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    Oct 2016

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    Apr 2016
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    IGN: ScaRleTEden
    Server: INT

    Dedicated to: GM_Pie

    I hope you enjoy my valentine poem! I also made it as a song, though I don't have any background music and just my voice.(Not really good at singing don't mind my voice >3<, but I hope it will suffice >w< sho shy right now~)

    Video & Lyrics:

    Lyrics [poem]:
    You look so cold, as your eyes pierce through me
    It sends me shivering, and my heart beats so fast
    Please stop bounding me
    Because I don't know how long I will last

    This feeling can't be stopped anymore
    For it keeps screaming for more
    Will you be my valentine?

    Can't you see that I want you to be mine?
    Mine, Mine~
    Will you be my knight-in-shining-armor?
    For it will be gladly my honor

    I will raise your flag and tell the world how great you are
    I will stand by your side, if everything keeps falling apart
    Can you see that I have fallen for you?
    Can't you see that my heart belongs to you?

    This feeling is so overwhelming
    That I feel like exploding
    This feeling for you is enough for me
    Please notice me, please notice me

    For once more...
    Will you be my valentine?

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    Feb 2014

    Will you be my Valentine AiWish?
    IGN: Vaccinate
    Server: NA

    hope I'm doing this right, I'll wake up and find out I guess

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    Mar 2011
    Alrighty! Did minor spelling mistake fixes, added the gender of each person and added 44Magunumto the list!

    Tks, btw can we create a character for GMs and Mods?
    Yes you can!
    Like it says in the rules, you may use any method!

    Base Rena Guide|Report Button Guide By NSG|Discord: Shirayuki #1456|GFX Credits Here testing number of characters

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    Will you be my Valentine AiWish?
    Kyaaaaaaaa >////<

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    Dec 2016
    Permanently AFKing in Altera (best town)

    Will you be my Valentine Srirachalada? <3

    took my time doing this quick doodle thingy thing, just for you! <3

    forgive me for it not being so great, i am currently sick, plus my mother is leaving to Romania today for a few days, so i have many chores to do lol.

    P.S.S - This is the first time i've ever done a comic.

    If writing is bad or unclear i'll write my ign here so u can copy-pasta:

    IGN: DemonInfused
    Server: NA

    I hope you enjoy it GM_Srirachalada! <3

    (I hope i'm spicy enough for you. <3)

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    Cobo Service
    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~
    Roses is delicate just like you.
    You are lovely when you bloom.
    The atmosphere turns into paradise.
    Celebration turns into melody.
    You are pure like a dove.
    Just like a holy angel.
    Those wings can be free out in the air.
    These moments are now dreams.
    You'll be remember in these memories forever.

    VTKajin, Will you be my Valentine?
    IGN: RLM2
    Server: NA

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    Sep 2011
    A flower so beautiful just like the sky.
    Shining so bright just like the moonlight.
    The dance move as the melody flows.
    We are moving through time and space.
    Continuous tunes throughout the night until dawn breaks.
    These cherished moments are vivid memories.
    Our visions are now fairy tales.
    These journeys are now legends.
    As we live on forever.

    Peper0chan, Will you be my Valentine?
    IGN: AzureWish
    Server: NA

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    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.
    I might as well reserve too~
    I already have an idea in mind... I just hope I can do it :c

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    May 2015
    tfw u have bf