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    Feb 2012
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    IB Giveaway

    Hello, I've been very inactive since September of last year on this game. I don't really log on often and I really don't plan on logging much either. I realized I have a bunch of junk not being used and I already achieved every "dream" look I wanted. So instead of just letting them sit and rot, I'll just give them away. Give me a simple reason why you want the item of your choice and provide your ign.

    Notes: You will provide the seals.
    One item per person (4/4 armors) count as 1 item, accessories and weapons count as 1 as well.
    Not everyone is guaranteed to receive an item.

    Questions asked through pm that I will also post here.

    1. Is this a raffle or a first come, first serve kind of thing?
    Neither. I mostly look at people who aren't as fortunate as others. Those who are bawling are less inclined to receive something.

    2. Does a combo (SS 2/2 for example) count as one item, or does the weapon and accessory count as one each?
    Sorry, I should have specified more. Combos don't count as one item. EX: SS bow counts as one item. SS combo does not count as one. Same applies to hairs, it counts as one. Only exceptions are armors ( 4/4) I do this so people have more of a chance to acquire an item.

    3. What do you mean by not everyone is guaranteed an item?
    I don't have enough items to feed the whole server...

    I also won't post if you get an item, I will pm.

    Items listed below:

    RM 4/4 Black
    Chibi Black
    GF 7/8 (only 3/3 left)
    VIG 5/5 (4/4 left)
    SS Combo
    EO 8/9 (No hair)
    SS 4/4

    AD 4/4
    AD Wings & Eye
    Advd hair
    AA 4/4
    AA Wings
    AA Crown
    Salvatore Gaia Crown & Wings
    RB Crown & Cape
    Succubus Suit
    Pink Gingerbread Suit
    Brown Bear Suit

    Advd Hair
    VIG 5/5
    ET Staff

    NBS 5/5
    VIG 5/5
    VIG Necklace & Cape
    RM Black Swan Spear
    RM black headdress & Chibi
    Pink Bunny Suit

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    May I ask for Rena's AD 4/4? My GA could use some good IB costumes so I can wreck Henir bosses with ease.

    IGN : IfritPsyker(this is my main IGN)

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    Mar 2016
    I would like Rena's SS Bow.

    I remember seeing SS bow on the board for 600m back in 2011. I was so poor back then to afford it xd(still am kek). I remember the IB re-releases, when we got an IB set for one day. I screamed when we got SS. I sat on my laptop for that whole day making the most out of that 1 day SS set. Rena's SS combo is my most favourite thing in the whole game. 1. Because it looks SO COOL on her, and 2. That HP will really benefit my HPless NW. I've been trying to save up for SS all this time, but something always goes wrong, bringing me back to square 1. Having just the bow would help me out so much, maybe then I'll be motivated to trying saving up again for the shades ^^. (If I look rich in my avatar, most of the stuff you see was borrowed q)

    IGN: Saucebox

    Thank you for doing this giveaway.
    : Redone whole post

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    Nov 2012

    IGN: Sakibby

    P.S. Look at all the bling in SauceBox's pfp selfie, meanwhile some of us are struggling out here.........

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    Jun 2016
    I would like the RM Black Swan Spear please.
    My sockets on Ara have really been lacking, and I've wanted an IB weapon for a while now to help fix it.
    IGN: CystalicEun2

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    Dec 2014
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    I would appreciate it if I could get SS Shades for Rena. Being a Rena lover like my sister (Saucebox), I would be really happy if you could spare your SS Shades for me. I was going to ask for SS bow, but Sauce will beat me up if I 'sabotage' her chances of getting it. Jokes aside, I also think SS looks really cool on Rena, but the shades look better than the bow imo. Anything is better than Wyvern Wings lol. Anyway, nothing would make me happier than owning just that one item I've wanted for so long. Thank you.
    My ign is LordCJ

    It's very kind of you to be giving away all these IBs. Good luck in your future endeavours!

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    May 2016
    hii I would love to have the chance to get the rena GF bow!
    I've been looking to buy this for a while now, but no one was willing to sell it separately and I missed out on the re-release a few months ago too so I gave up looking for it. receiving this would mean very much to me, because Grace Fairy is the prettiest rena set to me. also you are very generous to be giving away all these ice burner pieces o: thank you for giving us an opportunity!

    IGN: Sahlina

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    may I have the black RM mini for rena? ' v' after I got the headdress from you I've only worn it with a blue mini so I'd like the black one to match!
    IGN: Petite

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    Jan 2013
    Hello, may I have Ara's NBS 5/5? I stopped playing her in the past because I didn't have the funds but I only recently picked up on her again so this would really help!
    IGN: LayChips

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    Oct 2011
    Hello may i get Ara Headdress And Chibi Please =) thank you.

    Cause i have the rest of the 5/5 RM so it will help alot =D

    IGN: KindleKiss