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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2015
    Inside a Train Simulator.... >_>
    Yeah it's at its worse. It feels bad fighting them cuz I know i'm just contributing to their dislike for the game in general...
    Along with what Blingie said, the PvP matchmaking is TERRIBLE. Besides destroying lower ranked fighters, it makes people hate the game even more.... Although I get to make new friends, so idk.

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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2013
    So after a bit of pvp (like, 4 days non stop), I've reached a nice conclusion.
    I did 33 pvp matches today so far. At then end of the day, I won 31 out of them ( 2 losses, against 1 DE and 1 AP) and lost a total of 6% compared to when I started at the begining of the day.

    I did lose 7.32% from that AP, and 5.72% from that DE, both were SS. When I'm winning, I'm getting between 0 and 0.22% (at most, when beating SS-SSS)
    It's been like that since day 1, and as a moron I'm still trying. I don't really mind "gear/class carry" or whatever people call those, but this system is completely broken.

    I'd like to know how those star ranks do to get so many rp (serious question, I mean, even if you were to win 1000 games in a row while being SSS,you wouldn't even reach star because you'd get less than 0.1% per game most of the time)

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2015
    i stopped pvp after s4 but i heard the matchmaking now is more broken. rankless ppl face stars or SSS. which is not supposed to be happening and then you get one shotted. i honestly dont know man