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    Jan 2016

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    So this account of mine has been gone for quite some time now so I don't even know if this even matters anymore but what ever , I think last time I filed a ticket was 2015 , after no response I just forgot about it , I found out the account was gone after I tried to login and it told me I wasn't registered , so I made a new account I checked the forums and the profile for the account is still there and I checked in game on my new account and the character name is still there , My main character on that account was a code nemesis named avril25 which I later job changed to a CBS , I also had a BM , GM , a crimson avenger from grand chase closing event , a lu ciel , add , and that's all I can remember for characters that I had , And the last I've logged in on that account was when the level 85 cap got released iirc . Posted this because of watching my Hyper active video I uploaded on YouTube when Hyper's got released and got nostalgic lol .
    pic of character from when 70 was cap > SC_ 2014-11-12 19-18-36-799.png

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    I suggest contacting customer support regarding it. There is little that can help you here in forums.

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