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    Jan 2015
    Dead to everything
    Aahh, either way it will be good practice...
    Ready to try hard and not even get an honorable mention T 7T

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    Jun 2013
    IGN: WalkerLight
    Server: NA

    I did traditional bc i don't have a draw tablet and skillz on it, but the draw was in 33.5x 48 so i scan it completely.
    I draw every character based on his original height and win poses, colored was full pencil and some marker, for the signature i just scan it and photoshoped the sign, so it is retouched.

    : blep

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    Dec 2016
    Training World
    I did traditional art as I thought it may look better!
    As predicted I can see many El players who are WAY better drawers than me, so I'm a bit pushed off the ranks, but DETERMINATION! I DID MY BEST, I'M ALSO SORRY FOR NOT ADDING THE OTHER CHARACTERS!!


    IGN: Akatsukix
    Server: INT

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    Feb 2014

    IGN: Failure
    Server: NA

    pls nobody steal my work
    I spent hours on this and I will not hesitate on calling the police for copyright

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    Jul 2014

    IGN: DarkxDestiny
    Server: NA

    If you don't know what this is, it's a framed photo of Rena, Elsword, and Aisha celebrating the anniversary with a small cake outside. \(ouo)/

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    Apr 2014
    ok I have a question. How many images are we able to post as 1 person? Also, how many Elsword NPC/playable characters can the artist add into the image?

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    Jan 2017
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    Hmmm reserved, let's see where this goes

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    Apr 2017
    Ain_Anniversary.jpg Not sure if this is good or not... But.. for Ain.. :x IGN: IiMocho Server: Solace

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    Jan 2017
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    hmmm Reserved, let's see where this goes

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    Nov 2014
    I wish I could be able to participate for the physical prizes but I live in south america ;A;
    well, I'll give it a shot .w.
    IGN: Holystern
    Server: NA