1. #21
    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2017
    Dream-Drop Distance
    If only this contest was open 3 days ago, easy peasy snow :c
    Welp, goodluck everyone.

  2. #22
    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2015
    Somewhere in my imagination
    This looks like fun! I'll try doing this when I find the time! >.<

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2016
    When you live in Canada >

  4. #24
    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2016
    oww haha bad thing is that our country is tropical haha. well i'll be using alternatives
    i'll reserve a slot here

  5. #25
    Velder Noble
    May 2011
    Up your butt
    Tfw global warming or whatever is keeping the snow away up north. Ahhhh I gotta build snowman

  6. #26
    Feita Knight
    Mar 2016
    In Hell
    wow I have this old science kit and there was this white bag, poured it with water, and made fake snow.. using this

  7. #27
    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2015
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    This looks fun. I think I have some cotton balls left

  8. #28
    Master Chef
    Oct 2016
    Where do you want me live
    I will try to post them during the time. I keep ruining my snowman right now TTuTT My hand didnt move according to my brain.

  9. #29
    No Longer Human
    Dec 2012
    New York
    Good luck guys~

    Honestly I'm pretty chill (no pun intended) about snow replacements. I know it's hard for some people to have access to real snow and those who make a snowman out of actual snow won't be given bonus points or anything like that. I encourage everyone to get creative and to have fun with the contest c:

  10. #30
    Feita Knight
    Mar 2016
    In Hell
    What would happen if one person submitted an entry and no one else did
    I kinda finished mine but idk