kc

    * (Accessory) Frost Pixie's Warm Breath - 500kc

    * (Accessory) Wireless Headset - 500kc

    Total KC: 2,480 KC

    ~~~ITEMS OWNED~~~

    *Henir Lord of Time and Space Hair (Ara)

    *Henir Lord of Time and Space Gloves (Ara)

    *XMAS' Blessing of the Holy Night (Accessory)

    *Dream Command- Sky Flower (Accessory)

    *Red Millennium Fox Spear (Ara) (Weapon)

    *Ara's Chic Eyes (Face)

    IGN : TsuChiMe


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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2015

    Items Used:

    Aisha's Arctic Travel Staff - Caramel // 850 kc
    Aisha's Frost Pixie Hat - White
    Aisha's ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White) // 600kc
    Aisha's Frost Pixie Bottom Piece - White
    Aisha's Elrios Schoolwear Gemstone Bracelet (Blue)
    Aisha's Arctic Travel Shoes - Caramel// 280 kc

    Accessories :
    Strong Warrior's Chronicle
    Champion's Earrings

    Twinkling Aisha // 350 kc
    Aisha's Deep Blue Eyes // 350 kc

    KC Used: 2,421 kc

    IGN: Kuranai
    Server: NA

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    Mar 2011


    Aisha's Goth loli weapon(Blue)-850kc
    Long Twin-Tail Hair Ver.Black
    Glacial Top Piece (Aisha)
    Aisha Trump Bunny Waitress bottom (B)
    Aisha's Frost Pixie Shoes-White
    Pointy Bunny Ears
    Aisha's Spring Lolita Mask (A)-500kc
    Floppy Ear Bunny Tail (White)-500kc
    Frozen Tree - White (Aisha)
    Tolerating Warriors Ring
    Aisha's El Lord Blue Earrings
    Total Kc: 2200

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    May 2012
    In a box [山城国]
    Reserving just in case.