thread: CEm Questions

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2011
    Making a CN in Nasod Foundry

    CEm Questions

    Just completed my holy trinity of Eves with my new CEm
    I tried to PvP at lv 52 w/ my sparring set

    Winning isn't that hard, but I feel like I'm not using the class correctly
    Basically, I'm pretty much playing as a base Eve doing base Eve things
    >>^z to catch, zzz>>^z to combo, etc.
    The only skills I really use are Tesla Shock, Photon Flash, MEB, Assault Spear, Oberon Guard, and maybe Spitfire even though I have a B slot
    I typically don't use the summons unless the opponent is at low HP

    Am I using CEm wrong?
    There must be something I'm missing, right?
    Someone, please enlighten me

    Elaborated Analysis of CEm in PvP:
    Can't help but feel like CEm is just base Eve 2.0
    No disrespect to the queen, but CEm seems a bit lackluster compared to her sisters
    Scout, Oberon, and Ophelia feel super gimicky w/ their brain dead AI
    They feed the opponent free resources from grazes and have abysmal damage overall
    Outside the utility from their initial summoning, they seem kind of useless (well to be fair, Oberon was canonically useless to begin with)
    True, there are passives that buff them and increase passive mp regen, but I don't think that makes up for the original cost regardless

    Normals are a decent quality of life improvement over base Eve, but they don't really help much
    No real catching tools, and the new extensions don't offer improved efficiency over Eve's basic combo
    Haven't fully experimented with CEm's combo capability, so I might have to test this further before rendering a final conclusion

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    Sander Chieftain
    Sep 2015
    At Nemmy's feet
    If this was PvE, I'd say you're doing your summons' job, but seeing how this was specifically posted in the PvP section I can't find anything wrong in your approach tbh.

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    Altera Savior
    Dec 2011
    have u considered capping and running full +11/12 gear

    i hear that makes cem lots of phoen

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    Sander Chieftain
    Jan 2012
    Eve's luxury closet
    I can confirm summon is quite bad in arena now because they dead easier than before

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    CEM PvP is just suffering. I'm no pro at all and I use non-summon build. You should consider powerful fayner because god blessed that skill. >>^zx is a cool combo to loop. Honestly, just don't play CEM in arena w/o +9389 weapon

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    Bethma Guard
    Jun 2014
    space wrench does a lot of damage despite being feedy, especially enhanced w/ heavy trait

    bringing 1 summon isnt bad

    summon to mind works with oberon guard

    if you do bring a summon, bring sentry for strong summon damage, kd reduce, basic attack w/ hitstun, and good projectile. just watch out vs RS lol

    xxz is really strong but gives lots of mp and almost immediately knocks the enemy down but if you do like xxz->sentry->xxz->tesla its decent

    powerful fayner is great as it has sueprarmor, low cd and decent fan shaped aoe. with core it makes for easy catches

    oberon guard is better than you think so i would spam it as a counter as it is a great defensive tool

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2011
    Making a CN in Nasod Foundry
    Thanks for all the responses, I have a lot to think about now

    Space wrench seems like CEm's version of an Iron Scraps
    It's only good as a finisher, and offers the opponent an opportunity for a reversal if it fails

    So are the summon rankings Scout > Oberon > Ophelia?
    I'm currently using Oberon, but I'll switch to scout if it's better
    Both have KD reduction, but idk which is better

    I'm a little unsure about Fayner's range
    So it's a fan shape?
    I guess I'll test it later

    I don't like xxz, the dmg:hit ratio is very bad
    Also, the knockback is a little too much as well

    I do have end game gear on my CN, but I can't use it yet on my lv 54 CEm
    Puppykicking w/ that gear will be rly mean and fun

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    Bethma Guard
    Jun 2014
    space wrench is kind of a little better than scraps imo. i don't know if it's people not really expecting it vs everyone seeing scraps and immediately breaking, but wrench also has the benefit of lower hit count at a lower rate so it takes slightly longer to break it compared to scraps. it also has a huuuuuuuuuuge range w/o gigantic trait and doesn't have any damage decay over time. especially with the enhanced version having front loaded damage, wrench can end a game a lot faster than you might think.

    honestly oberon is such a bad summon i feel bad for him. scout does more damage when summoned compared to oberon and lowers KD by more, and even has lower mp cost. scout has an attack that causes hitstun (not the initial summoning) that can allow for reversals. oberon only has a pass-through attack that doesnt cause hitstun and can work against you occasionally. sentry also does damage when it dies, like the throe of a star going supernova in tribute to eve while oberon just poses and vanishes. how rude. only downside to sentry is its projectiles can be reflected. there might be some i'm forgetting but I don't think so?

    yes, kind of a fan shape from eves hand. pretty narrow but the CD is so low and the mp cost isn't awful either. it's kind of similar to taser pilum w/ the blue field up but the field starts at eves hand, and the frames you get from powerful are longer than taser pilums casting animation.

    its actually pretty good for catching or throwing around, since you can move before the animation is done you can turn backwards and the slashes will follow you so it's nice to catch people from surprise if they try to attack your back side (like add that jumps around a lot). it's also good for ground confirms on enemies in the air who try to mash skill buttons when they land, as the electron balls AND oberon slashes are so many hits even very laggy enemies wont be able to button mash through it. being able to move before the attack ends is nice too because you can catch up with the enemy as they get knocked back....but i do agree w/ everythg youre saying too

    also you probably know already since i think its mentioned in the skill description but the ultimate CEm finisher is electronic thunder, it has good frontal aoe, has inherent evil AND ruthless trait in it, and does a lot of damage