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    ... I wish they could merge Elsword UK and Elsword INT..
    When life gives you lemons, You gotta make some lemonades... (But you don't have any sugar...)

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    Sure, why not?

    I always thought INT was a collection of the servers with the smallest player base/least profit sans UK/Eu.

    But please put some physical servers actually close to those locations? Distance lag is still an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arylesina View Post
    ... I wish they could merge Elsword UK and Elsword INT..
    I always thought UK will be merged earlier on INT. Been wondering why is it still not happening until now.

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    To be honest, I'm quite annoyed at seeing more people talking in non-English at my guild's usual town base. Unfortunately, we can't really do anything about it cause that's just how players are. --,

    Before the merge, the town I usually am on usually have active English speakers that talk to each other randomly. Now all I see are Spanish and more Spanish... with the occasional Indonesian and other languages.


    No thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSaber View Post
    highly unlikely, NA has a verry different economics than INT, they will not like our economics...they will take a huge loss if we far int has people round the clock since SEA and LA has different timezones...Lanox has alot of people on weekends due to the hot spring...
    Well that economy worry was the same argument when LA first merged with NA before INT server was made. NA has stabilized it relatively quickly post merge.

    And again, the players dictate the economy so it'll balance out over time - if such a merge would happen.
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    x.png so hard to play, starting from last week, my ping on elsword from 30-70+ is now 200-300+
    the image is Dota2SEA vs ElswordINT. I used to be able to play in INT no problem, except PVP, so I just ignored pvp. Now I can't even finish a dungeon without disconnecting. I can play other online games just fine . like Dota2/SF2 and Roblox(yes I play roblox, but only to find the exit on the maze runner, I love puzzle games) hopefully it returns to normal, by normal I meant "less lag" XD



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