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    Newbie's Guide to survive in elrios

    In this guide I will mostly focus on free2play ways but will give some tips if you are willing to cash in and buy KC .
    The prices of items are from INT server ( NA server has lower prices i think ) .

    GUIDE STATUS : INCOMPLETE .PLEASE DONT COMMENT not updating lately coz my PC died and exams around the corner

    So after picking your char and and naming it you are in .Great job ! you have passed one of the difficult hurdles of the game.

    Stage 1 (Level 10-35.)
    Considering you are in elder at lvl 10 with 3 day trade ban lets get started .So the first thing you need to do i get LVL 15 .Once 15 you will be advanced to a job change quest .Pick a job you want to advance after that so called difficult quest and getting a class change you will be rewarded with.First job promotion costume cube and slot B medal (15 days).Dont open that cube we will be needing it in future and as we have a free costume now.Just stash it in that bank (Luriel NPC) and forget you ever.Lets carry on playing DG's .You should try to collect every drop from the DG such as coins and all that get dropped when u kill monsters,etc.Now you notice you are getting these items

    These are useful things
    Magic stones : you should use them to socket your armours
    Adv magic stones : these are better versions .Socket these in your costumes and weapon.
    Enhancement stones : go to village black smith npc and upgrade your armours,weapons .Higer the + lvl stronger it gets .Max you can get using village NPC is +7 .
    El shard (mystery ) : Just store this to sell later
    Heroic invites : Just store this to sell later

    Stage 2 (lvl 35 - 70 )
    So your trade ban lifted ?? If yes try selling those shards and heroic invites you are getting according to board prices. Heroic invites can sell for 1.6m+ each and shards (mystery ) can sell for 200k + each .These are your primary source of income for now.Also try completing epic quests for extra ed .But dont focus those play dg's around your lvl range since.Now as you are 35 you might have got 2'nd job change quest .Now the grind begins ,these quests are really tiresome and hard they might take your 1-2 days to complete.You might wanna ask high lvl people(lvl 99) around for help here.Mostly people wont respond or will say no.But if u ask politely you might get help.Just dont spam " help " or annoy them.During this tedious grind you will get lots of armour drops and other item drops (eg : aqua ,stella magic powder ,etc ).Use these 2 items to craft Spirit Tea at elder alchemist NPC ( echo ) .

    Use this or sell it on board as you wish.You will keep getting these mats through out the game and spirit team is useful potion .So selling on board will help you get ed too.Back to job quest after completing this tedious quest .You will getSecond job change promotion costume and slot B ( 30 days) .Discard that 15 day slot B you got at 1 st job change and again store this promo costume cube in bank.Now you will get to know "Gate of darkness".You should never skip this extra stage and always enter.It gives extra exp,great 30 min buff and these drops

    You can craft wywern accessories at accessory NPC ,Craft elixirs and sell them on board for some extra money and exchange darkness chryso at alchemist for things you need.At level 40 you are also asked to pick a profession .Pick treasue hunter since it is most newbie friendly .As you play dg's as treasue hunter you will get these drops

    Sell these on board for extra money.Also sell ancient silver and gold coins ant NPC's.

    Keep up your pace and keep grinding dg's,selling boss drops such as weapon and accessories (or you can use them ) till you cover up till lanox.
    Stage 70-99(and ahead )
    This where ur real easy moneymaking starts once in lanox .The epic quest from lanox - elysion give about 1m ed per quest.And total about 90-100m ed (+ a really strong accessory at last quest ) just for completing all epic quests from lanox-elysion.

    Note : Dont attempt to do Last elysion dg's alone as auto party buff isn't sufficient.

    So now u need friends and good guild to help you out here .You can cap to 99 in 15 days .You still have 2 free promo costume cubes and 15 day left on free slot B and slot T.Now ur main objective should be getting perma slot B and slot T .
    Run sdg's and get the sdg set u prefer.Once u have a lvl +7 85 sdg set you are good .As u need around 500m for slot b in 15 days which is kinda small time period.(i will suggest you to buy slot B for IM if cant get enough ed .)

    Things you need to prioritize buying :
    1. Slot B
    2. Slot T
    3. Costume weapon
    4.5/5 costume
    5. Magic necklace
    6. Skill ring / Rof or both
    7.pet + aura
    8. Quick slot.
    9. try getting these for free Sage stones or dual stones

    Now lets start making ED

    Tips for making ED
    Ereda :
    This is by far the most easiest way of making ed .Ereda is like f2p friend .You can get 15 day magic necky ,Skill ring ,etc for just few hours of playing ereda.The best part of playing ereda is it normalizes your gear and titles.So +7 sdg set guy = +12 legendry in ereda.All it needs is skill and 10 slots to play.
    Now here's how ereda can give you money
    Selling impact stones.They cost around 25-35m and are pretty useful
    Ereda service i.e = crafting strong warrior accessories and selling them.The buyer provides ori and magic necky , gold seal . This can give u wooping 250m ed .And getting 400 ereda medals can be done in 1 week.

    The biggest problem here is ereda is dead mostly .You need to kick start it sometimes by gathering group of friends or shouting by megaphones.

    Henir :
    By far this is Consistent way of making ed.You can get around 300 T&S crystals per day for 3 successful HC runs or 200 crystals for 3 successful HN runs.And 1000 crystals sell for 50m ed .So you can make like 50m in 4-5 days span.
    Now the problem here is that it is hard to do without good gear .So you either need strong people mostly party of +9 sdg gear or higher to carry you.You can ask your strong guildmates or friends to help you.Just dont annoy them.

    IM service: I never did this but if you can afford cashing in few $$ you can get almost everything on the priority list or you can sell KC for ed. Eg : 100 KC = 60m .

    Events : Best and easiest way of getting ed.Sometimes events are so cool that you can make around 300m or more.Or otherwise they just provide you the necessary items from your priority list.

    Step 2

    Considering u have 5/5 costume,costume wep ,Decent accessory set(s),+7 wep and other things on priority list .
    Your priority list 2

    Quick slot

    +8 Ammy

    void/henir/Heroic wep with lvl 25+(use +8 ammy on either of these )

    Sage stones or dual stones (old )

    IB wep

    Pvp : yes people dont like doing pvp but they like things u get from pvp i.e : organic ,super human,stone apples,AP Potions,etc.You can get as far as S-SS with +7-+8 sdg wep.And dont forget to accecpt daily and weekly quests.Beware people are salty af here.

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