thread: IB Giveaway

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2013
    hello~can i get AA 4/4 for rena? looks cool, thanks

    to ign: Elyc

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2014
    Heyy, can I have rena ss shade
    Hopefully will fix up my rena so I can play GA,
    Ign: Hepix

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    Tactical Trooper
    Dec 2015
    Hi, can I ask if you`re willing to part with your EO 8/9 for Rena?

    I`ve been trying to pick up my WS, who was lying in my character pages dead for a while. After a while of playing Chung, I kind of felt bored of using him and tried playing Rena again. She was kinda hard to use but was really fun, and an IB set instead of the promo v2 which I`m using right now would be pretty nice to have instead for both looks and stats (been trying to find her a good IB set but I can`t ;; orz)

    My IGN is Unload/PheonixSnipe~


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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2014
    Cuddling w/ Rena
    Items Interested: Grace Fairy 7/8 or SS Bow????

    I am interested in either Grace Fairy or the Salvatore Solace Weapon (If you have because you said wing and shades when are they are the same thing) Im interested in Grace Fairy because it is a really cute set for Rena, I want to make my Rena as pretty as possible, this is also one of the sets I really wanted to get. I had my eyes on that set the moment it came out but poor old me couldn't afford it. Like how you mention your "dream looks". Ever since that set came out I was dying to obtain it. Or two the Salvatore Solace Bow if you have it because I currently have the Salvatore Solace Shades, I have been really interested in the Bow but I couldn't afford it since it was really pricy. I need it so I can get the two set effect of the SS set effect.

    IGN: Lacrissa

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    Feita Knight
    Feb 2012
    Some where far away from you
    done for now. will reopen sometime in the future. gz to everyone who received something.

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    EO Hat Trap
    Mar 2011
    Locked by request

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