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    Feita Knight
    Feb 2013
    A Shoreline City
    I think I should get myself a Guide Maker.
    Is that possible?

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    No Longer Human
    Dec 2012
    New York
    Okay every post has been addressed.

    Keep the requests/nominations coming....

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2013
    myself for everything here rip

    1. Shop Owner

    link here: xxx
    still very active today!

    1. Ancient History
    2. my joindate is Jun 2013

    1. Novelist (if art shops also apply, not sure because markets are excluded)

    same thread as above

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    Elder Citizen
    Aug 2012
    Depths Of Hell...

    The Guide Maker Achievement because I am an EXTREME BH main and can explain almost ANYTHING that i can do and share that knowledge with others! Im surely a pro too -3-. I made 2 BH pvp vid guides to show a much BETTER way to play BH, to prove people that she's not just simple, and to hopefully make her noticeable! https://elswordforum.koggames.com/sh...50#post4188350

    Ancient History because..well....ive been here since 2012 as you can see ._.

    I AFK on the Elesis section. Does that count :>?

    I still wish forum name change was a thing.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Jan 2013
    Oh, thanks for the new title. And ... I guess I deserve the old toaster title. .
    I'm sure Peper0 will have fun giving it to me :^)

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    Hamel Guardian
    Mar 2011
    Canada, Ontario, Markham
    =< where's my ancient history
    where's my style star =<
    where's my ...idk other titles maybe i forgot

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2011
    I believe I should have the award, Ancient History because..

    I've been in the game since CBT o. o

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    Elder Citizen
    Aug 2015
    deep in the woods in my big treehouse with my wife and dog and 4 cats
    would it be fine if I could get ancient history, please?
    I had to move forum accounts a while back, but if you look at my original account, I've been a member for 4 years
    also maybe while we're at it could I get my velder war award moved or is that pushing it

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    Velder Noble
    May 2011
    Up your butt
    Els Youtuber Award
    People, like me, who puts up fun, interesting, and awesome videos about Elsword. Whether it's pvp, pve or just doing random things.
    With the help of the Youtube Icon, we can help the community feel like a home with our videos. We want to spread how we are able to entertain people within our own community.

    I believe that I am a candidate for getting the icon as I post videos regarding the game, my achievement, and my derpy moments. If I have the award, I would be more motivated to do more videos for everyone.

    I would like to nominate:
    2)outspire if he has a forum page

    there are many more, but I can't remember them off the spot. =< feel free to put in your name if you feel like you want the award
    @ShibiChan please only request/nominate people for awards that currently exist. While we may get an award like that in the future for the time being please work with the ones we have available! The nomination enthusiasm is great though c:
    There should be a thread to recommend awards if there isn't one already :x

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2015
    There should be a thread to recommend awards if there isn't one already :x
    Suggestions for new titles here.
    Ahoy! Feel free to suggest new awards here like you guys have been doing already!
    We'll go through and add new awards on a weekly basis~