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    Master Chef
    Nov 2015
    The good boy next door and The rich punk classmate
    one of those stereotype love stories




    IGN: Azmagi
    The Rich Classmate
    Add's Promotional Costume Hair Ver.2
    Add's GFRIEND 'Rough' (Navy) Top Piece
    Add's Classic Butler (Black) Bottom Piece
    Add's Trump Bunny Waiter Gloves (B)
    Thanatos - Death Instinct Shoes (Add)
    Sapphire Core (Add)
    Add's Gloomy Night Dynamo
    Cherry Aviator Sunglasses
    Champion's Earring
    Eltrion MK2's Legendary Ring

    IGN: Eshrain
    The Boy-Next-Door
    Ain's Arctic Travel Hair - Caramel
    Ain's ELS Spring Rain Top Piece (White)
    Erbluhen Emotion Promotion Bottom Piece
    - NO GLOVES -
    Erbluhen Emotion Promotion Shoes
    Ain's ELS Spring Rain Pendulum (White)
    Happy Arctic White Hare
    Preppy Style Glasses
    Strong Warrior's Chronicle Ain

    Server: INT
    Total KC used: None

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    Bethma Guard
    Dec 2015
    "The Black and White Magicians"



    Items Used:
    Champion's Blade - Owned
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Hair (Raven) - Owned
    Raven's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Top Piece - 600 K-Ching
    Raven's Hamel School of Wizardry Bottom Piece (Pure) - 600 K-Ching
    Raven's Velder Private Academy Gloves (White) - 280 K-Ching
    Raven's Shark Hunter Shoes - Blue - 280 K-Ching
    Raven's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Hat - 500 K-Ching
    Holy Unicorn Angel Wing (Raven) - Owned
    Golden Earrings - Owned

    Total Cost of Unowned Items: 2,260 K-Ching

    IGN: Cuddleh
    Server: INT



    Items Used:
    Evil Tracer - Spirggan Blade (Raven) - Owned
    Evil Tracer - Spriggan Hair (Raven) - Owned
    Raven's Magician to Illusion (Original) Top Piece - 600kc
    Raven's Messenger of Dark Clouds Bottom Piece - 600kc
    Raven's Steam Fever (Gold) Gloves - 280kc
    Raven's Shark Hunter Shoes - 280kc
    Raven's Magician to Illusion (Original) Hat - 500kc
    Archdevil Wing (Raven) - Owned
    Champion's Earring - Owned

    Total Cost of Unowned Items: 2,260 K-Ching

    IGN: Raijyn
    Server: INT

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2014

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2014
    IGN: Shiromaru96
    Server: NA
    Ain cos.png
    Ain cos behind.png

    Fantasy Priest Pendulum (White) - 850KC
    Ain's Arctic Travel Hair (Chocolate) - 600KC
    Ain's Bad Guy Leather Jacket (Red) - Owned
    Erbluhen Emotion Promotion Bottom Piece - Owned
    Ain's Bad Guy Gloves (Red) - Owned
    Fantasy Priest Shoes (Black) - 280KC
    Tears Of Fenriart - Owned
    Black Aviator Sunglasses - 500 KC
    Penetrating Wyvern's Wing - Owned
    Will Power Kenta's Firery Bracelet - Owned
    Total KC cost: 2230KC

    IGN: ichihahaaana
    Server: NA

    Eve's Bad Girl Weapons (Pink) - Owned
    Eve's Elrios Noir Hair (Black) - 600 KC
    Eve's Shark Hunter Top Piece (Red) - 600 KC
    Eve's SWAT Bottom Piece (Black) - 600 KC
    Eve's Bad Girls Gloves (Pink) - Owned
    Eve's Bad Girls Shoes (Pink) - Owned
    Black Stylish Sunglasses (Middle) - 500 KC
    Tears Of Fenriart - Owned
    Wyvern's Claw (Eve) - Owned
    Raging Wyvern's Wing - Owned
    Automatic Pistol - Owned
    Total KC cost: 2300KC

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2016
    Reserving -w-

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    Altera Savior
    Sep 2014
    Ice Demon

    IGN: gladds

    • Add's Shark Hunter Dynamo - Blue (do not own - 850 K-ching)
    • Add's Promotional Costume Hair ver.2 (own)
    • Add's Apprentice Knight Top Piece (Ver.A) (do not own - 500 K-ching)
    • Dark Feather Bottom Piece (Add) (own)
    • Add's Majestic Butterfly Gloves (do not own - 280 K-ching)
    • Dark Feather Shoes (Add) (own)
    • Opulent Demonic Horn (own)
    • Ultimate Sand Tempest Eye (own)
    • Tolerating Waldo's Stone Mask (own)
    • Ancient Demon's Mark (do not own - 500 K-ching)
    • Cat tail (own)
    • Leaping Dark Steel Bracelet (own)

    Total cost: 2,130 K-ching

    IGN: Caaramel

    • Elsword's Frost Pixie Sword - Sky Blue (own)
    • Elsword Sporty Beach Shaggy Cut (Blue) (do not own - 750 K-ching)
    • Dark Feather Top Piece (Elsword) (do not own - 600 K-ching)
    • Elsword's Mysterious Thief Gale Bottom Piece (do not own - 600 K-ching)
    • [Cobo] Elsword's Bad Guys Gloves (Brown) (own)
    • Elsword's Idol Shoes(A) (do not own - 280 K-ching)
    • Tears of Fenriart (own)
    • Quick Scar's Broken Horn (own)
    • Peculiar Blue Scale (own)
    • Demon Tail (own)
    • Opolent Dragonic - Fear Stinger (own)
    • Original Ring (own)
    • Will Power Water Pendant (own)

    Total cost: 2,230 K-ching
    Sem TÃ♥tulo.png
    Sem TÃ♥tulo2.png

    Server: NA

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012
    Bae's Kokoro ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ ˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵
    My Character~
    IGN: MrsHou
    Server: NA

    Item Used~ (All Owned)

    ADvD Hair
    Royal Maid (Shadow Artillery) 4/5
    Spooky Symbol of Corruption (Weapon Accessory) Rena
    Frost Bow
    Silverfox Miho Headband
    Dark Feather Scarf
    Modern Glasses
    Impact Flare - Aura (Blue)
    Impact Flare - Command (Blue)
    Red Rose
    Endurance Golden Earrings
    Mysterious Magic Necklace
    Mysterious Ring Of Flexibility (II)

    SC_ 2017-02-16 20-44-40-217.png
    SC_ 2017-02-16 20-44-55-108.png

    My Partner~
    IGN: Shinuzo
    Server: NA

    Item Used~ (All Owned)
    ET Hair Raven
    Royal Servant (Abyss Crow) 4/5
    Henir Lord Time and Space Blade
    Spooky Symbol of Corruption (Weapon Accessory) Raven
    Silver fox Miho Headband
    Dark feather scarf
    Modern Glasses
    Red Rose
    Penetrating Champion's Earrings
    Ring of Fury
    Impact flare-Aura (Blue)
    Impact flare-Command(Blue)
    Acceleration Ring


    ~The Maid & The Butler~

    SC_ 2017-02-16 20-23-08-101.png
    SC_ 2017-02-16 20-36-24-930.png

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2015
    Fluffy Panda Kingdom

    "The Shy Nerdy Girl & The Popular Guy"
    SC_ 2017-02-28 20-52-10-874 (2).pngSC_2017-02-28 20-56-24-849 (2).png
    "No matter what status we are,the love we have for one another won't ever break between us."

    The Shy Nerdy Girl
    IGN: xAliceRose6x
    Server: NA

    SC_ 2017-02-28 20-52-10-874 (2).pngSC_ 2017-02-28 20-56-24-848 (2).png

    Items Used:
    Rena's ELS Beach Wear 2.0 Passion Bow (A)- Own
    Rena's 2017 Winter Casual Top Piece- Peach Beige
    Rena's Promotional Bottom Piece Ver.2- Own
    Rena's ELS Beach Wear 2.0 Hair (A)- Own
    Rena's Promotional Gloves Ver.2- Own
    Rena's Velder Private Academy Shoes (Black)

    Modern Glasses
    White Line Sports Tote Bag
    Rena's Model Pose

    Total: 1,880 KC

    Partner (The Popular Guy)
    IGN: DangeloShiro
    Server: NA

    SC_2017-02-28 20-56-24-849 (2).pngSC_2017-02-28 20-56-24-850 (2).png

    Item Used:
    Raven's Majestic Butterfly Blade- Own
    Raven's ELs Casual Top Piece (Ver. B)
    Raven's ELS Spring Rain Bottom Piece (White)
    Raven's Majestic Butterfly Ribbon- Own
    Raven's 2017 Winter Casual Gloves - Peach Beige
    Raven's Majestic Butterfly Shoes- Own

    Raven's Magician to Illusion (Reverse) Hat
    Blue Aviator Sunglasses
    Raven's Model Pose

    Total: 2,480 KC

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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2016
    Booooo! Behind you.
    IGn: TotaAsura
    Server NA
    IGn: HateYouu
    Server NA

    First me.

    Item used
    Henir lord of time and space hair ( ara ) own it.
    BMF spear ara own it
    blush own it
    curious ara own it
    odd eyes own it
    Ara's Els casual top piece ver. B (600kc)
    Ara's Els casual gloves 280kc
    Anubis shoes 280kc
    Ara'sblue sunset beach look bottompiece ( blue ) 600kc

    totak kc 1,760

    Second him.


    cynical down perim hair light purple 600kc
    ain's summner casual top piece black 600kc
    ain's summer causal bottom piece black 600kc
    ain's summer casual shoes black 280kc
    ain's summer casual bracelets black 280kc
    pendulum of clouds of flowers black 850kc
    ain;s battle pose 350kc
    ain's odd eyes 350 kc

    total kc :3,910


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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2014
    Reserving this for now~