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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2013

    Help with RS in Add dungoen

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me some advice on the skill and stats set up for RS for the Add Dungoen. I struggle with getting through the add dungoen. right now I am running with luna blade, iron body, fire rune, flame geysery, rising slahs, critical sword, sword wave, sword fire, overs geysery, and enchant breaker. So if you could give me some tisp on what skills and what traits for those skills you used that would be great.

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    Elder Citizen
    Jul 2012
    Canada, BC
    for the most part there isn't really much inherently wrong with your current skill setup. however you could probably do without rising slash, despite its AoE its damage is just overall bad now even with its slight buffing. Also keep in mind enchant breaker wont work against type-apocalypse like it will on the other bosses in there. you could try running heavy triple geyser to help with overall nuking but realistically two flame geysers deals more damage than 1 triple for the same cost, so hyper could be an option as well.

    Heavy Luna Blade
    Killing Blow (1) Iron Body
    Heavy Flame Geyser
    Enchant Breaker
    Empowered Sword Wave
    Killing Blow (1) Critical Sword
    Useful Sword Fire
    Absorbing Flame Rune
    Heavy Triple Geyser/Shining Rune Buster (if you use hyper before the last fight, swap with triple)
    Overs Geyser
    Light Phoenix Talon (or take Killing blow if worried about duration but generally light is easier to work with)

    alternatively if you have the mp to spare you could swap out an active and run Phoenix talon just for the extra mana regen. the skill basically refunds itself under vit mode while dealing just under what rising slash would've but with the extra benefits. one last thing too, wind orbs are your friend in there. they may not work against apocalypse but certainly make the other fights easier to burst through.

    end of the day though your stats and current weapon will really make or break you but ideally if you meet the item level requirement you shouldn't be too far off. when in doubt there's also alot of youtube videos of Runeslayers running add's dungeon you could try and emulate