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    Mar 2011

    MOD [Winner's Announced]Anniversary Party Potluck

    It's time to party with for the 6th Anniversary! Chung has invited everyone to his place for a huge potluck! Not everyone knows what to bring so let's help them create some delicious dishes to celebrate!

    - Final product can not be an existing consumable

    - Minimum 3 ingredients

    - Maximum 6 ingredients

    - Ingredients used are limited to existing consumables, items, non-humanoid monsters and quest drops

    - You do not have to own all the ingredients on your character

    - *Must include an image of your dish (drawn digitally, drawn traditionally or use a picture of the food you made irl)*-
    If submitting a picture of a food you created in real life, the image must include a paper/note card with your ign on it

    *The visual appeal portion will not be judged on how well the art is done. We just want to see what it looks like in your own imagination and how creative it looks. This is not an art contest.

    - Include a short explanation of your dish (300 words or less)

    - IGN must be included in your entry and which server you play (NA or INT)


    1st Place – 3,000 K-Ching and Elsword/Aisha/Rena Metal Pins, Notebooks, and Pencil Cases*
    2nd Place – 2,000 K-Chingand Elsword/Aisha/Rena Metal Pins, Notebooks, and Pencil Cases*
    3rd Place – 1,000 K-Ching
    Honorable Mentions – 500 K-Ching

    *Due to shipping limitations, we can only ship to North American residents. Residents outside of North America will receive KC of equal value instead.

    5/21/2016 11:59pm pst

    Physical Prizes:

    I deeply apologize for the long wait. My net did not allow me to post properly nor contact the mod team properly to help.As compensation, all entrants that do not place 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive a Honorable Mention prize.

    My net is now fixed and I will make sure to not let this happen again.

    Now for the winner's that everyone has been waiting for!

    First place: Fayia [Entry]
    Second Place: Fab [Entry]
    Third place: Ulin [Entry]

    All winners receiving a physical prize will receive an email from the GM's with further instructions.

    Again, I deeply apologize for the delay.

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    Feb 2017
    Hehe, this is gonna be hard X3

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    Jul 2013
    "A potluck!? If that's the case, then I know everybody will enjoy our famous Spicy Meat Buns!"
    "Finally, all the meat I can eat! Just don't make it too spicy this time, Sis!"



    Whole Grain Bread
    Burning Fire Bird's Egg
    Volcanic Spiffy Meat
    Grilled Meat
    Yggdrasil Leaf


    Although technically a burger, Elesis and Elsword decided to bring their infamous Spicy Meat Buns to the potluck! Bread, baked until golden brown, is cut in half and the inside hollowed out some so that you can easily put in slices of meat. In this case, the siblings are using Grilled Meat and Volcanic Spiffy Meat. They're not TOTAL carnivores, though! Some Yggdrasil leaves are added to give that fresh crunch that only a vegetable can satisfy. And to top it all off is their "secret" ingredient - A flaming bird's egg! Retrieving the eggs are no easy feat, but the trouble is well worth it. It's so hot and spicy that it can toast the inside of the bun. It's HIGHLY recommended to put the flames out before actually eating it, though. It's easy for the edges of the egg to burn, but the yolks typically stay in tact since these are no ordinary birds. And unlike a regular egg, a Fire Bird's egg has the most delicious kick to its flavor.

    Well, if you can handle it that is.

    "This is nice, but.. i-is it really safe to eat this?"

    IGN: Allensiah
    Server: NA

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    Aug 2015

    Erblu's Delicious Eidcakes!

    "Haha, what a curious celebration!
    I don't see the point but it makes me glad that they include me in their little reunion, I'll do my best!
    I hope everyone enjoys this heavenly recipe~"



    - Banana Milk.
    - Stella Powder Mix-
    - Eggs.
    - Fire Orbs.
    - Water Orbs.
    - Light Orbs.

    "Now, let's get down to business~!"


    ♦- First, mix the special Powder Mix for cupcakes in a bowl along with the banana milk until it has a soft texture! In another recipient beat the eggs one at a time and incorpotate them with circular motions.
    ♢- In a separate bowl pour some banana milk and half the content of an orb (depending on which eidcake you're going for!), beat them until they have a creamy texture, this is your filling!
    ♦- Grab your cupcake pan and fill each space with only half the first mix, then add a spoonful of the filling and then cover it with the rest of the cupcake mix! And then, right into the oven!
    ♢- While the cupcakes-- I mean, eidcakes are in the oven, grab two eggs and sepparate the white from the yolk. Beat the yolk with the rest of the orb's content until it's firm enough. Once the eidcakes are ready, take them out and decorate them with with snowy-like mix!
    ♦- Tah-dah! Your Eidcakes are ready!

    "Each Eidcake has a different effect depending on what orb you use~ For example.."

    "A Water Orb will give a Willecake! It helps you relax and overcome any stressful situation!
    It has a fresh taste and soothing effect."

    "A Light Orb will give a Reincake~ For when you're feeling ill or weak, this is the way to feel better with a sweet treat in your stomach!
    Doesn't that thought make you smile already?!"

    "And a Fire Orb will give a Mutcake! One that will fill you with a fighting energy and courage to beat any filthy demon that stands in your way!
    Be careful with this one, it might be a little spicy~"

    Explanation's word count: 284. Phew, pretty close!

    IGN: Hazuren.
    Server: NA.

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    Jun 2013
    IGN: Classica
    Server: NA

    Elder Triple Apple Tartlets

    - Phoru Cookie
    - Organic Apple
    - Yggdrasil Leaf
    - Banana Milk
    - Honey Potion
    - Star Fruit Juice

    Description (word count 252):
    This is Rena's favorite El Triple Apple Tartlets, made from the finest apple orchards located in Elder! It is inspired by French influence. The crust of the tart is made up of grinded phoru cookies pressed into a tart pan and baked so that it retains it shape. Another part of the phoru cookie was shaped into a stem for the ice cream. The filling of the tart is a whipped banana milk custard infused with sauteed apple bits, cooked in honey until caramelized. Freshly cut apples are laid on top in a spiral fashion to give a fresh crunch, and whipped banana milk cream is placed on top of the apple spiral. Along with the tart comes a small scoop of ice cream, shaped to look like an apple. The ice cream is an iced banana milk with apple extract to give it flavor and the bright red color. On the ice cream is a honey and star fruit juice reduction, cooked down into a thin and light sauce. The reduction is drizzled onto the ice cream, giving a sharp contrast but also a sparkle to the dish. Finally, a yggdrasil leaf is candied and with the phoru cookie stem, is placed on to of the ice cream to imitate the look of an apple! The triple apple refers to the apple in the cream, the fresh slices, and the ice cream. These make for the perfect dessert to bring to a pot luck, and everyone is sure to love it!

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    Jan 2013

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    Candied Organic and Twister Apples

    Rena has decided to bring Candied Apples to the party, as she's pretty sure the others won't bring food with vegetables or fruits on it. She chose Organic Apples because of the health benefits and Twister Apples because its' cooling factor would be great under this sweltering heat of summer. It didn't hurt that they were incredibly tasty!

    Rena coated the apples with melted Halloween Candies that she didn't eat due to having way too much of them. She crushed the Star Fruit Cookies that she had gotten from Theodore and sprinkled them on the coating she made with the candies.

    The sweet and interesting way that the apples and candies tasted made the treat a party favorite! The gang couldn't help but eat them all up. Rena was happy that the rest of the El Search Party didn't ignore her dish like usual (when she brings her salads).


    • Halloween Candy
      (Extremely Tasty Candy
      Heals all sorts of wounds and brings a new kind of strength.)
    • Star Fruit Cookie
      (A cookie made from Elysion's star fruit. The crunchy texture stimulates your appetite!)
    • Organic Apple
      (Certified organic by William Ranch, eating this premium apple offers more health benefits than eating just the regular ones.)
    • Twister Apple
      (Imbued with the power of a tornado, this apple keeps you cool when you are holding it.)

    IGN: Euthymius
    Server: INT

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    Dec 2014
    The Depths of the Unknown, The Void

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    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1
    reserve ......

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    Feb 2016
    Iced tea

    Starfruit Berry Crepes

    • Whole grain flour
    • Egg
    • Banana milk
    • Blueberry
    • Organic apple
    • Starfruit juice

    These soft crepes, made from handmade banana milk butter, surround a decadent filling of caramelized apple slices and banana milk whipped cream. Drizzled on top is a reduction of starfruit juice and crushed blueberries, adding a bit of tang to balance out the sweetness of the apples.

    Ciel decided to bring something delicate and classy to the potluck, and this was the result. A modified version of his regular crepe recipe produced this unique batter, and the ingredients were gathered along the El Search Party's adventure route.

    IGN: Alne
    NA Server

    I can art