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    MOD Award Request Thread:

    Hey Elpeeps,

    As most of you know it's possible get special awards on the forums: https://elswordforum.koggames.com/awards.php

    The award system is fun but it can be a bit tricky to keep up with everyone's forum activity! If you feel that you qualify for an award that hasn't yet been awarded to you please post on this thread with:

    1. The Title of the Award you think you qualify for
    2. A short explanation why

    If we feel that you do qualify for a particular award we'll try to get it to you quickly. If we think you don't yet qualify for a particular award then we'll either reply to your post or PM you directly.

    Additionally you can nominate players you feel deserve awards by posting:
    1. Their forum name
    2. The title of the award you think they qualify for
    3. A short explanation why

    We'll routinely delete request posts that have been handled in order to keep the thread from getting to cluttered.

    * You can only request or nominate people for awards that currently exist.

    1. I think I qualify for "style star"
    2. I post in a lot in the fashion subsection especially to talk about newly released costumes. I've also started a thread there now and then including this one

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    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    First post (maybe, probably)! Hopefully I don't sound to condescending, but I want to be proud of a few things.

    1. Gift of Knowledge, From Another Time and Space, Greetings and Meetings
    2a. I believe that I post frequently in the general section providing information to the best of my ability. What I want to focus is the fact that I have made many threads bringing awareness to certain aspects of the game or general guides. These include Rocket Attendance Event Math+Info (I calculated how many coins are needed, and answering people's inquiry),Opinions on Private Phoru Academy Event (I took the time to put important quote information in the OP from not only myself, but others too), Christmas Carol Speaker + LED Glasses (Showcasing the accessories for the event).

    2b. Many people overlook this section as it's practically barren most of the time, and doesn't associate to the majority of the forum. It has gone to the point where INT players post in the NA section in hopes of finding quicker replies. I am one of those forumers who goes through the INT section and answer questions to the best of my ability (and have reported those accidental misplaced threads).

    2c.This is a bit more recent so it may be a stretch, but I have attempted to actively post in this section as well despite the unfortunate double post bug in that section. Usually I remind them to ask questions if needed or read the CoC depending on what has been posted before.

    1. Dralard and Folkvangr
    2. Respected Rose
    3. Okay these two forumers actively posts in the Rose section, and have shown their in depth knowledge of the character (They also have all four Roses).

    1. Abeyll and Reziakti
    2. Angelic Ain
    3a. I think it's pretty much no surprised that Abeyll should be the one to get Angelic Ain. They actively reply to nearly all threads regarding Apostasia when he was released including making a thread discussing him. While I haven't really seen them post a lot about EE, they've posted numerous times regarding ArT too. They main Ain and Elesis and are quite proficient in both characters in terms of knowledge

    3b. Similar to Abeyll, Reziakti has posted extensively and in great detail regarding Ain. When EE was released, I quickly identified them as the go-to expert on the class, and has asked questions about EE to them to the point where I encouraged them to write a guide (btw please do). They also have posted about the other Ain classes with skill set-ups and information.

    1. xxkittypowxx24
    2. Style Star and Greetings and Meetings
    3a. Honestly, when I think kitty, I think of fashion and a good attitude. They frequently post in the fashion section, encourages fashion, and have participated in multitudes of fashion contests. I don't think I have to elaborate further.

    3b. I consider her part of the "welcoming squad". She practically gives a warm welcome to as many threads as she can with a bit of her own personality in the mix depending on the OP.

    1. Kuranai
    2. Greetings and Meetings
    3. She's also part of the "welcoming squad. I always see her relatively close to my post welcoming players actively too.

    Oh, and thanks for making this thread a thing by the way! I've always looked at forumers and think something like, "Why don't they have ____ award. Probably didn't ask but honestly deserves it". I also probably missed a lot of people aaaaaa.

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    1. Elsword of All Trades, Lucky

    2a.) This particular section of the forum tends to receive little attention. I frequently visit the price check forum to help spread my knowledge of some prices whenever I have time.

    2b.) Pretty simple really, I've won at least two raffles. Two such examples include the recent holiday avatar and the Halloween avatar forum raffles. In addition, I have won a couple of giveaways held my forumers.


    1. nospeakgreek, xLeah
    2. Generous Elpeep
    3. These two are generous elpeeps who deserve the recognition for their kindness. The two of them often hold giveaways that aren't the simple boss accessories and whatnot, but rather giveaways that cost them their own money.

    1. starrien, Kuranai, iciscle, Judalluver69
    2. Shop Owner
    3. The explanation is simple, these people are the proud (if not, well then they should be) owners of a wonderful art/sig shop and should have a an award indicating so.

    I'm sorry if I missed people qq these are what came to mind first

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    Els Youtuber Award
    People, like me, who puts up fun, interesting, and awesome videos about Elsword. Whether it's pvp, pve or just doing random things.
    With the help of the Youtube Icon, we can help the community feel like a home with our videos. We want to spread how we are able to entertain people within our own community.

    I believe that I am a candidate for getting the icon as I post videos regarding the game, my achievement, and my derpy moments. If I have the award, I would be more motivated to do more videos for everyone.

    I would like to nominate:
    2)outspire if he has a forum page

    there are many more, but I can't remember them off the spot. =< feel free to put in your name if you feel like you want the award

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    @AquaTail and iLoveRemix we'll look over your requests/nominations and try to get them squared away soon.

    @ShibiChan please only request/nominate people for awards that currently exist. While we may get an award like that in the future for the time being please work with the ones we have available! The nomination enthusiasm is great though c:

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    Award: Style Star
    Why: fashion is love, fashion is life. the main reason i can never quit this game tbh...

    Also gonna nominate Beanie and xxkittypowxx24 for Style Star as well, for obvious reasons.

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    Well, I've been long overdue for the 5k post award.... just look at my post count

    maybe the ancient history one too depending on when my first post actually was done

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    Titles: hm...
    -Angelic Ain
    Im not super active on the forums (just compare my join date to my posts) but I have been on the ain section quite a bit!

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    1.) Ancient History
    2.) I first started back in 2013, as you can see to the left.
    I'll be back when I actually do things of note for the phorums.

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    Oct 2011

    Ancient History

    Tried to get this before but never got a reply, so gave up on it but maybe now?