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    Mar 2011

    Shira's random -big-ish?- Giveaway-

    It's that time of year again where I throw some big give away with a ton of rules and awesome prizes!

    Prizes for sure:
    +9 amu
    +8 amu x 10
    Bank full of a variety of shards
    1 year of free/discounted alchemy service (only if items are provided, Sage stone service discounted and is limited)
    6/6 fully upgraded, sealed +8 SD set of your choice.
    CM 6/5 Ib Cube Set
    And more~

    -need to look through my items to know-

    February 2017 join date
    150 minimum post count

    Deadline: 5/5/2017 11:59 pm pst
    Rules: Posted below
    How to enter: Posted below

    Winners should be announced at the latest a week after deadline.

    This Giveaway is NOT connected to KOG Games in any way.

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    Mar 2011

    1. Begging for anything on the prize list = Black list. Feel Free to TRY to buy it from my Shop.
    2. Be respectful to all other entrants. Will give you one warning and that is all.
    3. Be patient with me when adding you on to the entrant list.
    4. Missing any thing from the how to enter list will cause your entry to be invalid and I will not let you know until you ask me why I missed you.
    5. Everything will be RNG based on your post #. [Post # is on the top right corner of the black bar of your post]
    6. You can only pick 2 specific items OR pick 1 specific Category
    7. You will only receive 1 prize. [This prize is the first prize your name gets drawn for]
    8. Any reserved post will not be added until their post is complete. [They will be recorded but will not have their names down]
    9. Anyone that does not complete the requirements for entering [Join date of in or before February 2017 and have *150+ posts*] will be automatically black listed. [Exceptions explain in Rule 11]
    10. If not enough people join this event by 11:59pm of the day of the announcement of Elsword's Anniversary, the prize list will be reduced to what ever all the participants picked as part of their wish list and the rest of the prizes will be given out to participants based on their post #.
    11. Any and all Alternate accounts made in March 2017 or after must prove to me that they have an account that have a join date that is earlier to be part of the Exceptions. [They will receive a PM from me]
    12. All black listed people will receive a PM from me with the reason.
    13. All rule are now here; however this list of rule may or may not change at any given time.

    *If you are short on posts, you have until the day entries closes to get to 150 posts. You should have 2-3 weeks of time to make the post count. Spamming it all in a day will lead to disqualification*

    How to Enter:
    1. Write 2+ sentences about what brought to Elsword [Can be any version]
    2. Write 2+ sentences of what attracts you to Elsword. (Why you started playing basically and what keeps you here)
    3. Pick one of the following: [Feel free to do multiple but it will not increase chances]
    -Write a 5+ sentence on what types of events would keep the game interesting.
    -Write a 5+ sentence on your favorite memory in Elsword
    -Create a Meme with your own screen shots [Must have both original screen shot and edited one]
    -Draw a 4 panel comic with one or more characters in the picture [Can be NPC or one of the Playable characters] using any quest story in game
    4. IGN and Pick 2 items OR 1 Category.

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    Mar 2011
    Prize list: List is now finalized. Now for completing sorting.....
    (You get what ever is in the image)]
    Shard Bank [Click here to see it] >Sorting bank atm. RIP I have too many lol
    Heroic Bank [Click here to see it >Collecting stuff atm
    6/5 CM Cube set
    Ara's BTS 'Run' 7/6
    Eve's Animal Pajama Suit
    Rose's Christmas Party Suit
    Ceil's 2016 Halloween Winner set 6/6
    Lu's 2016 Halloween Winner set 6/6
    Ceil's Swat Black set 7/6
    Mysterious Magic Necklace
    Mysterious Ring of Flexibility
    Mysterious Ring of Bravery
    Impact Flair- Command & Aura Blue
    +9 Amu
    6/6 +8 Fully enhanced SD set of your choice
    $10 Karma coin Code X5 [one per winner]
    $25 Karma coin Code x2 [one per winner]
    B-Slot x 2 [one per winner]
    Trans Slot x2 [one per winner]
    El Resonance reset coin x 100 [10 per winner]
    1 year from acceptance date of Free/Discounted Alchemist service from my lvl 10 alchemist.
    ^Sage Stone service is discounted, and limited to what I have. Socketing and Crafting is free as long as the material is provided. [ED does not need to be provided]
    Qualified entrant list:
    P.S Feel free to start reserving posts after this post

    Base Rena Guide|Report Button Guide By NSG|Discord: Shirayuki #1456|GFX Credits Here testing number of characters

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    Jan 2013
    I was in 6th grade and my friend and I were often hopping off between MMORPGs. He suggested Elsword this time, and we downloaded the game. Instead of leaving Elsword like the other games however, we took a great liking to it and committed to it for quite some time. The friend does not play anymore though.

    I've made too many friends and memories in this game that I can not afford to leave without regretting all of the effort and time I put into it. My guild is friendly and so is the majority of the people that I talk to on a day-to-day basis on Elsword. That, and my characters are too cute to leave behind. I need art.

    3) Favorite Memory
    My favorite memory revolves around PvP, specifically 2s. I would 2s often with a dear friend of mine (who now quit) and we would hop on our alts and mess around in there a lot. We would get lots of salt with somehow the majority targeting me, but it didn't matter because I was having so much fun with my partner. But pinpointing a favorite out of all of our 2s sessions, it would be when we decided to hop on our Ara. This time we were on our somewhat low level Aras with low ranks, somehow winning while having around 1 year+ worth of rust. But the thing about this session is that we got fever 2 seconds into the match, immediately followed by us snowballing hard while laughing in call.

    4) I'm entering for the 6/5 CM Cubes & the Magic Amulet Lv. 9!
    //ign is Laylina

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    Sep 2013
    Boca Raton, FL
    What brought me to Elsword: Before I started playing, I just messed around on those online flash game websites. Then after being bored enough I look to the right off the screen and see the chibi figures of Aisha (DW), Chung (TT), and Rena (WS) with some line saying "play your manga today!"
    The reason why I started playing and still play:At the time I was a person overly obsessed with watching anime so I thought this is a pretty nice game to play, which it really did seem like that while I was new.The main reason I still play this game (and spend money on it) is because I find Eve the most interesting character and I enjoy her gameplay.
    My best memory of Elsword was before Sander was released. That was the time I still didn't know how to play, yet I was already in Hamel. At the end of the third dungeon for the first time I see Tarnavash and think this boss probably isn't that hard. While fighting Tarnavash for the first time I notice clones starting to pop up. At the time I stood no chance and just died to the lasers. When getting to around level 50-ish seemed like an accomplishment.
    What I would like to potentially win:
    Gonna see what there is first (most likely Miscellaneous though)

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    Mar 2016
    In Hell
    What brought me to Elsword:
    The ads... I was watching anime and kept seeing ads about Ara, LuCiel, Rena, and Add. The one that actually caught my interest was LuCiel/Add's ad. Ciel looked like a butler from some anime and Add looked like Accelator so I decided to try this game out and play as LuCiel and Add. Plus a duo character seemed neat. After playing LuCiel for like 2 months I switched over to Add. I just like his rude personality and white hair plus LuCiel was expensive...poses, costumes, etc.

    What attracts me to Elsword:
    pff.. Ciel and Add attracted me to Elsword. I got bored of elsword for a bit but now Ain got released. The main reason why I keep playing Elsword is because of my friends. I actually made a lot of friends for the past year. KoG.. extend the friendlist max

    An event that I think would be interesting:
    Refer A Friend Event
    Basically you get this code and you give it to your friends who don't play Elsword. When they sign up they enter your code or username, after they sign up you can help them level up and you'd get rewards for it. I know that new characters/players get +2 inventory rows and better level-up rewards than old players, this would benefit not only new players but old players as well. Every time you help your friend complete 5 dungeons you'd get a token. You can exchange those for rewards from Ariel (inventory expansion would be a great reward). Your friend would a different token to exchange for different rewards. I'm sure most of us were disappointed when we first found out that our b-slots would soon expire after 2-4 weeks. New players can possibly craft perm b-slots from those tokens. Other then the tokens... for every 10 levels you help your friend with gets you and your friend rewards too. I enjoy helping out people so I'm sure this would be an interested event to have.

    Items I'm entering for: 10 dollar karma koin and ciel's 2016 halloween winner costume
    IGN: Repsed

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    Sep 2012
    In ur mind ~<3
    What brought me to Elsword: I was actually on facebook, and then I saw a post from my cousin saying ''who does play elsword add me my ign is... and with a picture of her aisha. Then I searched up elsword on google, and it actually looked nice ( = !
    The reason why I started playing and still play:I was like uhm.. sure why not? I was actually bored of my little random games online. (oml I think I was like 12? when I downloaded the game?) Right after I downloaded, I created my char and started to play and it was fun, so I kept playing it. Then at that time (I think that the max lvl was 60(?)) I've hit lv30 and someone invited me to a guild, and I made a new discovery o: I started to talk with people, meet people, play with them, then join another guild and it keeps going (bcz I didnt cared about guild, I was just following my bf{who ish my ex now ˊ_>ˋ })
    And then I've got myself lv60 and started to understand the game a little more and more c: as I made new friends. Mhh.. I guess that guild that are full of people to have fun with is something important as for keeping me playing this game.

    Noice event?!
    1)I was so dumb before, and didnt know how the pet event worked(season 1: when you could actually get a free pet), it would be nice a new pet event.
    2)Free couple ring (or paying with ed) What is this year, we didnt have it?! :c it made me sad. I want it back!
    3)Make a limited event of tradable sage stone ? It would be nice because sage stones arent tradable and you can't sell it "properly"
    4)Bank share/ bank expension event: Bank share pls come back, I missed you on my other account ;-;.. Also my inventory keeps getting bigger.
    5) Fetch aura + mount + Bslot + Trans slot event: mount is life, im too lazy to dungeon, i need a mount on all my char so that I can feel satisfied, also cant mount from ereda be perm?, Fetch aura, i cant pick up everything on timmuu.. ;; bslot&translot aAAAAAAaaaa I really need those for my new chars.. ;.;
    6) lvl jump AGAIN!!! : too lazy to lvl up, i cant do this right anymore, im having less time for playing, i get older and older.
    What I would like to win:
    CM 5/5 Ib Cube Set & Amulet +9 (might edit this later depending on what is gonna be put)
    IGN: yvione

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    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~
    I'll edit this when I come back.

    1. Write 2+ sentences about what brought to Elsword [Can be any version]
    My second question may explain the other half of my origins. I was more of a magic user and a friend of mine recommended me to use Aisha. I tried Aisha since day one and I had fun with it. The next day I made a Rena for myself since my character from another game was a bow user. I left my Rena alone for a bit and I concentrated on my Aisha and I looked at her first job class which was High Magician and Dark Magician at that time. My friend recommended me to get Elemental Master and I asked him what class is that from. He told me that is the job path for High Magician and he told me that class was not out yet, but he recommended me if I get that route of High Magician to Elemental Master then it is a good path for me to take. Originally my choice was Dark Magician, but I decided to take High Magician route and no regrets since then.
    2. Write 2+ sentences of what attracts you to Elsword. (Why you started playing basically and what keeps you here)
    I was playing La Tale before Elsword came to NA. My friend wanted me to play with him during the closed beta, but I was busy with school at that time due to a class that I was about to failed a course. Toward the end of April my other friend that actually brought me to Elsword. After that day I ended up playing on Elsword (with the excluding days due to the finals that year) and I'm still playing to this today.
    3. Pick one of the following: [Feel free to do multiple but it will not increase chances]
    -Write a 5+ sentence on your favorite memory in Elsword
    One of my favorite memories I had on Elsword were the guilds that my characters were in since 2011 and up until now. Many of the guilds that I am in or used to be are either dead, semi-active, or active. I will admit of the conversations within the guild are not pleasing despite the controversy. However, the other half of the time whenever are on we do joke around and humor once in awhile to bring the atmosphere going to move on. I had different characters join into different guilds, but as years gone by even though we're on a different path that is right for us those memories will live on just like a fairy tale or a precious moments in our time.
    4. IGN and Pick 2 items OR 1 Category.
    IGN: RLM2
    $25 Karma coin Code + Ciel's 2016 Halloween Winner set 6/6
    : edit land says I am done I hope.

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    May 2012
    1. I got drawn into the game after my brother picked it up and played Aisha for a couple of weeks. I figured it was interesting enough to give a go, but there weren't that many characters to choose from and I already knew I disliked some of them. Especially Aisha. After a lot of tossing options around, I picked Raven and worked on building him into a Blade Master, and haven't seriously changed my main at all since.

    2. As anyone who's known me throughout my tenure in the game can say - I'm addicted to the game's PvP. Regardless of how unbalanced new characters are, if they're not impossible to beat I take a great amount of satisfaction in taking apart predictable classes and tactics, and tearing their players to shreds. Looking at you, adorably stupid LPs. It's been hard sometimes, especially with undefeatably broken classes (YR, DiE, early Chung), but knowing that balance patches are soon to come has always helped keep me involved with the game.

    3. Honestly, it feels like events are used to pad the time between releasing permanent content or fixing balance issues or bugs, and the time spent in building certain events would have been much better spent on the other two points. But I digress. It's not exactly a single memory, but one thing I do remember taking satisfaction in was in drawing 4Komas for this game (you're not getting one for this giveaway, so, sorry about that). I kept it up for... feels like two and a half years? on a weekly schedule, because there was always something dumb or broken that I wanted to call attention to with them. It helped me vent out my frustrations with the game in a way that was productive and positive, and framing them using the comic's intentionally comedic structure helped me break down why something was absurd without getting ranty about it (well, okay, too ranty). Nowadays, though, the largest issue feels like "the numbers are too big" and "there are too many instant win conditions", which isn't fun nor fulfilling to write about, so, sadly, I've dropped the comic. I do look forward to a time where I might be able to make worthwhile jokes with them again, but I just don't see that happening very soon.

    Miscellaneous prizes category, IGNs down below in the sig.

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    Neophix is bullying the Little Puppy again, haha. <u>
    Gonna put my entry in a spoiler since it's kind of long, oops.

    Let's see though... Back in 2011~2012, I was very into Grand Chase and frequently played with my best friend. We hardly ever played anything else. Near the middle of 2012, she informed me of Elsword, made by the same developers as Grand Chase, and linked me to the ElWiki. She wanted to try the game out together, but I admittedly wasn't too interested. Browsing through the ElWiki, I thought the game was too complex. I especially didn't like how you could only choose one path and couldn't switch between them like in Grand Chase. And so, I turned her offer down.

    In August of 2012, I was staying at my cousin's house as I do most summers, and we had gotten bored of all the games we had been playing since the sun rose up. We didn't know how to set up a Minecraft server and were too young to understand Google instructions, but we had our laptops open already and wanted to play a computer game. That's when I remembered about Elsword. I told my cousin about it and we decided to download it and give it a shot, having nothing better to do. While we waited for the downloads to finish, I recall scouring through every page of the ElWiki, carefully analyzing each character and their skills, reading up multiple guides for multiple classes. As the downloads finished and the game started up, my cousin and I chose our characters and began our Elsword adventure.

    Despite not really liking the game when my best friend showed it to me, Elsword quickly became a very fun game to play. The attack system was weird! Whereas Grand Chase only had one attack button, Elsword had [italics]two![/italics] And your attacks could be canceled by arrow keys or skills and you could do all this fancy stuff. It was a lot of information to take in, and definitely more difficult to grasp than Grand Chase, but I really enjoyed that! Elsword's attack system allowed for us to play around, creating all sorts of cool and flashy combos. Not to mention there was no character unlocking system, thank goodness.

    Unfortunately, my cousin decided to take an indefinite hiatus around the time of the skill tree revamp. Partially because he didn't like the update, and partially because he was getting bored of Elsword. I could understand. I thought about leaving the game too around that time. I'm not really sure what convinced me to stay. I think part of it was because I genuinely found the gameplay fun, and wanted to continue playing even if it would be changed in some way. Another part was my guild. By this time, my cousin and I had gotten a few of our other friends into Elsword. We even made a guild so we can easily find each other if someone was online. As everyone lived quite far from each other, Elsword was one way where we could all get together and have fun. Some of our friends had left Elsword when the skill tree revamp came, but I wanted to stay with the others who had not left. Aside from Minecraft, which we could rarely get to work, Elsword was the only online game we played together.

    Those two reasons still drive me to continue playing the game, even to this day. There's a lot of things that can be improved, like the later boss mechanics, but all in all, Elsword is a fun game. It's frustrating and sometimes the community can be mean or unwelcoming, but I appreciate all the wonderful friends I've made through this game. It makes me happy being able to log in and chat with them, run dungeons together, fool around in arena together, and just have a fun time overall.

    One of my favorite memories was waaaay back in 2013. My friends and I would frequently hang out in Velder Capital, where you would go to find and form parties for Velder dungeons. There was a bug where sometimes a character would clip behind the board on other players' screens. For some reason, it was always this one specific friend. It got to the point where we would jokingly say, "Stalker [friend] strikes again." It never happens on his screen though, and he always makes such confused faces in the chat whenever we bring it up. Recalling those memories never fail to amuse me. I'll even attach a screenshot to share!

    (Featuring my CN, during the days where I stubbornly refused to wear my Item Mall costume when it wasn't December because it was Christmas themed.)

    To finish things off, my IGN is "G123u". I'll select the Costume category and try my luck. Thank you again for hosting this!