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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2015
    Forgive me while I disappear to find out the perfect Elboy match for my Ain.
    Oh, and hopefully we can pull of something for the contest~

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    Bethma Guard
    Jul 2015
    Back 2 School~!



    Items Used:
    Archdevil Hair Ver.Dark (Lu) - Own
    Lu's 'X-MAS' Fairy of Holy Nights Top Piece - Own
    Lu's BTS 'Run' Bottom Piece - Own
    Lu's Lovely Loose Fit Pajama Bracelet (Cool Black) - Own
    Lu's Elrios Schoolwear Designer Heels (Brown) - Own
    Archdevil Claw (Lu) - Own
    Archdevil Wing (Lu) - Own
    Lu's Crown - Own
    Black Stylish Sunglasses - Own
    Bunny Girl Blush - Own
    Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe - Own

    IGN: VSteps
    Server: NA


    Salvatore Solace Bow (Rena) - own
    Archdevil Ver. Dark Hair (Rena) - own
    Rena's Summer Star Academy Top Piece (Sky Blue, Ver. SE) - own
    Rena's BTS 'RUN' Bottom Piece - own
    Rena's Trump Bunny Waitress Gloves (A) - own
    Rena's Elrios Schoolwear Designer Heels (Brown) - own
    Petite Crown (Black) - own
    Salvatore Solace - Shade of the Sun (Rena) - own
    Black Stylish Sunglasses - own
    Blush - own
    Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe - own
    Rena's El Lord Red Earrings - own

    IGN: LadySauce
    Server: NA

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    Altera Savior
    Jan 2013
    ミ☆ Partners in Crime ☆彡
    NA Server
    IGN: Laylina

    Items Used:
    Hamel Arctic Officer Hair
    Aisha's Police Uniform Top Piece (Grey)
    Aisha's Summer Star Academy Bottom Piece (Sky Blue)
    Aisha's ELS Office Wear Gloves
    Aisha's Steam Fever (Silver) Shoes
    Aisha's Mysterious Thief Breeze Weapon
    Tears of Fenriart
    Theodore's Cute Bird
    Hamel Arctic Officer Uniform Cape (Aisha)
    Purple Aviator Sunglasses
    Impact Flare - Aura (Blue)
    Berauk's Mustache
    Royal Maid - Silver Earring (Aisha)

    IGN: Deprogrammed

    Items Used:
    Velder Academy Knights - Black Noble Hair (Add)
    Add's Police Uniform Top Piece (Grey)
    Add's SWAT Bottom Piece
    Japan 2015 Creator Award Darkness Assassin Gloves
    Add's SWAT Shoes (Black)
    Add's Mysterious Thief Gale Weapon
    Tears of Fenriart
    Theodore's Cute Bird
    Hamel Arctic Officer Uniform Cape (Add)
    Black Aviator Glasses
    Impact Flare - Aura (Blue)
    Berauk's Mustache

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    Deadly Chaser
    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.

    Me and my sibling decided we'd enter our characters as a couple, with Ara as a beautiful young lady and Raven being a monstrous-looking prince.
    Two characters from a fairytale known as none other than "Beauty and The Beast"~
    ( Original, non-edited of the shots above are here. )

    IGN: Tiomi
    Server: NA


    Ara's Gloomy Night Spear - 850kc
    Ara's Hamel School of Wizardry Hair (Pure) - 600kc
    Ara's Pirate Top Piece (Blue)
    Ara's Noble Lady Bottom Piece (A)
    Ara's Star Summer Wear Gloves (Blue) - 280kc
    Ara's Sweet Waitress Shoes (Blue)
    Ara's Deep Blue Eyes - 350kc
    Ara's Model Pose - 350kc

    Total Cost: 2,430KC

    IGN: AkiraHioko
    Server: NA


    [Cobo] Raven's Dreamy Robe Blade (Dark)
    Raven's Werewolf Costume Hair
    Raven's Elegant Little Master Top Piece - 600kc
    Raven's ELS Office Wear Bottom Piece (A) - 600kc
    Gray Wolf Gloves (Blue) [280kc]
    [Cobo] Raven's ELS Gothic Loli Shoes (Black)

    Raven's Werewolf Costume Mask
    Gray Wolf Storm Tail (Gray) - 500kc

    Raven's Model Pose

    Total Cost: 1,980KC

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015
    In the dark cave that is my room

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015
    Ryota's treasure chest
    A ball for foxes~
    who needs a date to a ball dressed like us?
    IGN: JinsuiKanjou
    Server: NA

    IGN: Odilette

    JinsuiKanjou wearing:
    Henir-Lord of TIme and Space Hair(owned)
    Wing Star Spear (pink) (850Kc)
    Ara's Royal butterfly top piece(600Kc)
    Ara's Rococo Fasion bottom piece(600Kc)
    Ara's Fairy of the dark clouds gloves(owned)
    Ara's Steam Fever Silver shoes(owned)
    Miho's Fox Ears - Own.
    Ara's Red Eyes - Own.
    Total KC cost: 2,050KC
    Odilette wearing:
    Eve's Wing Star Drone (Pink) - 850KC
    Eve's Frost Pixie Hair - White - Own.
    Eve's Royal Butterfly Top Piece - 600KC
    Eve's Beautiful Little Lady Bottom Piece Ver. B - 600KC
    Eve's Winter Salvation Gloves (White) - Own.
    Eve's Halloween Design Costume Contest 2016 Winner Shoes - Own.

    Miho's Fox Ears - Own.(bought)

    Eve's Red Eyes - Own.
    High Class Eve - Own.

    Total KC cost: 2,050KC
    : side by side and some tidying

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1
    Music is our drug

    Friend/couple : Eve



    Eve's Elrios Noir hair(black): 600kc
    Eve's swat top piece (black) : 600kc
    Eve's shark hunter bottom piece (red) :600kc
    Ancient noble guardian gloves : Owned
    Ancient noble guardian shoes : owned
    Ignition drone : owned

    Add's advanced nasod headphones : owned
    White rock 'n' roll guitar : 500kc

    Black chic eyes : owned

    Total cost of unowned items : 2300 kc

    IGN : XGaleroX
    Server : INT

    Me : Chung



    Air geared hair(grey):500kc
    Chungs ELS casual top piece (Ver .b); 600kc
    Chungs bad guys bottom piece (red) : 600kc
    Heroic:wrath glove: owned
    Ancient noble guardian shoes : owned
    Chungs dragon priest cannon : Owned

    Add's advanced nasod headphones : owned
    White rock 'n' roll guitar : 500kc
    Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe : owned
    Spooky corrupted bracelet : owned

    Standby chung : owned

    Total cost of unowned items : 2200 kc

    IGN : galero
    Server : INT

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    Elder Citizen
    Oct 2014
    The Abyss

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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2016
    ✦ ✧
    moon and stars themed!

    IGN: choisaeran
    Server: NA
    or alternatively for me bee movie themed

    Thanatos - Death Instinct Hair (Rose)
    Velder Academy Knights - Black Noble Top Piece (Rose)
    Rose's Elrios Schoolwear Basic Skirt (Black)
    El Search Party Officer's Gloves (Ver.Dark) (Rose)
    Velder Academy Knights - Black Noble Shoes (Rose)
    Theodore's Cute Bird
    Seraphim's Blessing - Command (Holy)
    Unique Champion's Earrings (Rose)

    Rose's Cat Eyes - 350 KC
    Rose's Moonlight Dream (Origin) - 350 KC
    Rimless Glasses - 500 KC
    Dark Star Henna - 500 KC
    Pure Charming Angel Wing - 500 KC

    Total KC: 2,200

    IGN: ilovetodie
    Server: NA

    Add's Halloween Design Contest 2016 Winner Dynamo
    Salvatore Ebalon Hair (Add)
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Top Piece (Add)
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Bottom Piece (Add)
    Salvatore Ebalon Gloves (Add)
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Shoes (Add)
    Add's Moonlight Dream (Sapphire)
    Add's Deep Blue Eyes
    Theodore's Cute Bird
    Salvatore Ebalon Moon Tracers (Add)

    Sapphire Tattoo - 500 KC
    Dream Command - Sky Flower 500 KC

    Total KC: 1000 KC
    : bee movie uhhh im the bee hes the sky

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2015