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    Elder Citizen
    Oct 2012
    1-IGN: OriOri
    2-Number 21
    3-Want 100 El Res Reset Coins, why I want them? To reset the points in EXP gain into something more useful for PvP.
    4-I suggest Shokugeki no Soma or Your Lie in April. First one is about food competitions, 2nd one is a sad anime with classical music.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Jun 2015
    Trying to burst through Fiore.
    Alright guys to claim items find me in altera village elsyion 1 Bloom67530 or Bertania. I am not mailing items you have to come claim them!
    Dang,there goes my Ain accessory. I guess there's always next time.

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2013
    Hello sir/ madam. I would like to see if I can receive 100 crp.
    Item:100 complete recovery potions
    I joined the game on 11/12/13.

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    Jun 2015
    Hot Springs
    Is it possible to update your first post with your online/offline status + where you are in game so we can know if you're available for us to claim items? It'd be really useful.

    Raffle - 1k kching
    ign: Raraxia
    reason: I would get accessories and maybe more bank space for my characters
    anime suggestion: shirokuma cafe

    favorite anime character
    girl: Misaki from maid sama?

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    Elder Citizen
    Apr 2015
    For KC Raffle:
    IGN: KanonxX
    Number: 8
    Reason: I'd like to get some IBs and try my luck for some SR pieces, cuz the set is beautiful and I really love its stats.. ;-;
    Anime Suggestion: Magi - I just love the animations and music, the story line is fun and the magic/fantasy concept is really cool and unique.~

    Favorite Anime Characters:
    Girl: Yona <3
    Boy: Usui (Maid-Sama)
    Non-Human: Ao (Yona)

    Thank you! .o.

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2014
    1-IGN: LadyBreeze
    2-Number 22
    3-Reason: I want that pretty cat sit motion :3
    4-Suggest 1 anime: BT'X, it's a really old Shonen anime, it's basically about 2 brothers, one of them is a genius and is captured by the empire of the machines, our main protagonist goes through all kind of ♥♥♥♥ trying to get to the center of the empire and rescue his brother, Fighting and machines involved.

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2013
    1) IGN: Classica
    2) Raffle #34 for the 1k KC
    3) I'd like the KC so that I can buy the cat accessories/or parts of the new dance motion costume in the IM (the shoes are really cute!!)
    4) I know you like comedy and romance, but I'm gonna go out and say you should try Boku no Hero Academia! Even though its shounen, it's still really cute and inspiring. It's about a world filled with people who gain powers to the point where having a power is uncommon. With the rise of new powers, there's villains who use their powers for good. Therefore, heroes were created to fight those villains. The MC's dream is to become a hero, but he's faced with a couple of obstacles in his way (I don't want to spoiler it too much, but really give it a try).

    Favorite guesses:
    Girl - Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Hair
    Boy - Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair
    Nonhuman - Plue from Fairy Tail

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2013
    Bikini Bottom
    KC Raffle!
    2)Number #23
    3)Reason: I'd like to use the KC to get a IM top and bottom for my Ciel to make him look hot! lol.I only have a beach set for him q.q
    4)I think you would like to watch the Devil is a part timer! It's really funny omg. Trying not to spoil it but, hes just a demon overlord that turned into a human and it gets funny omg. He then finds a job at a fast food place and still feels like a overlord but isnt. Its only a season long sadly.

    For the favorite anime character guesses:
    Female: Kaori from Your Lie In April
    Boy:Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End
    Non Human:Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins

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    Sander Chieftain
    Oct 2012
    404 Not Found
    May I have 100 CRPs sent to my GA?
    IGN: Stratagem

    I would also like to enter the raffle
    IGN: Stratagem
    Number: 42
    Items: Ieru Eyes (Lu), Trans Skill Slot, Chic Eyes (Ara), Blessed Time and Space Scroll
    I want the Eyes to be able to dress up my Lu and Ara (RM Hair with the El'lywood Dress and Ieru eyes looks really nice on Lu and Chic Eyes goes really nicely with Goth Loli on Ara), and I want a trans slot so I can use it on my DC when I trans him or LK whenever I decide to work on my LK mini project. The scroll is so I can re-id my Ara's spear for hopefully something better than mp gain on receiving attack lol.
    Anime Recommendation: No Game No Life. It was a pretty fun ride when I watched it and it's also getting a movie soon.

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2012
    Ok I decided I will look for you in-game or mail you the items due to inventory space!