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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2017
    I should reserve a spot here, might put my Chung in.

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    Infinity Sword
    Dec 2013
    Not here
    IGN: Rennoke

    "It would be a honor to participate the pageant as an idol from the heavens!"

    I really adore how Chung looks in warm colors, especially in orange. To make it pop out, black is there to contrast it and few cute decorations for cute glamour! My goal is to prove that he can look good in warm color schemes too!

    Item List:

    • Chung's Spring Lolita Hair (A)
    • Chung's Idol Band Top Piece (Orange)
    • Chung's Doctor Bottom Piece (Orange)
    • Chung's Battle Warrior Gloves (A)
    • Chung's Doctor Shoes (Orange)
    • King's Principle Knight Cannon
    • Seraphim Ring- Holy
    • Elsword's Anniversary Party Wings
    • Star Angel Sticker
    • Chung's Cat Eyes

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2013

    this is my chung tried to go for the whole casual school boy studying for a big test look. Cause i like a casual look n school is on for many people.
    items are
    Chung els casual top piece
    Chung classic butler hair(black)
    Chung elrios schoolwear gym pants(black)
    Chung els beach wear 2.0 gloves
    Chung els beach wear 2.0 shoes
    Chung els office wear canon ( normal)

    Edit: forgot my ign which is SmallVulf

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    Elder Citizen
    Oct 2012
    I should reserve a spot here, might put my Chung in.
    That's my friend's Artwork you're using as an Avi '^'

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    EO Hat Trap
    Mar 2011
    I see some great Cuties!

    Keep them coming ;]

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    Bethma Guard
    Nov 2011
    IGN: Hex

    Chung doesn't have to look cute. Nor does he have to look innocent and pure. Let me show you all the menacing side of Chung!

    Item List:
    Ignition Caligo Hair
    El Search Party Officer's Top Piece
    Chung's Elrios Noir Bottom Piece (Blue)
    Raging Heroic: Wrath Gloves
    Royal Servant - Dark Lord Shoes
    Archdevil Cannon

    Black Angel's Wing Weapon Guard (Chung)
    Spooky Corrupted Spirit Fire
    Ignition Caligo Horn
    Leaping Kenta's Petit Pattern
    Dark Stained Wings (Top Piece)
    Penetrating Enhanced Ancient Noble Guardian Wings
    Wings of the Black Storm
    Mysterious Ring of Fury
    Chung's Red Eyes
    Burning IV Attributed Cannon

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    EO Hat Trap
    Mar 2011
    7 More days!

    Don't forget to sign up!

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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2017
    IDK OMG I AM FREAKING OUT WHERE DO I LLIVE? Australia The hot alnd
    Reserve - will put my Chung in tonight

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2014
    Not in her heart thats for sure
    IGN: WolferSoul


    I want to be in the pageant to show that shy and nerdy guys can be cute too!

    Item List:

    [Cobo] Chung´s Lucky Honor Student´s Pencil Cannon
    Velder Imperial Guard Hair (Chung)
    Chung´s Trump Bunny Waiter Top Piece (B)
    Sailor Boy Scout Bottom Piece (Pink)
    Chung´s Trump Bunny Waiter Gloves (B)
    Sailor Boy Scout Bottom Shoes (Pink)
    Preppy Style Glasses

    Good luck every one who is participating

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2014
    New York

    " There is no competition in terms of prettiness with my Chung, even compared to the female characters"

    Item List

    Perkisas - Guise of Greed Hair (Chung)
    Chung Shy Beach Boy Look Top Piece (Yellow)
    Chung's Navy Marine Bottom Piece
    Chung's GFRIEND 'Rough' (Navy) Gloves
    Chung's Flower's Maylily Shoes (ver.Tale)

    Orichalcum Weight Control
    Zodiac -Pisces
    Aloha Flower Coronet
    Hamel Navy Officer Uniform Cape (Chung)
    Chung's Spring Lolita Mask
    Fluffy Cat Paws (Turkish)