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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2017

    Unhappy Newbie for over 6months

    I'm pretty new to the game (even after over 6 months of playing), and for the heck of it: played the game with any strategies or whatever.
    Just mashing x and z and spamming skills without thinking.

    Hoping that I can have an online senpai...
    I got really embarrassed, I was called a noob by one of my queue'ed party mates

    Can anyone teach me the correct ways?

    My main char is Ain - Apostasia. Lvl 97
    I already got full SD gear - Alterasia (grend and enhanced) with my weapon +7 Freezing II

    Even though I got those, I still feel noob...


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    Altera Savior
    Jan 2013
    Hello, and welcome to forums! I don't know much about Ain to help you out tho buddy

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    Bethma Guard
    Dec 2015
    Hello and welcome to forums! Sorry I don't know anything about AP. Don't hesitate to ask questions around. Will be willing to help you out.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Hello, and welcome to the forums. If you were asking about AP, it'll be better to post a more specific thread in the appropriate subsection.

    Regarding AP, what skills do you use? Do you have B slot and Transcendence slots? What consumables do you use? Do you have Extended Quick Slot? Are there any passives that you haven't unlocked?

    I may be able to get a friend to help you in-game, but it might be better to get these questions sorted first.

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2013
    Haiyo and welcome to the forums~ Perhaps you can go into the Ain subsection to look for help.

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    Elder Citizen
    Aug 2015
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    yo my dude welcome !
    i don't play ain, but button mashing is not the way to go !
    if you button mash your attacks will just knock down enemies which increases their defense (on top of other stuff depending on the enemy) and overall makes runs a lot less fun for you and your partymates
    again, i don't play ain and i don't know the most efficient combo for AP but i've fooled around with base class a bit and i think zzz>zzz could work ?
    basically just hit zzz, hit the front key to walk forward and stop the combo, and hit zzz again
    you're basically still button mashing, but stopping the combo at the right moment so you can continuously keep dealing damage
    i suggest practicing with camilla's free training to help you learn
    also, in case you haven't socketed for it already, attack speed is very important to being able to combo efficiently as it helps you play a lot more smoothly
    20% attack speed is a good amount for being able to play well among all characters
    i know i don't give the clearest explanations, but i hope that helps ?
    you should definitely check the ain subsection so you can get suggestions from people who are actually familiar with the character

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2015
    Hello and welcome! I don't play Ain so can't really help, but I'm sure the others would be more than happy to!