: Should we add cosmetic character effects?

  • Yes we should

    47 88.68%
  • No we shouldn't

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  • I don't mind either way

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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2011
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    Please, I would sell my soul to buy it if this was possible....

    Also Ara with different colored tails~
    that looks dope , and i mean why didn't they do this for APo already , if they did most people are gonna play APo, well i guess they want players to play other paths too

    btw the thing they should do for Raven is probably change the colour of his Nasod arm , but I guess the new IB sets are already doing it

    but anyway this idea is nice , it reminds me of how players in grand chase can change the colour of their skills by wearing a different element necklace.


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    Altera Savior
    Sep 2014
    Please, I would sell my soul to buy it if this was possible....

    Also Ara with different colored tails~
    I legit started crying irl when i saw this but i had to stop bc i was in public

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    Altera Savior
    Jun 2011
    Those who've been with the game long enough to remember Skill Notes might remember when we had something like this for Dimension Witch

    Or how in our previous Skill Tree, Elemental Master could have her Fireballs change to Ice

    Let's bring those back, but as cosmetics. No actual damage/hitbox/effect changes, just the looks. And let's add more to the list of course.

    Some options I can think of right now.

    Lord Knight: Change the color of Armageddon Blade For elsword in general, why not give the ability to change the blue sword-slashing trails? like how Elesis's is yellow and how awakening/Nasod battle sword makes it red. Changing that would be cool too.
    Rune Slayer: Rune/Luna Blade colors separate from elements? i'm cool with that. support
    Sheath Knight: Phantom Sword color (Plus some of his other skills I can't think of)

    -The rest-

    That's all I can think of right now. Post your ideas here!
    all skills, hair, eyes, and possibly skin color for customization. for all characters.

    I swear I made a suggestion about this.....color schemes, a long time ago when we had the old forums. But alas, I have no proof lol. It was along the lines of something like this post though. I feel like players shouldn't be limited to changing the color scheme of their character only with ice burner/item mall costumes.

    You should be able to change hair color, eyes, skin, and skills to fit a set color scheme/theme. For color schemes to also effect skills, the color schemes should effect each skill separately, not be forced to be uniform. For example, with a green character scheme, Elsword's Mega Slash, or Mortal Blow, or Splash Explosion graphics/effects should be green in color. But that wouldn't force all of his skills to be green, see, you could change each of them individually.

    If you wanted to go further, you could change all of the colors associated with each characters skills. So the yellow color in elsword's arma blade, the white, red, black, and the aura, could all be changed. Even after image color could be changed, like for Phoenix Talon.

    I feel like that would be too far though^ and I'm not sure how much work that would be for the devs to implement. So a simple color scheme change would, I assume, might be easier (for example, just the red color of the skill in general could be changed only).

    Whatever happens, I support.

    My personal opinion on Aisha's balls is, that the colour should indicate the element. Bringing them back for visuals only is a poor excuse to not let her cast them. Same goes for Rune Slayer's runes and pretty much any projectile listed. I'm indifferent towards sword changes with Elboy and Grand Master. Colours for Empresses minions sound nice.
    Actual effects should just be implemented in each character's skill tree that needs it. For example, RS's Sword Enchant should effect his rune color, but should also be able to control/turn off whenever needed like when it was combined with Critical sword in one active skill. Or give EM an active to change the element to whatever she wanted, without it having a cooldown and having infinite duration. Most similarly, they would both work like Eve's "El Crystal Spectrum" active.

    Also, I think it's weird, because Rena's arrows are effected by color changes whenever you enchant her weapon with either fire, water or nature, but no other character does this with projectiles. But I feel like her base arrow color should be able to be changed to whatever the player chooses. And, if you have any sort of element effect on your attacks, there should be clear effects on the projectile/weapon to indicate that. For example, if your character's sword trail/aura (or projectile, like chung's bullets or cannonballs) is Violet, but you have Fire IV on your weapon...the sword trail/aura/projectiles should remain violet, but there should be flame effects displaying around it. Or, maybe an option to change the enchanted element's color (so, ideally you could make Fire IV blue in color, but with flames. Or Water IV green, but with snowflakes. This way you could make 2 elements on one weapon, for example, Water II and Dark II, both blue, but there would be icons/effects/auras that separate the 2)

    just dreaming :>

    Change MM's Phantom Seeker into actual pizzas.

    please make this a thing
    +9001 Support

    I don't see it being very hard to implement, tbh. Just recolor the visuals, then code it in so if you buy the item then visual = version2, or whatever. I don't know, I'm not a game coder, I only know how to make mazes.

    But if it is possible, then it's a win-win. We get fun visuals, and KOG gets more money. It gets my support!

    instead of different versions, each one is just a specific color. Or, have just one set/item/accessory, and place an option on the side to preview the item in a different color.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2016
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    Change MM's Phantom Seeker into actual pizzas.
    This is a legit reason that might make me JC to MM again

    also support on this!

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2015
    I actually want a customization that will remove or at the very least reduce the bulkiness of the nasod arms. I used to dress my Elesis in blue theme(my favorite color) but the miss match of her skills colors and skill cut irks me, so I switched to red. And yes, I miss the ice runes. I planned to dress my Elsword in blue as well but just gave up for the same reason as above.

    If possible, it would be nice to choose a color template for character that will affect the skill particle and skill cut images. I don't know how hard it will be for the devs, but it's very profitable for them to charge for a recolor right?

    While this one is far off, it would be nice if players can 'create' their own skill cut. Like you have a templates for poses, characters, and items and you mix them together. Kind of like a paper doll customization?

    Lastly, it would be nice if the character icon for party would also change depending on what you set on those suggestions above. It would be nice to have some sense of uniqueness when you are in a party of 4 with all of you using the same class.

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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2015
    I legit started crying irl when i saw this but i had to stop bc i was in public
    Ikr? i saw it on twitter and just stared at it for like 20 minutes... idk if it's a mod or glitch or whatever but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

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    Altera Savior
    Sep 2014
    Ikr? i saw it on twitter and just stared at it for like 20 minutes... idk if it's a mod or glitch or whatever but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.
    whats your twitter @ lemme follow you

    Seems like a glitch from Gottvergessen Sense canceled?

    OT: what about the color of Demonios flower ?
    Or the eye thats always next to Apostasia when you have seeds

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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2015
    Digging towards Asia
    Here the customs for my waifu:

    Pamero booster and flame strike.- color change .
    Laser rifle.- color change (green or yellow one plz)
    Operation Raze.- my sister think a pink laser and kitty bombs can look cool ...
    Burst Grenade.- same like operation raze.

    CR. (damm she lacks visuals )
    Change her chain blade to a chain glove or kitty paw

    Change her grenades for cakes or candy
    Replace EPM storm for a chubby cat
    Blazing bullet explosions


    Support btw......

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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2015
    whats your twitter @ lemme follow you

    Seems like a glitch from Gottvergessen Sense canceled?
    If you're sure you want to get there, there is a lot of ain and sins but it's @learoku

    probably, there is another one that is a glitch of his HA for sure that also has him using scythe combos

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2016
    stop being creepy
    ooh that would be pretty cool, like those npc skill cards skills