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    Apr 2011
    New York

    MOD Livestream Casting Call: A Valentines Date with the GMs

    Calling all players! Have you ever hoped to be featured on a Livestream answering questions from the GMs in the hopes that you can sway them with your charm and intellect? Yes? Well then we need YOU! We are looking for a handful of players to participate in this week's Livestream with GM Moshup and Srirachalada answering some fun questions for a chance to win prizes!

    How to Enter:

    - Post in this thread with: A letter to either GM Srirachalada or GM Moshup detailing on what you would do if you were to take them out on a date in Elrios, describe the day and be sure to sway their hearts!
    - All letters must remain consistent with forum rules.
    - Limit one entry (letter) per person.
    - Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your entry
    - 200 Words Minimum
    - 800 Words Maximum
    - 8 players from NA will then be asked to join GM Moshup and Srirachalada on Friday's Livestream as contestants to answer some fun questions in order to charm the GM in picking them as the final winner.
    - Letters must be signed with the below
    • Your IGN
    • NA or INT server

    For our NA players, all contestants selected to participate MUST be able to be in the game for the Livestream.
    For our INT Players, although you won't be able to make it onto the Livestream, the GMs will select their favorite entry and read that entry on Friday's Livestream. You will also receive the same K-Ching prize as the contestants.

    Once you enter, be sure to show up to the Livesteam at 5PM PST / 8PM EST Friday, February 10th, at https://www.twitch.tv/elsword

    K-Ching for all Contestants who make it onto the Livestream
    Final Winners will receive receive a special prize (to be announced tomorrow, stay tuned!!)

    Deadline to Enter - 2/9/2017 at 6PM PST / 9PM EST
    Contestants will be announce after the deadline and then will be contacted for information on how to participate in the Livestream. Good luck!
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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2016
    To the lovely Srirachalada,

    A day in Elrios, for just the two of us? Sounds like the goddess smiles down upon me! I hope you like sporadic people, because I'd have no plans at all! But if I had to describe one of the possibilities, it'd be like this:

    The mouth watering scent of poptarts would fill the room, more than a dozen or so of the petite pastries would be stacked high on each plate! The scent of your favorite flower would be everywhere, and there'd be a bouquet on the table waiting for you.

    After breakfast, I'd probably take you to see the El Tree or something like that, or take a Cobo Tour™ of Wally's Castle after he runs off. There'd be so much to see in there. Giant fluffy beds, exquisite antiques, not to mention the lovely tour guides we could pester!

    For lunch we'd stop by Echo, or head on over to Chacha Bunch. They do make food items, and some of them do look quite tasty, not to mention you'd get a real feel of adventure from the same items the El Gang use!

    Next it'd be all about you! We'd do whatever you wanted to do! Shopping, window shopping, exploring, pestering people... you name it an we'd do it! Eventually of get hungry, though, she's we'd have to stop for some fluffy pastries in Elder. I'll pay though, promise!

    Finally, we'd spend the rest of the evening in euphoric relaxation at the hot springs. We'd watch all the silly players try and get buffs while we just sit and relax, cracking jokes and playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Maybe we'd even splash around, trying to splash eachother and causing such a commotion we'd be sent out, but laughing our tails off!

    The evening would end (I'm already heartbroken just thinking about it!) with long goodbyes, and probably me giving you a super long and awkward hug! I'd thank you for the lovely day, and hope you enjoyed it too! Maybe we should do it again sometime? Eventually, the pleasant dream comes to an end, as the RNGoddess has not smiled down upon me. My reverie is broken by your laughter (and maybe a chip too) as you and Moshup crack jokes and mess with the eight winning contestants. My heart aches... And before too long... I close the tab, while you were mid-sentence... Woe is me!

    Dramatic Pose

    All the best!
    Of the NA server

    I hope I did it right...

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    EO Hat Trap
    Mar 2011
    about 8 more hours to enter ^^;

    Get your entries in for this special stream!

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2016
    Dear GM Moshup,

    A day with you in Elrios would be filled with joy and laughter, as I would show you around the beautiful town of Elder. Looking around the busy area poking out the rare items on merchants tables, we'd soon be yelled at for not buying anything and laugh as if a joke was said. Alone the way, we'd try to find a shop that sold your signature drink, Monster, as well as mine, and enjoy the view of the fountain near Ariel.

    Soon after, I'd lead you to the relaxing hot springs of Spirit Falls and enjoy ourselves asking one another about our likes and dislikes. When we are finished relaxing I'd drag you unknowingly to a Arcade were we could challenge each other in games betting on who would buy tonight's dinner. As we both laugh and pretend to show signs of rage, Id take you hands in mine and tell you how much of a great time I'm having spending the day with you.

    Later on in the day, after exhausting our competitive egos, we head for the greatly reviewed restaurant in the inner part of the village of elder walking hand in hand, as we look in awe at the alluring golden color of the sun staining the blue sky with oranges, reds, and pinks. When we finally arrive at the restaurant, we are seated by a waiter and brought our food after ordering. Over the course of the meal taking place, I'd ask questions about the day we spent together, and how fun its was to see you struggle trying to win against me in Galaga. You'd laugh and try to defend yourself, saying it was Rigged.

    Finally, after eating our meal and paying the waiter, we walk home under the glow of the moon light and continue our conversation on our remembrance of the events. after seeing me home, I'd give you a kiss on the cheek thanking you for the lovely time we had and send you on your way with a present or chocolates and green roses.

    = - ^ 3 ^ - =

    Server: NA

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    Messenger of Love
    Oct 2013
    Dear GM Srirachalada

    Taking you out on Valentine, where do I start?
    Never did it before, I heard dating is an art.
    Does it begins in the morning, when we depart?
    Or my sleepless night before the date?... this is hard...

    I will wait for you, wearing my best.
    On Ruben's bridge, where the sceneries are fresh.
    In the morning, when birds have not even left their nest.
    Sleep deprived, but excited, my heart won't rest.

    We begins by riding through the forest, enjoying the fresh air.
    Flowers along our path are pretty, but you are even more fair.
    ...It's a bad line, I'm sorry, don't glare.
    Let us enjoy our moments, without care.

    Next stop for lunch, is Wally's Castle.
    It was not something my wallet can easily handle.
    But I saved up, because today is special.
    Today you're my queen, shall we dine like royals?

    In the afternoon, Sunken Resiam is our destination.
    Going under water, watching aquatic life in fascination.
    Surrounded by an ephemeral blue world.
    Open your arms, relax, there is no need for words.

    Evening comes, we board the Cargo Airship.
    Watching the sunset as the sky turns orange deep.
    This view here is also a gift.
    A special memory, for you to keep.

    Time went by too fast, we're now in Dicey Sky Road.
    Nearby is Bethma Lake and our private boat.
    I prepared a homemade dinner, something I can boast.
    Watching the stars, we make today's last toast.

    Even though all good things must come to an end.
    By then, we have already become good friends.
    Valentine day, from me to you, many wishes sent.
    I hope you will enjoy it, as much as you can.

    IGN: Edenfell
    Server: NA

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    Elder Citizen
    Oct 2014
    The Abyss
    Dear GM Moshup,

    How would you like to spend the day in Elrios together? There are many famous towns and cities we can visit, and I think spending just one day with you is too restricting in order to fully show you the world! However, here is how I believe our ideal date would go.

    To start things off, I'd take you to Velder where we can have lunch with some of Elrios' protectors, the famous Red Knights. They can tell us all their different stories about the fights they've been in while we each lunch together, and then after we can spar against them if you’re up for it. We'd spar after our food as settled, though. Don't worry, we'll team up as 2v2 partners and overcome our opponents with our strength combined! After we've decided that we had enough matches for the day, we can heal each other with the power of Extreme Heavenly Love.

    After we're done touring Velder, we'll head on over to Sander. Just in case there's any sandstorms, I'll get some protective gear for the both of us. Sander is home to many interesting species, such as Trocks and Harpies, and I thought it would be interesting to go sightseeing with the assistance of the Caluso Tribe.

    Later on towards the evening, I'll take you on a fancy ship to visit Hamel, home of the Seiker royal family. From there, we'd head to Hamel's capital, which has one of Elrios' most luxurious restaurants best known for their five course meals. Although it is expensive, it would be worth it--the seafood there is the best in the region, and you deserve to try it out yourself.

    Once the sun has set, we'll then head over to Bethma Village to finish up our date. Even though Bethma seems boring since it’s located in the middle of a vast canyon, I can assure you it's actually quite beautiful at night. Since it's away from a lot of towns and cities, the skies at night are absolutely stunning. We'll end our date after we finish stargazing together--and hopefully we can spend another date in the future visiting more towns.

    NA Server

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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2017
    New york
    Dear my hopefully soon to be waifu GM Srirachalada

    I would take you out on the most beautiful day of the year as if the day isn't at its most beautiful then the day isn't for you. The sun will be at its brightest, shining Elrios. I will be wearing a outfit which I sold all my items and ED for. But don't feel bad, as there is no price I shall not pay for my dear hopefully soon to be waifu Gm Srirachalada. Our day would begin at 9 and we shall meet at Elder.

    Upon your arrival at Elder Village I'll be stunned on how breathtaking you look, nonetheless
    I'll get a hold of myself and greet you putting my left arm behind my back , kneeling foward and kissing your hand, my dear hopefully soon to be waifu GM Srirachalada.

    After I kiss your hand I fall front on my face I guess I'm still nervous, you'll help me up and I explain the plans. I shall have a Rickshaw Phoru waiting for us at 9:30 to take us on a wondrous sight seeing view around Hamel Capital later, as a princess deserves nothing less. Till then we walk side by side exploring Elder and its people complimenting one another endlessly eventually we walk pass Luichel and I buy a necklace of vitality, even though its cheap you wear it anyways. After its time for sight seeing. When we enter the Rickshaw, inside would be filled with the most luxurious seating , beverages and most elegant breakfast that consist of item meals i stole from our local villagers, but don't let this discourage you as the word "thief" holds no meaning if whats stolen is for you, my dear hopefully soon to be waifu GM Srirachalada. As we sight see the beautiful capital we talk hours on end exploring Hamel.

    Next, we go to Adam where we will take pictures together, . He'll take photos of us, all sorts
    of photos, funny faces, happy, mad, pretending we were gonna kiss, all sorts! It will be great. We look like kids who are in-love. When we look at the pictures together we giggle. When done taking the pictures I trade Adam a check that said "IOU". We will dash out of there as quickly as possible before he notices, me holding your left hand we start to run away, you behind me and me looking behind us, hands locked smiling at each other.

    Finally, we will have a picnic where our dinner will be, Ive set it under Feita Village . It took me hours to find the best spot given how big that Elrios is and I'm already lost without you.. When I was looking for the spot I got confronted by bandits but they decided not to attack me once I told them I'm preparing for a date with a fallen angel, my hopefully soon to be waifu Gm Srirachalada. As we begin to enter the picnic we talk about ourselves, our ideal family. I'll get lost in your words, I would think that I'd never heard each word come out of a persons pixel-mouth that all hold such in-depth meaning in each and every word. It will feel like all your words would be a script in a movie. As we walk near our location, all I be thinking about is that smile, so beautiful one can only relate it to a +12, as with +12 is as mystical as ever, it holds power, your smile is powerful my dear hopefully soon to be waifu GM Srirachalada.

    When we finally arrive at the picnic you may be shocked of the snuggling seals, don't be. They will be what we lean on for the picnic, as we begin to enjoy the food ive set up we laugh, talk and explore our surroundings, abandoning the seals we no longer lean on them. Instead we will lean on each other, head by head, gazing at the night sky thats above us and we stare , silently gazing, my hand over yours, fingers in between one another. We will even get up and dance romantically to the sound of the crickets . Ball room dancing. Dancing to the nothingness.

    The day will come to an end as we walk back to Hamel, your hand on the necklace
    I purchased for you back at Elder. Once we're there I do as I did when I first greeted you that fine morning, putting my left arm behind my back , kneeling foward and kissing your hand. This time not falling. As confident as ever I then stand up straight,

    I look as I see you walk off, I smile and would say
    My Dear Hopefully Soon To Be Waifu GM Srirachalada

    From yours truly

    so close to passing the word limit wish max was longer
    : Formatting and re-wording's.

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    Elder Citizen
    Jul 2014
    Dearest GM Moshup,

    I've heard the woes of the melancholy on this solemn day..
    Empty promises to take you away..
    But as my heart continues to beat
    I'll be sure to show you the most wondrous treat.

    Shall I take you to Bethma? Elder? No these places are crude at best.
    I have to be sure to pass your heart's test.
    We shall spend our day in an enchanted land.
    One known by the Gods to never be bland.
    Elysion is our destination
    Foretold by the gods and their own divination...

    To Ensure that the day goes well
    I've enlisted help from the lady of El
    Surely Solace wouldn't mind a double date
    If only his girlfriend was awake.

    To begin we will have dinner with the sun
    No, He won't burn you so please don't Run.
    Maya will be our waitress for the evening, and provide us with food.
    Though I apologize in advance- She can be quite rude.
    If you're not satisfied, please don't leave
    We can change it up, Ride Atlas, and enjoy the breeze.

    It feels like the day has just begun-
    Yet I already see the setting sun.
    I turn to you, restlessness in my gaze
    My hand reaching towards yours in order to break this daze.
    We watch the sun upon Atlas' wings-
    Listening to the sky whales as they begin to sing
    My hand never reaches yours, a sad reality you see..
    For you are a Game master, And I a player to be.

    I smile never-the-less, Today was fun.
    Memories I'll carry despite the day being done.
    Atlas descends, our day coming to an end.
    The feeling of love fluttering across the wind.
    Dekal awaits, his hand on his hip
    He ushers us off with a "Tsk Tsk"

    I watch with dismay as he sends you away

    whispering one last thing, I say

    Happy Valentine's Day.....

    IGN: Verilleu
    Server: NA

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015
    Dear GM Srirachalada

    This is a once in a lifetime chance to be with the beautiful, fair Lady. yes i may also be a women, but a Girl can dream.
    On our date i would take you to a picnic at the tree of El, where i have come dressed properly and brought the necessary ingredient
    for the perfect morning and perfect day, i would have filled the basket with goodies and a necklace for you as we feast on sandwhiches and get you ready for our next destination
    next i'll take us past the forest on my mount i have specifically picked to get by, passing by beautiful sights to then dine in Elder where will will eat expensive food of your choosing because money is no problem,
    After our dine we will take the the Cargo ship to Hamel and take you shopping to make make you more beautiful than you already were and
    shower you in treasures of jewelry,
    After a long day you must be tired so i will carry you to the Hot springs in lanox, to take a bath and relax in the soothing waters that i have reserved as we drink delicious wine and have a grand time to our selves,
    in the end when it hits nightfall, i'll take us back to your place and give you the final gift, a love poem in hopes to have won your heart from the rest,
    i wish you the best my Divine Goddess
    Happy Valentines day

    Server: NA
    IGN: LordElise

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2017
    The first time we've met,
    But I've been wanting to meet you.
    You're like a shining light,
    Like a flower blooming anew.

    I'd bake you a treat
    Sugary and sweet.
    That would give you a smile
    A kind one to meet.

    Your eyes would be wise to the ways of the world
    I'd take you to where everyones journy begins.
    To the tree of El
    Where the trees ring with life.
    Along with your beauty,
    It's a wonderful sight.

    Then to the town.
    Where the merchants sing
    Telling tales,
    selling things.
    You find an item that makes your eyes shine.
    I would make it yours.
    So you could always be as happy
    And everyone else could be blessed by that smile I saw.

    From there we could talk and wander throughout the lands
    From the land of snow,
    To the land of sand.
    Together we'll laugh and play
    To the end of the day

    While the sun is being set,
    We'll sit in the heavens
    And watch as the skies fall
    From above the Earth.
    Together we'll stay
    By our last homely hearth.

    IGN: Pekri
    Server: NA