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    GM [Winners Announced] Eldoodle: Elsword’s 6th Anniversary

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you so much for your patience while we worked on the judging. This was a very difficult event to judge, but after spending a few days evaluating all of the entries, we have our winners!

    1st Place Winners

    2nd Place Winners

    3rd Place Winners

    K-Ching is being sent, but for the rest of your prizes we will need the 1st and 2nd Place Winners to email us from their account email in order to claim the physical prizes! Please email us at [email protected] and let us know if you live in the NA or outside of it. If you live in NA, please include your name and shipping address (complete with zip code) so we can mail out your physical prizes! If you live outside the NA, you will still need to email us so that we can send you the K-Ching equivilent!

    As for our Honorable Mentions, since this is from our Anniversary Event and we are so grateful to have you all with us these past 6 years, all players who entered an eligible entry will receive the Honorable Mention prize!

    Congrats to eveyone, and thank you all for entering!

    Physical Prizes:

    Event Details:
    Hello Elpeeps!~

    Elsword’s 6th Anniversary is right around the corner, but we need your help to celebrate! I mean, what’s an anniversary without some sort of card or image or… ELDOODLE!

    Technically this event starts tomorrow, but we are posting it a day early to give you a heads up!

    So how will you show your excitement for Elsword’s Anniversary? Well that is up to you! The only requirement? The image must say “Happy 6th Anniversary”. So let your creative juices start flowing and start to think about what you want to draw!

    - Your images MUST have the phrase “Happy 6th Anniversary” on it.
    - Keep it clean (no nudity or anything that borderlines it).
    - Do not use any licensed characters in your artwork from other games or anime.
    - You're welcome to re-upload and change your entries as many times as you want as long as it is before the due date.
    - You must draw an image that celebrates Elsword’s 6th Anniversary for this ElDoodle. No restrictions on characters used; you can use any character or even NPC for your artwork.
    - Traditional or Digital Drawing Only (no animations)

    1st Place – 5,000 K-Ching + Elsword/Aisha/Rena Metal Pins* + Notebooks* + Pencil Cases* (you will get the items for all 3 characters)
    2nd Place – 3,000 K-Ching + Elsword/Aisha/Rena Metal Pins* + Notebooks* + Pencil Cases* (you will get the items for all 3 characters)
    3rd Place – 2,000 K-Ching
    Honorable Mentions – 500 K-Ching
    *Physical prizes can only be shipped to those in the NA, however the K-Ching equivalent will be sent instead.

    Post your entry here in this thread with your IGN and Server.
    You must include your in-game name and server along with your artwork for your entry to be valid.

    5/21/2017 @11:59 PM PST

    Physical Prizes:

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    Direct: http://i.imgur.com/KFmMhYL.png

    It's 1:30 a.m don't procrastinate kids my hand is in pain from trying to do this a day before deadline orz

    The concept is focused on the "6th" of the anniversary, with Chung's release as the 6th character :P.
    A moment of silence for the Chung anniversary coin we never got..

    Also hey, pick a sparkle. They are very gently glowing blue - one of them is Ain o/.

    I wish I could make this look fancier but happy anniversary elsword this is the best I could do...

    IGN: Allensiah
    Server: NA

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    Bishounen Land.
    Hmm, I might give this a shot.
    No harm in trying!

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    Feb 2017
    This is gonna be tough, but Good Luck to everyone {I can't wait to see them >^<}

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    Aug 2015
    might or might not? reserved just in case

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    IGN: FlightWings
    Server: NA

    welp besides the fact that i've been working for 4 hours straight at the airport, i think this came out pretty well ;A;

    based off the Ellywood set, wanted to go for a sort of glamorous, movie star feel >A<

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    I give up on fixing this.

    IGN: Euthymius
    Server: INT

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    Elder village,ruben 1
    reserve ..

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    IGN: iciscle
    Server: NA

    edit: wrong file but I have the original upload's date on my sta.sh

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    Bae's Kokoro ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ ˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵
    Dayummm Reserved