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    "Aisha's Fruity-Icy Bread Bowl"


    *Organic Apple
    *Star fruit cookie
    *Growth Fruit (Teen)
    *Honey Potion
    *Whole Grain bread
    *Fantasy Shaved Ice


    Aisha not knowing what to bring for the potluck browsed some books and found this! It was first made by an unknown adventurer and was really delicious it said! Aisha made up her mind to recreate it! She had all the ingredients handed from some friends she said, But I'm pretty sure she just did dungeons all day for the ingredient drops..maybe even for the quest rewards...."Ahem!" ...or maybe not? Who knows!
    This was made with whole grain bread having a deep pit in the bread for it to be filled with Fantasy shaved ice. Honey potion was poured over the shaved ice and organic apples bought from town alchemists were used as toppings. They were also evenly sliced up. Star fruit cookies were used as toppings and the crumbs from this cookie was also sprinkled all over the shaved ice. Fruit used to feed pets was also added, It may be for pets but it has a really sweet taste for it to be pet food! Don't worry it wont make you a teen pet! But if it did Aisha said she would be glad to take care of you~

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    IGN: Akatsukix
    Dish Name: Goddess's Star Fruit Pl├Ątzchenkuchen ( Goddess's Star Fruit Cookie cake- Ain' s cake)


    =Honey Potion
    =Star Fruit Cookie
    =Giant Apple
    =Banana milk
    =Phoru Cookie
    =Superhuman Apple

    As Ain was a new member of the El Group, he didn't have a first hand with cooking and this was his FIRST EVER DISH, so he decided to use his creativity and imagination for his dish of the 6th Anniversary Party. He concluded of making a cake that represents his Goddess, Ishmael, by representing it by the color, light blue, dark blue and gold yellow. Giant Apple and Star Fruit Cookie representing the shades of blue, the Honey Potion, Banana milk and Superhuman Apple representing the gold yellow, and the Phoru Cookie to add the hint of Goddess's sweetness.
    Ain decided to make three layers of cake stacks of the mixture of Star Fruit Cookie, the main ingredient, so in other words a gigantic Star fruit Cookie base, with a hint of banana milk to bring in the sweet flavor of the bases, giving it a light brown form and spots of blue, which is the Star Fruit. Later making the cream, which is made out of Honey Potion and Banana milk giving it the gold yellow color. After stacking them together with the bases and cream, he decorated the plate with thin slices of Superhuman Apple to give a very fancy look, afterwards, decorating the cake with Star Fruit on the sides and center of the first layer and last layer. Ain then decorated the top at last, by using the remaining Honey and Banana cream to creaming it, but only an oval creaming so he could put the crumbled pieces of Phoru Cookie in the middle. After the creaming, Ain put the crumbled pieces of Phoru Cookie in the middle of the cake, and then put thin slices of Giant Apple onto the cream. Finally, to make the final touch, Ain got a Star Fruit and dipped it into the cream and let it turn solid in the fridge, to then taking it out and placing it on the middle of the cake!

    After the cooking, Ain thought of this as his BEST DISH HE HAD EVER MADE! (Even though it's his first). And thought of giving it an honorable name, naming it after his Goddess, which is, Goddess's Star Fruit Pl├Ątzchenkuchen.

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    IGN: DarkxDestiny


    Cookie Crumbs
    Laguz's Tear
    Stella's Powder Mix
    Magic Ice Powder
    Power Stone Fragment
    Time and Space Core

    Ok so, this blue edgy blob is a Jell-O! Glave made it to prank the Elgang. Once you eat a bit of the Jell-O you'll get sent to a random place! For example, a cave waaaay underground or underneath Berthe's tail! Glave kept on cackling when he saw Elboy get sent into Hamel's sea. Raven had to keep an eye out for the Jell-Os because Elboy, Add and Lu kept on eating it. It sparkles and glows like Glave's dice.

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    Dish Made:

    Elrios Fruit Bar

    • Grilled Meat

    • Phoru Cookie

    • Organic Apple

    • Star Fruit Juice

    • Magical Herb Juice

    • Twister Apple

    This brand new product is a splendid dessert to end the party. The inside filling is red gelatin and then green gelatin from the apples. The outside is then being cast from the liquid of the juices dipped one at a time. Then the bottom section of this yummy frozen food is sprinkled with cookie crumbles, and as it is nearly done a bone stick like is being used as a holder. It is later then put into a cold area or a freezer to cool it down and hold it together. Once it is done everyone can enjoy it!
    : tryingtogetthisdonecuzI'mdispleasedofmydrawing

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    oh looks great .w.

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    "Spicy Meat 'n Fish Fried Balls"

    • Volcanic Spiffy Meat
    • Grilled Fish
    • Vigor Potion
    • Organic Apple
    • Purified Volcanic Water
    • Fried Cracker


    The delicious 'Spicy Meat 'n Fish Fried Balls' is the perfect dish for a party, as it can be an appetizer or it can be one of the main course of your meal. The dish is made up of the famous Volcanic Spiffy Meat that has been marinated and shaped into ball shapes, the grilled fish is the surprise flavor stored in the middle of the shaped meat, and as the flavor of the fish is stored inside, the sensation of the tenderness of the meat is applied in as the outer crust in the first bite, the little sprinkles added on the meat balls are the Fried Crackers which adds the crunchiness on the meat 'n fish balls. The dish also consists the soup that enriches the flavor of the whole dish, the soup is made up of Vigor Potion, which is a good flavor and healthy as it can relax your body, Organic Apple which is turned into juice to add a rich flavor for the soup, then finally the Purified Volcanic Water, as it is pure in minerals and a perfect combination for it. When you dip the meat'n fish balls in the soup, the delicious impact is doubled as it improves the taste of the meat and the fish in your mouth, and it will leave you craving for more!

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    Reserved for meeeeeee.

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    Aisha took the time to whip up some mini Startfruit cakes ^-^/. The mini layered cake stars off with crushed up Phoru cookies mixed up with some banana milk and the next layer is some jellied Starfruits, and this is repeated a few times in a cake pan. While the cake is in the fridge to cool, she then used some honey potion and mixed it with herbal juice to give it a nice purple color and when the cakes are ready, she pours the purple honey over top the cakes. Lastly adding some starfruit leafs as a decoration!

    Honey Potion
    Herbal Juice
    Phoru Cookies
    Banana Milk
    Starfruit leafs

    IGN: RabbitAnn