thread: Best Class

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017

    Cool Best Class

    What do you think is the best class and why?

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2016
    The Vast Unknown
    Should be in General Discussions.

    Anyway, it's Eve 'nuff said.

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    Velder Noble
    Oct 2012
    My main Class is Code Nemesis because I'm a closet sadist and she has lots of very painful looking moves. It doesn't hurt that she, as with every Eve, is extremely maneuverable.

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2013
    Yama Raja, because it is so versitile in many scenarios. Good for PvE support or any role in PvP.

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2017
    Usa Land Of The Memez
    IS because I don't need my fingers anyways

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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2017
    The Land of Moose and Maple Syrup
    CrA, I like the colour red and she's one of the few characters I can play decently

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    Bethma Guard
    Dec 2015
    Veteran Commander, cause I like suiciding. I don't care how much nerf he gets.

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    Feita Knight
    Dec 2015
    Up in the North
    "Best Class" and "Who is your main" are two different things.

    I have no mains. Pic is outdated, but it has all the characters I handle.
    Nameless Roster.png
    Each has their own gear and only 2 Ains and Diabla don't have Raid gear, if that matters.

    In terms of fanservicey Skill Cut ins:

    Night Watcher
    I swear this is the most distracting skill cut in yet. I keep trying to peek on instinct in dungeon runs.

    Cash Yama Raja

    Cash Code: Nemesis

    and Cash Grand Archer