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    MOD Style Spotlight - February 2017

    Hey Elpeeps,

    Love in in the air this month and why not reflect that in your outfit? For this month's Style Spotlight the theme is couples. You must pair up with another person (doesn't matter if they're your friend or significant other) and submit one entry showing off your matching styles. That doesn't mean that both chars must be wearing the same outfit! We're looking for outfits that are inspired by each other. Check out the sample entry for some inspiration!

    - ONE entry per couple (put all of the information and screenshots on the same post)
    - Pair up with a partner and submit two outfits that fit the Couples theme using pieces you own and (optional) up to 2500kc worth of items from the item mall (excludes ice burner previews)
    - Post up to 3 screenshots per character in this thread. You must include a front and a back screenshot for each person's outfit. Screenshots from the item mall are okay as long as all of the costume slots are visible.
    - Post a list of all the items included in the outfit. Clearly indicate the items you do not own, and the cost (for full-priced perm versions). Rings and Magic Necklaces do not have to be included in the list.
    - Include the IGNs, Servers, and the total cost of unowned item mall pieces for both members in the entry
    - You cannot enter an outfit that has already won or placed in a previous fashion-related contest (LotM or any other official forum contest), or an outfit that was designed for you as another contest's reward (such as the Extreme Makeover contests).
    - Event/Promo costumes, accessories, and timed items are allowed.
    - Contestants are limited to only one entry, no entering multiple characters from a single user (if entering as Luciel please enter as either Lu or Ciel not both).
    - You can not enter two of your own characters for the "couples" contest, we will check and you will be disqualified if you're caught doing so.
    - If you're going to edit your screenshot in any way, please link a raw version of your screenshot. Cropped screenshots are not considered "edits."
    - Costume suits that cover the whole body or outfits made of 4 or more pieces from the same set (per character) are not allowed. This is a contest about creativity, you won't win if you're entering with a costume that's already been made for you.
    - Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your entry.

    Entries will be judged on color, creativity and how well they match the theme.

    Contest Deadline: 02/28 11:59 PST

    First: 2k per player in entry
    Second: 1.5k per player in entry
    Runner Ups: 1k per player in entry

    *amount of winners determined by participation rate

    Sample Entry:

    IGN: Ebalain
    Server: NA

    Items Used:
    El Lord Crown (Red) - own
    Strong Warrior's Battle Tattoo - own
    Blush - own
    El Lord Seal (Fallen) - own
    Ain's Bad Guys Hair (Blue): 600 KC
    Reindeer Top Piece (Grey): 600 KC
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Bottom Piece (White) 600 KC
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Shoes (Red): 280 KC

    Total KC Cost: 2080KC

    IGN: Finarie
    Server: NA

    Items Used:
    Eve's Arctic Travel Drone - Chocolate : 850kc
    Eve's Steam Fever Gold Headgear - 600kc
    Cozy Cashmere Coat - Red 600kc
    Eve's Summer Star Academy Bottom Piece - own
    El Search Party Officer Gloves Eve - own
    Eve's Halloween Design Contest 2016 shoes - own
    Ignia's Earrings - own
    X-Mas Blessing of the Holy Night - own

    Total KC cost: 1450kc



    First Place:

    Second Place

    Runner Up

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    Is male x male & female x female allowed?

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    Yes! No restrictions on the love

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    Yes! No restrictions on the love
    I feel so happy.


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    WIP post...

    Sweet AND Sour

    IGNemented Pie

    coming soon

    needs updating


    I need to testify this ting omg it worked : D

    Also is it ok if my friend doesn't have a forum account

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    Also is it ok if my friend doesn't have a forum account
    Yup, only one of you should be posting both entries (on the same post). Make sure both IGNs and Servers are included though!

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    ; )
    Please click the images for clearer, bigger, and better versions.

    IGN: Ever
    Server: NA

    Costume Pieces:
    Eve's BTS RUN Drone
    Salvatore Denif Hair (Eve)
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Top Piece (Eve)
    Hamel Artic Officer Uniform Bottom Piece (Eve)
    Eve's Majestic Butterfly Gloves [Normal]
    Dark Feather Shoes (Eve)

    Unidentified Nasod Prototype[Normal]
    Add's Advanced Nasod Headphones
    Mysterious El Lord Oracle
    Awakened Demon's Instinct
    Maya's Dicetium Belt
    Impact Flare - Command (Blue)
    Velder Kingdom Necklace (Victory , Destruction)
    Eltrion MK2 Legendary Ring of Flexibility (Wind)
    Strong Warrior's Ring

    Eve's Mysterious El Lord Chronicle
    High Class Eve (Pose)
    Eve's Chic Eyes

    Total Cost of Unowned items: 0 KC

    IGN: Scarlet
    Server: NA

    Costume Pieces:
    Rose's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Guns
    Snow Weasel Hair (Blue)
    Rose's Gloomy Night Top Piece A
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Bottom Piece (Rose)
    Rose's Summer Star Academy Gloves (Sky Blue)
    Rose's Frost Pixie Shoes (Sky Blue)

    Blue Butterfly Henna
    Ancient Demon's Mark
    Dream Step - Crescent
    Dream Command - Silver Dust
    Rose's El Lord Blue Earrings
    Magic Necklace
    Ring of Fury

    Rose's Model Pose

    Total Cost of Unowned items: 0 KC



    -gets beaten up-

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    Captain Ara
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    Yes! No restrictions on the love

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    Bethma Guard
    Aug 2011
    Reserved for the future.

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    Cobo Service
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    Viktuuri Couple Casual Outfits!
    Yuri!!!!!!! On Ice!

    My IGN: Viktuurii
    All for Ciel!
    Ciel's Royal Little Master Ver. B -owned
    Ciel's Elrios Noir Top Piece (White) -owned
    Ciel's Magician to Illusion (Original) Bottom Piece -owned
    Dark Feather Shoes (Ciel) -owned
    Ciel's ELS Casual Gunblade -850kching
    X-Mas' Blessing of the Holy Night -owned
    Lu/Ciel's Deep Blue Eyes -700kching
    Total Kching used: 1,550

    Friend's IGN: Yurrio
    All for Ain!
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Hair (Red) -600kching
    Ain ELS Casual Top Piece (A) -600kching
    Ain's Fantasy Star Academy Bottom Piece (Teal) -600kching
    Ain ELS Spring Rain Gloves (Red) -280kching
    Ain ELS Casual Shoes (A) -280kching
    Mezmorised Ain -owned
    Ain's Black Eye -owned
    Modern Glasses -owned
    Total Kching used: 2,360

    : Edit Land Says Flee Time!