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    Aug 2016
    Thank you! I would like also a title please!

    Did not expect the entry won. My valentine has been reached by GM_Moshup. xD
    : typo..

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    Dec 2016
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    The wait is over!
    Here are everyone's picks!

    GM_Srirachalada's Picks
    Am happy

    Yes i would like the title. (Also i have not received my KC yet, does it come after awhile or what? just curious sorry x.x)

    P.S - sorry for the late reply

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    Apr 2011
    Peper0Chan's Picks

    Please PM me or Post here if you would like the Forum title!
    Thank you for this contest.
    I'm sorry if I feel a bit nosy for this.
    I sent a PM about this, but I am interested of the Forum title.