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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2015
    Koala Paradise~
    Ign: Merselle
    Server: NA
    Its my first time doing something like this so, hope you guys like it! Happy Birthday Elesis!

    Elesis Bday Card.JPG

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2015
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    Finally got this done in time.A very special Happy Birthday to the beloved Red Haired Knight Elesis!~
    Elesis Birthday Card.jpg

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2016
    get me out of here
    Tentative reserve.

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    Sep 2015
    Ryota's treasure chest
    reserved maybe
    between comms...

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    Messenger of Love
    Feb 2014

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    Bethma Guard
    Dec 2015
    Guess I'll try. Hope I won't forget. Anyways, reserved.

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    Jul 2013
    I would like to participate too !

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    Aug 2014
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    Possible reserve, depending on how much spare time I have u v u

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    Nov 2013
    Can we do traditional art, or does it has to be digital art?

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2014
    ᵀᵃᶻᵐᶦᶩᵞ ᵛᶦᶩᶩᵃᶢᵉ
     E n t r y

    ◆ Server : NA

    ◆ IGN : NowhereLucas

    While making the card, I had an idea.
    I thought of carrying the idea, that it was the same El Search Party in making the card, so I will include a dialogue of background to the drawing I made.




    ◆ B a c k g r o u n d S t o r y


    Elsword (Rune Slayer) : — Lets do this!
    Aisha (Dimension Witch) : — Are you sure this is going to like Elesis?

    Elsword (Rune Slayer) : — Sure!!

    Add (Diabolic Esper) : — I'm off, dont include me. — Leaves the room.

    Ara (Asura) : — Ah, uhm, Add is gone!

    Rena (Night Watcher) : — Let's put stickers of us on the card ~

    Ara (Asura) : — Uh, oh, yes! I have one of me!

    Raven (Blade Master) : — ...Yeah.

    Ain (Erblühen Emotion) : — Any idea for the birthday message?

    Elsword (Rune Slayer) : — Word games! lets make puns!

    Ain (Arme Thaumaturgy) : — We're not good with puns, Elsword...

    Eve (Code: Nemesis) : — I agree with the Angel.

    Ain (Erblühen Emotion) : — Put that in the card.

    Raven (Blade Master) : — ...I dont think that is a great idea.

    Rena (Night Watcher) : — Sincerity are a great gift!

    Aisha (Dimension Witch) : — Well, the card is finished! Are all ready? ~

    El Search Party : — Yes!


    ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ