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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2016
    stop being creepy
    Main IGN:

    Other: RichestGirl
    May I please have whatever amount of ED you got xD
    It's because I can't seal any items and I like dressing up my characters

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    Bethma Guard
    Apr 2013
    at an ice rink
    Lmao I'm dead. My drones look like they got skinned off
    I knowwwww qq
    bad timing + bad graphics

    Updated with a quick sketch o/

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2014
    1. Arionlioa, Taonearao, Salasktra, Yamstra, Triliaz, Vasklari, Matalolinaka, Seriasa, Feliciaz, Trasclo, Cuerla, Riaskla, Nioleta, Leoniak, Azusuz
    2. Aisha Henir Lord of Time And Space 8/9.
    3. The HL set gives really stats while also looking really nice and is much better than my current sets for when I play any of my three aishas

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2017
    Usa Land Of The Memez
    whatever ed you got IGNS:Emlaf,Retasid,ThatsSoAin,PikaThug Reason:Cause im ded broke I would legit sell everything I own just for 20mill ed Screenie (Coming Soon) Drawing: (Coming Soon also a warning in advance I suck at drawing so don't expect a Mona Lisa)

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2012
    (Play if I feel like it)

    What I want:
    Aisha CM 6/5

    Why: Doesn't require seals >w<

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    Messenger of Love
    Oct 2011
    Cookie Jars
    My way too many IGNs:
    Main IGN: xShinzui

    Sub mains: xKawaiii, KittenLuna

    Other IGNs: VixenLuna , Hinokamii, xFushigi, xMoeru, DemonKitty, xAzriel, xNightz, insaneLoli, xChihiro, xHanabira, xKoKitsune, Yasuragii, xMoonlightz, xBakuha, iZehel , xSeduce, iiChannyy, xHidoi, AngelL0vee

    IGNs of chars that are as good as dead (I might forgotten one or two): Angellovee, EvilKitty, xNesta, FierceEmpress, xAmeNoChi, xExilez, xGungitsune, xSharta, xRaijinn, xKasaii, xHiime, xBakuhatsu, xTitus, kayaha, xRaionn, xGunFlower, xInazumaa, NotJiece

    Item: I want the Eve IC 8/8

    Reason: I've wanted the IC drones since forever, since before it was released in NA. To be honest I don't really care too much about the rest of the set although its still cute and will probably still use the rest, I mainly just want the drones I never managed to get.

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2014
    IGN : LadyBreeze (GA), Tanisa (EM), FoxyLance (SD)

    What I want: Aisha 8/9 HL

    Why I want it: I'm all the time playing these 3 chars and i love my EM and i'd like a new costume ib set for her ^^

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2013
    1. IGN: Automorphic, Monodromy, Affinoid.
    2. I would like the Eve IC.
    3. Reason: I am looking for a full IB set for my Eves, especially weap and acc.

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    Velder Noble
    May 2011
    Up your butt
    1. Contort = Asiduous > Shokuu > Cynnthia > Jitachi > Akeishi > Winterr > xPeach

    2. Aisha HL 8/9

    3. I want this because I main Aisha and I really like the HL 8/9. I got rid of mine a while back but I want it back again

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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2014
    My House
    1. IGNs: Gumms, Makuro, CitrusTree,CitrusTrees, Makuros, Tympole, Donutine, Flatree, Insanitree, Exspire, MarinaJoyce, Enalen, Goomtree,
    2. Aisha HL 8/9
    3. my aisha only has her free promo given from renewals and id like her to wear some nice looking costumes even tho i dont rly play her that much although i might end up merching it as well if i can. not rly sure yet tbh