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    [Okay] Spring Tournament 2017

    [Okay] Spring Tournament 2017

    Salutations! [Okay] is happy to announce the start of our seasonal PVP tournament! It is to be held in the North American server at May 6, 8PM Pacific Time. Confirmation of tournament registration will be done on-site. Tournament registration fees will be used for the total prize pool.

    It will be streamed on twitch via AlternativeAries! It will still be recorded by me to be posted on YouTube.
    So even if the stream goes down, the tournament can continue! For more information, read the details below.

    [Okay] Discord Group

    Registration fee: 100 million ED
    Registration limit: 8 people
    Registration ends on: May 6, 7PM

    Registration via Google Forms has no limit, but on the day of the tournament, we will apply a first come, first served basis. Once the cap has been reached, additional participants will be added to the waiting list.

    Payment of registration fee is made on-site. We will not collect any fee until the start of the tournament. We are not responsible if a person/entity that is not associated with our guild has taken your fee.

    Double-Elimination Format
    Normal Matches: Best of 3
    Semi/Grand Finals: Best of 5

    To register, please PM me or post on this thread with the necessary requirements
    or you could click the link here:
    Google Registration Form

    Tournament Rules

    Registration Requirements:

    • Provide the Character Name, Class, Level, Guild, and PVP Ranking.
    • Must have at least an A ranking on PVP in this or previous seasons. (show proof)
    • Must be at least level 90 and has Transcended their character.

    Tournament Format: (Double Elimination Format)
    • The tournament will be ran under a double elimination format.
      For further details on how it is run, please search it on google.
    • Matches all the way until Quarter Finals will be 2 wins out of 3 matches.
    • Semi Finals and Grand Finals will be 3 wins out of 5 matches
    • Grand Finals: Winner's Bracket finalist is twice to beat.

    Gameplay Rules:


    The intention of the rules is twofold. Firstly, to prevent players from getting perks that are flat out unobtainable by others who aren't as rich. Particularly problematic examples include Nocturne, Crit damage, Skill damage, and MP cost reductions; and secondly, to prevent players from being able to "specifically counter" another player. This usually plays out in the form of stacking elemental resists.

    But at the same time, the goal should be to encourage flexibility and let players use the pieces they prefer and typically use. Also, it would be fair for us to expect a "reasonable" level of gearing: that everyone would have access to skill rings, MP necklaces, accessories from PVP-oriented activities (Arena, Ereda), etc.

    The rules are written in a "cascading" format. Where more specific rules take precedence over more general ones. E.g., even if the Global Rules allow for something, it may be banned explicitly; or vice versa where something is explicitly allowed.

    Global Rules:
    • Must only contain "standard stats". Meaning, everything listed in your character window from HP to jump speed, and elemental resists.
      • This disqualifies things like on-hit effects (Nocturne, Cold shock etc.), Crit damage, Skill damage, etc.
      • Stats that are listed in the item info but don't manifest themselves in sparring are not considered. E.g., dungeon-only effects obviously don't matter; reduction to repair cost doesn't matter; and even though HL has the potential to give 10% crit damage, the use of its incomplete set (HL 3/5 and below) is still allowed because it doesn't give the effect that is banned.
    • Any kind of socketing is allowed (even for things otherwise forbidden like skill damage or double attack) because it's simply too hard to enforce this.
    • ERP is allowed because it's too expensive to force players to reset.

    Equipments (Weapon and Armor):
    • All sparring gear is allowed. (Seasons 1-4)
    • All non-sparring equipment is disallowed (4D, SD, henir etc.)
    • No elemental attributes on any pieces, including armors too.

    Costume and Accessories:
    • Ice Burner costumes and Costume Suits are allowed.
    • No restrictions on mixing and matching pieces between sets.
    • All arena champion pieces are allowed, including Season 5 (helm, cape, earring, leg-wing.)
    • All MP-goggle variants are allowed.
    • All Ereda pieces are allowed.

    Ring Usage:
    • All skill ring variants are allowed, but they cannot be used to complete forbidden set effects, like Eltrion's 3/3 missiles.
    • Other elemental rings (giving resist and proc) are banned.
    • Ring of brilliant protection and Ring of Fury are banned.

    • Only titles giving purely standard stats are allowed. E.g., supersonic, light speed etc.
    • This disqualifies titles like eclipse, painkiller, ancient history etc.

    • All Hyperactive and Couple/Marriage skills are banned from usage.

    Ruleset is done by eccnecc

    Map Picking and Bans:
    • Starting map will always be Tree of El - Bottom to match the current season.
    • Subsequent maps are determined by the losing player of the round.
    • Tree of El - Bottom cannot be picked after the first round.

    Banned Maps: Cargo Airship, Tyrant’s Arena, Hope Bridge, Sander Oasis,
    Lanox Lava, Garpai Sandstorm, Bethma Lake, El Treetop , Judge's Heart and Elrios Bay

    • If the player is not present within 5 minutes of being summoned, it will be considered an automatic loss for the specific match.
    • They'll be able to still participate in their next match if they have one, however.
    • Failure to comply with the rules and/or unsportsmanship-like conduct will result in disqualification.

    Tournament Prizes

    Just like any tournament, there will be prizes given away as a way to say thank you for participation! Not only that, but one (or more) lucky viewer(s) watching the stream will get something nice from us as well! The prizes are as follows: (subject to change)


    • 1 Billion ED

    1st Runner Up:

    • 500 million ED

    2nd Runner Up:

    • 100 million ED


    If you have any further questions, please PM on the forums or visit us on the Discord server for further information. We shall do our best to assist you in any way that we can!

    Tournament participants are required to join the Discord Server. This is so we will be able to contact you easily!

    Tournament Results
    Brackets: challonge

    Champion: Hails (Strezwei)
    2nd Place: Aaron (Treasure)
    3rd Place: Vaffle (VaffReverie)

    In case you've missed the tournament or you just want to see it once more, you can watch it here:

    List of Participants:

    1. Treasure [LuxuriousFaction]
    2. VaffReverie [BLACKROCKSHOOTER]
    3. SavageDab69 [LuxuriousFaction]
    4. MugenNoYaiba [TrueOils]
    5. Strezwei [Empathy]

    Credits and Special Thanks


    [Okay] Guild






    alternativeAries, VSteps, Suimet


    WindGroper, Paizuru

    and most specially, thank you to everyone
    who have/will participate!

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    gdi rai im not kakusauce anymore >((((((((((((( smh this is why i yell at u everyday >((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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    1day only? saturday I'm off, ok i can join...

    Q: Eltrion accessory 1pc is banned too?

    (forum is glitchy and doesnt lock out this account so please ignore the name)
    it wont be banned
    just the 3/3 effect will be banned.

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    Diabolic Esper

    Is nocturn of hernia banned

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    Sander Chieftain
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    Eve's luxury closet
    (rules are very up-to-date, ban RoF but not Nocturn)

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    Ruben Villager
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    inside a soda can
    Is nocturn of hernia banned
    (rules are very up-to-date, ban RoF but not Nocturn)
    That's an error on my part as I haven't updated it due to copy-pasting from an older tournament. I've updated it now!

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    Archangel/Archdevil IB, Henir IB, Glacial IB, Celestial Master IB, Royal Maid/Servant IB, El Search Party Officer IB (includes Dark ver.)
    < all pieces or only certain pieces/accessories?

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    please ban new lanox/elysion map

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    Ruben Villager
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    I think for simplicity, it would better to specify the costume/accessory restrictions in terms of broader rules, rather than listing specific ones.
    So far, the intention I see is twofold:

    1. No costumes/accessories that give crit damage or skill damage (henir 4/5, aa 4/4, eo 3/3, rm 4/4 etc.)

    2. No costumes/accessories that give onhit effects (glacial, nocturne etc.)

    Which can be roughly reduced to: "no costumes/accessories that give stats/effects beyond what's listed in your stats window". In other words this would be all the standard stats that you can get from magic stones; plus p/matk, p/mdef, and resists, which come on most IBs.

    And it would help to have the bans be based on the stats you end up getting in the end. So for a costume set like henir where the crit damage effect only comes out at 4/5, there wouldn't be any harm to allow for 3/5 or below. Also keep in mind that with the ban on IB weapons, almost if not all of the crit/skill damage accessory effects are already impossible to get.

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    All by my lonesome self
    That's a really steep entry fee for just a 500m grand prize...

    3rd place gets 100m wat

    i think if you want to sponsor a tourney, you should supply most of the portion of the prize yourself, having just the small pool of registration fees from 8 people as a prize is kinda ridiculous lmao