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    [LeagueOfCookis] is a hardcore/casual hybrid guild with a focus on PvE meant for active players who are looking for a place where they can join others in going after the more endgame content such as Henir, Hero dungeons, Secret dungeons, etc while still having the warm and friendly environment of a casual guild. LoC is a big family type of guild for players that want more then to just have an endgame guild to stick their main in.We like to spend time talking, joking, and just enjoying each others company, but at anytime you can ask and we'd be happy to join you in going after the top tier endgame challenges.

    Guild level:15
    Creation date: 07/14/2015

    Guild Skills

    • We have a 5~7 day inactivity limit, if for any reason you have to go inactive for a few extra days please contact the GM or an admin to have an exception made.

    • The guild bank is based on equivalent exchanges, trade useful items for other items of the same value.

    • This is meant to be a friendly, social guild. Treat other members respectfully and don't cause trouble.

    • Don't be a “drama queen” The guild is ruled by specific pillars to prevent drama and disputes between guild members, so if you like causing trouble this guild is not for you.

    • Don't go around asking for handouts of ed and high tier items, we are always happy to help each other out, but we aren't a free bank.







    • Initiate rank~Only given to members who have broken the rules for an about of time determined by the admins or GM

    • Member~Given as soon as you join the guild

    • Veteran~Granted to members that have been in the guild for 2 weeks and not broken any rules

    • Officer~You must be very active in the guild and spend a lot of time helping out for the admins to select you for this rank

    • Administrator~If an officer has continued to help the guild with enforcing rules, helping out the other members, keeping the peace, and overall taking care of the guild, then they will be promoted to admin rank

    Social Media

    We have a Discord server for any and all members to join. You do not have to join Discord if you don't want to, however we ask that you join us there as it's where we post rule updates, and it's easier to get in touch with the admins, talk at length about the game, help each other out and give advice, play around with Discord bots, listen to music, and just a general place for all the members to gather and have fun even when we aren't in game.


    • Member requirements
    • Level 85 minimum
    • SD enhanced gear and above
    • Main or 2nd main character if you are active enough on it
    • Required item level: 145+


    Are we Recruiting? Yes/No

    If you're interested in joining fill up this format below and leave a reply!

    Item Level:
    Why do you want to join?:


    • (Application pic of the board).
    • Send the application format to: leagueofcookis@gmail.com
    • Contact the GM an Admin or Officer in-game.

    If you want to formally discuss a matter regarding the guild with the administrators, or if you want to give a recommendation about a way to improve this guild thread just send your petition or idea to [email protected] and it will be replied as fast as possible.

    Thread Update Log:

    • Released 03/18/17

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    In Hell
    bump for my guild

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    Dressing up everywhere~ ♥
    Still recruiting uwu)/) ✿

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    Hi I'm Luka-Oneesama.

    I'm L4 a new home rn, and I'd like to join your guild. I'm mainly a PvE player, and I do a lot of SD's/Henir carries. I'm eager to help in any way I can.

    IGN: Miyazaki03
    Lv. 93 Transcend Asura



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    Dressing up everywhere~ ♥
    Bump and still recruitin, like always, and heres another gif


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    Dressing up everywhere~ ♥
    Bump bump and still recruiting~

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    Dressing up everywhere~ ♥
    Bump bump bump~