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    reserved until I farm more post OTL sorry in advance if it seems like im spamming!

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    Quick question so I know how to edit my post (since prizes were updated), is the bank full of stuff considered as a category or an "item"?
    There is a category called bank full

    Picking a specific bank full [ex shards] is considered "1" item

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    1. I was first brought to Elsword around the time Sword Art Online came out and I wanted to find a game that would remind me of it. I would quit and end up rejoining the game for long periods because the 2d side scrolling action is nostalgic of MapleStory, my long long ago main game.
    2. Im here in Elsword still for the sparring matches, arena, new characters, and the events. What attracts me to this game is the Arena matches that help me burn time.
    3. My favorite memory of Elsword came around when CBS first came out. This character eventually became the only character I really play. I remember when Thousand Star still did damage and my PvP matches would consist of me setting up a 100 to zero combo by using mass release and freezing frame so you cant MB it. Around this time I was close to my guild and it made the game a whole lot more fun because dungeons were a challenge. The level cap was low and I reached endgame.
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    What brought me to Elsword was basically the art. I never seen it look amazing, how each class and character had different looks especially the colors. The colors and the costume is well match made. I happen to encounter the ads when I used to watch animes. So I decided to give it a go.

    Well, I really like the gameplay, it was something I never played before. Most online games uses awsd to move characters and I wasn't a fan of that. Since I am used to using arrow pads. I like the costumes in the item mall so I would sometimes play dress-up out of boredom and whatever I was able to match. What keeps me here is my friends and my guilds. Especially, my guild I am in today, I was able to make new friends as well without having to feel like I was out of loop.

    My favorite memory in Elsword, was when I was pvping on my Time Tracer. One day, I was beating a few levels and I happen to run across a Chilidog, she was a lvl 20 same as I was on my Time tracer. We fought a few times in arena and she happen to tell me "nice Ign" (My add ign is SaltyPringle) and I said "Thank you." I told her she wasn't a bad player since she beat me many times. She laugh and said "Nah, arena is really easy" from then on we would do twos , with my add or my main along with her main sometimes. We even did henir most of time lol. She was actually a great friend before she finally quit elsword since then I'll never forget how amazing friend and player she is. Friendship is a wonderful thing.

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    1. What Brought Me Here: My sister had this kind of 'friends with benefit' kinda person who played Elsword. I think she wanted to play back then too, and then I was like, "I'll download it just to troll her." But I ended up liking the game a lot, lol. *^*

    2. What Keeps Me Here: The characters are all cute and unique, there's no average classes like rangers, magician, etc... It's unlike a typical RPG, imo. I like the uses of combos, the skills are pretty, and the costumes are fun to mix and match, I just like the graphics overall. Another thing that keeps me here would be my friends, who I just talk and play and go crazy with.

    3. Favorite Memory In Elsword: This one's hard. ; -; My fav memories would be the guild events my GM had played with us. We would solve riddles, have PvP tourney's, pick up line contests, and quizzes. I found it really fun because we would all just be screaming at each other and stealing corners and things... :'D I also just joined in for the prizes lol. I guess something that really stands out to me was the Henir event we had, where we raced to finish it, yet every team just got rekted the first time, then we tried again the second and same result. Fawkin Ran. In the end, it took a long time for one team to actually finished... Cx

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    Thanks for the giveaway!~ \(*^*)/

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    1. Write 2+ sentences about what brought to Elsword [Can be any version]
    I was watching anime, and there was an Elsword ad on the page and I thought it looked pretty interesting so I clicked on it. I looked around the site and saw some videos and decided to try it out.

    2. Write 2+ sentences of what attracts you to Elsword. (Why you started playing basically and what keeps you here)
    The art style was similar to anime and it was the first mmo I have ever played. Raven was the first char I made and I really like how Raven played and his still my main to this day. So you could say Raven is what attracts me to Elsword. (?)

    3. Pick one of the following: [Feel free to do multiple but it will not increase chances]
    -Write a 5+ sentence on your favorite memory in Elsword
    One of my favorite memories in Elsword, was back in S2(PvP Season), my friends and I would try to get Rank 1 in Henir Challenge. We would do runs and decide what we each should do to make the runs faster. The party wasn't what you would call a good party, LK, BM, CEm, EM, as you can see not very balanced imo. Even so we came pretty close to getting Rank 1. We have made it to Rank 1 a few times, but would fail to keep it for long and be behind by 10~ seconds each time. After a while though, it got boring so we stopped. It was fun because we would work together and see what can do be done to improve time.

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    What brought me to Elsword:
    I had been looking for an MMO to play for the longest of time but all of them are these horrible WoW point and click clones which I abhor. Then I stumbled upon Elsword... Play your manga sounded nice and the game itself didn't have an IP block.

    What attracts me to Elsword:
    As I said I hated (still do) the WoW point and click MMOs but when I came across Elsword it was perfect and was one of the few MMOs available to me that I liked. It has the animu aesthetic that attracted me as I was a weeb, the intense sidescrolling beat them up action, and I've yet to find another game that pleased me gameplay mechanic wise as much as Elsword. Each character, each class is different, each one of them unique at least when I started. Sure it got kinda bland and I don't love the game as much as I used to but now I've friends I've made from playing the game and the fact that I poured so many hours in makes it hard for me to just... stop. Not to mention the P2W was never that bad to begin with, sure some cashers basically upset the game's balance but as long as you put some work in you can always be above average and will not fall behind too much. And when you're above average gear wise it's just a matter of the skills that you will inevitably get when you spend some hours playing the game.

    My favourite memory on Elsword:
    Once I was in a guild. It wasn't anything special, sure it was lvl 15 but it's not like those are hard to come by but it was one my first guilds, one of the few ones I actually called home, where I feel accepted and just blended right in. Even though I'm in a new guild now I still miss my old guild. The guild was full of international players, be it from NA, EU, Asia or Oceania so I fit right in and the timezones weren't such a problem. We ran raids, did dungeons, sparred, did all the things with each other... It was such a lively guild, sometimes the guild chat got so flooded that you can't even keep up because so many people pitched in and I made so many friends. But alas all good things come to an end as it's all but memories now since it's been disbanded and all the guildies scattered to the four winds. Or you know, salt from arena since that is quite fond a memory to me lol .

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    1. Write 2+ sentences about what brought to Elsword [Can be any version]
    I'm part of the club that came to Elsword cause Grand Chase shut down. I actually played Elsword when GC was still kickin but I didn't like it as much. Idk if it was because my interests changed over time or because the news, but I started to like Elsword over GC around the time that I knew it was closing and yeah now here I am.
    2. Write 2+ sentences of what attracts you to Elsword. (Why you started playing basically and what keeps you here)One of the big (and prob most common reasons) I am still playing Elsword is because I spent to much time on this game to stop. Doesn't mean I don't like it anymore tho, just that its one of the major things stopping me. Another reason is because I love the character designs...sometimes I think to myself when I see Elsword ads on website, I compare them to other online game ads, I believe that even if I didn't know what Elsword was I would be attracted by the character design and art even though I hate ads and would never click on them, basically Elsword would be an ad of a game I would ever click.
    3. Write a 5+ sentence on what types of events would keep the game interesting.
    Honestly I'm not the type that care about events unrelated to new permanent content. If I had to say though, events that would keep the game interesting would be something that requires the community to work together. It just makes the game much more fun when you know you and other players are working towards something. Raid is one of those community "event" examples because it's so fun to see players buffing each other and dodging all those attacks they memorized, now that's a boss fight...although I miss raid I also don't cuz doing raid everyday was so tiring, I wouldn't mind if they brought back raid for weekly or something.

    Items I want :
    5/5 CM Cube set
    +9 Amulet

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    1. Write 2+ sentences about what brought to Elsword [Can be any version]
    Saw a commercial on TV for elsword when my dad brought me along for a business trip to Taiwan. I didn't know what it was called since I couldn't read mandarin that we'll back then. But a few weeks later I saw a disc version when I was in 7-11 and I bought the game and started to play it.(this was in like 2008-9)
    2. Write 2+ sentences of what attracts you to Elsword. (Why you started playing basically and what keeps you here)
    The overall mechanic of the game and the used to be high skill ceiling. The goal of learning every combo and steps that BM can do is what's keeping me here.and some friends
    3. Pick one of the following: [Feel free to do multiple but it will not increase chances]
    My favorite memories would probably be meeting some good friends in game, and mastering complex combos. I've met many friends and had a good time with them through the years. Meeting new people as they join the guild were also pretty fun too. I still remember when I first saw a random BM pulling off some cool x drops and that I wanted to do that. And despite not having anyone to teach me anything I managed to master most of the x drops and combos that I wanted to learn. That's all I could think of as of now.
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    1. Write 2+ sentences about what brought to Elsword [Can be any version]
    This was back in 2011. My sister's friend recommended Elsword to her. She told me about this game, showed me and then I liked it. I was on Tumblr most of the time back then so I used her account to play casually. Anyway, I think I decided to make my own account in 2012 since character slots were limited then. Also, I wanted to buy every Ice Burner available cause it was pretty. lol

    2. Write 2+ sentences of what attracts you to Elsword. (Why you started playing basically and what keeps you here) I started playing mainly because I really found it interesting, and pretty. There were only a few characters and classes back then but I really loved Void Princess. I like her concept and her playstyle so I stuck with her until now. The game has always been something that kept me distracted with real-life problems especially when I'm stressed. I've met so many people in the game that actually became really good friends of mine. They are the ones who keep the game fun and interesting for me.

    3. Pick one of the following: [Feel free to do multiple but it will not increase chances]
    It was Chinese New Year this year. My friends and I always joke around how we're always broke and what not so she was telling my guild she's selling Chinese bf/gf service (or something like that) for the New Year's. Let's just say she was very eager to earn money for it. I'll put screenies later on.

    4. IGN and Pick 2 items OR 1 Category.
    Kuranai; 6/5 CM Cubes and $25 Karma Koin.
    : will finish this later