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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012
    Bae's Kokoro ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ ˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵
    Reserved~!! <3

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2014


    "So cold....."
    IGN: DarkxDestiny
    Server: NA


    Frost Drone - Owned
    Eve's Trump Bunny Waitress Top Piece (B) - Owned
    Eve's Rococo Fashion Bottom Piece (Ver. B) - Item Mall ~ 600 K-ching
    Archpriest - Leader of Light Gloves (Eve) - Owned
    Glacial Shoes (Eve) - Owned
    Eve Code Nemesis Hair(?) - Owned(???)

    Guardian Gladiator Earring (Eve) - Owned
    Warrior's Chronicle (Eve) - Owned
    Warrior's Ring - Owned
    Warrior's Necklace - Owned
    Dream Step-Snow Flower - Owned
    GFRIEND 'Rough' Symbol Mark - Owned
    Frost Pixie's Warm Breath - Item Mall ~ 500 K-Ching
    Frost Pixie Crown-White - Item Mall ~ 500 K-Ching
    Frost Pixie Snowing Mini-White - Item Mall ~ 500 K-Ching


    Trainer Eve - Item Mall ~ 350 K-Ching

    Total K-Ching~ 2,450

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015

    what do you mean it's not christmas anymore —


    Drone: Christmas Special Drone // own
    Hair: Eve's Frost Pixie Hair - White // own
    Top: Eve's Beautiful Little Lady Top Piece // own
    Bottom: Eve's Frost Pixie Bottom Piece // own
    Glove: Eve's Winter Salvation Gloves (White) // own
    Shoes: Glacial Shoes Eve // own

    Costume Face Accessory (Bottom): Frost Pixie's Warm Breath // own
    Costume Accessory (Top Piece): Warm Muffler // 500kc
    Costume Accessory (Bottom Piece): Star Academy Force // own
    Costume Accessory (Arm): Dream Command - Silver Dust // 700kc

    Eve's Custom Face: Eve's Deep Blue Eyes // own
    Eve's Custom Motion: Eve's Model Pose // own

    KC Used: 1,200kc
    IGN: ArcheKoeln
    Server: INT
    : bought warm breath acce so~

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1

    Items used :
    Wep:Frost cannon : owned
    Hair :Shaggy Volume cut(blue): 600kc
    Top :Chung's ELS spring rain top piece (white):600 kc
    Bottom : Chung's Spring star academy uniform bottom piece (teal): 600 kc
    Gloves : No gloves T^T .Bare hands looking good : owned
    Shoes : Blue Millennium Fox shoes (chung) :Owned

    Accessories :
    Tears of Fenriart : owned
    Add's advanced nasod headphones :Owned
    El lord exodus (vitality): owned
    Wild arm tattoo : owned
    Shining feather scarf : 500 kc
    Pendulum of memories : owned
    Guardian gladiator earrings (chung): owned

    Total KC used :2300 Kc

    IGN : Falero
    Server : INT

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    Bethma Guard
    Aug 2011

    Art of my character drawn by Starrien:

    Weapon: Aisha's ELS beach wear 2.0 Sweet Parfait - (Owned)
    Hair: Aisha's Long hair with Short Bangs (Sky blue) - (Owned)
    Top: Aisha's ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White) - (Owned)
    Bottom: Aisha's Elrios Noir Bottom Piece (White) - 600 K-ching
    Glove: Aisha's Nurse Gloves (Blue) - (Owned)
    Shoes: [Cobo] Aisha's ELS Gothic Loli Shoes (blue) - (Owned)

    Costume Accessory (Support Unit): Angel Boy - (Owned)
    Costume Face Accessory (Top): Add's Advanced Nasod Headphones [Normal] - (Owned)
    Costume Face Accessory (Bottom): Blush (Shy) - (Owned)
    Costume Accessory (Top Piece): Shining Feather Scarf - (Owned)
    Costume Accessory (Bottom Piece): Dream Step - Water Bubble - (Owned)
    Costume Accessory (Arm): Anicent Demon's Bracelet - (Owned)
    Accessory (Necklace): Mana Concentration Necklace - (Owned)
    Accessory (Earring): Sapphire Earring - (Owned)
    Accessory (Ring): The Ring of Bravery (II) - (Owned)
    Accessory (Ring): Swift Ring of Restraint - (Owned)

    Costume Accessory Weapon: None
    Custom Motion: Frozen Tree - White : Aisha's [Normal] - (Owned)
    Custom Face: Aisha's Chic Eyes - (Owned)

    KC Used: 600 K-ching
    IGN: Disolia
    Server: NA

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2011
    United States, NY
    Rena's Gloomy Night Bow [850 k-ching]
    Rena's ELS Beach Wear 2.0 Hair (A) [Owned]
    Rena's Frost Pixie Top Sky Blue [600 K-ching]
    Salvatore Ebalon Bottom Piece [Owned]
    Salvatore Ebalon Gloves [Owned]
    Rena's Frost Pixie Shoes Sky Blue [280 K-ching]
    Sapphire Circlet [500 K-ching]
    Christmas Carol Speaker [Owned]
    El Lord Exodus (vitality) [owned]
    Friendship Wings [Owned]
    Dream Step Snow Flower [Owned]
    Chic Eyes Customization [Owned]

    Total K-ching Used: 2,230 Kching

    Server: NA
    IGN: Valkyeria

    Everything in the IM is so pretty + u +

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    Bethma Guard
    Aug 2012

    Entering Lu.
    Items Used:
    Lu's Promotional Costume Claw Ver.2 -own
    Lu's Royal Butterfly Hair -600kc
    Lu's ELS Spring Rain Top piece (White) -600kc
    Lu's Holy Priest Bottom Piece -600kc
    Lu's Winter Salvation Gloves (White) -own
    Lu's ELS Spring Rain Shoes (White) -280kc
    Lu's Crown (Exclusive to Lu) - own
    Guardian Gladiator Earring (Lu) -own

    Total of unowned items: 2,080 kc

    IGN: DashJump
    Server: NA

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2014
    Toot Toot

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012

    Items used:
    Thanatos - Death Instinct Hair (Elesis) - own
    Elesis's ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White) - own
    Hamel Arctic Officer Uniform Bottom Piece (Elesis) - own
    Elesis's Elrios Pink Schoolwear Gemstone Bracelet (Pink) - own
    Elesis's Sailor Shoes (Blue) - own
    Shining Feather Claymore (Elesis) - 850kc

    Frost Pixie Snowing Mini - White - own
    Frost Pixie Crown - White - own
    Royal Maid Black Headdress (Elesis) - own
    Frost Pixie's Warm Breath - own
    Sapphire Wing - 500kc
    Dream Command - Sky Flower - own
    Elesis's El Lord Blue Earrings - 500kc

    Total KC cost: 1850kc

    IGN: HeroicReiku
    Server: NA

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    Elysion Navigator
    May 2011
    reserved ~~