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    Sep 2014
    Okay not yet....
    1. ImmortalSage
    2.Revered Raven
    3. I believe ImmortalSage should earn this award. Since he frequently visit there. Not only that but he's also gives his knowledge about the class and what skills to take for pvp and pve. He also provides other advice as well.

    2. I'll be back* Loser badge
    3. I did contributed in the forum war even though I was super busy during that month, I still participated in some event such as the puzzles. .-. *shrugs*

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    Mar 2011
    All requests/nominations above this post either have been given out or is under review~

    Keep them coming c:

    Base Rena Guide|Report Button Guide By NSG|Discord: Shirayuki #1456|GFX Credits Here testing number of characters

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    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~
    1. Zashikiwarashi, AznHayatexZz, Lauriel, Sunako06, Sasuke150X, Superina, Ouiii, phoenixRazor, ChibiKiwi and Akuri
    2. Ancient History
    3. Just the join dates states for how long they've been around on the forum.

    1. Guide Maker
    2. I made this thread around January of this year...would that count for it?

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    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1
    Do i qualify for Champion chung title ??

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    Mar 2016
    In Hell
    Is it possible for me to get Angelic Ain?
    I've been fairly active in Ain's sub section. I might main him anyways and wanted to find out more about his combos and overall gameplay.

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    Apr 2011
    1. Ancient History
    2. My join date and taking a look around the forum to see the updates and events.

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    Dec 2012
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    We'll try to get these out soonish ty for patience

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    Jun 2015
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    1. Shop owner
    2. I have an art shop here and it's been running for a while (over a month)

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    Apr 2013
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    1. Ancient History
    2. My forum join date is around 2013
    (i'm going to try to keep my art shop active to aim for that shop owner one!! *^*)

    1. Huann
    2. ElDoodle Winner
    2. One of the first place winners on the latest Eldoodle for Ain and probably older ones too.

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    The PUNisher
    Mar 2011
    All requests/nominations before this post have been awarded or are under review.