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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2013

    What PvE skills to take for NW?

    Hello all.
    Just finished a nice long list in which I determined what the best damages were for WS skills, then played around to find out what the best balance vs utility was for my character... but this took FAR longer than I expected it would!

    Anyone want to do the work for me on NW? XD

    But seriously, thanks for any help!

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2015
    I can tell you what I use. This is going to be rather lengthy...

    Siege Mode X: It does disgusting amounts of damage for the cost of the skill (88.8 damage per mana). It can pierce up to two times and covers a niche area above and below Rena when you're positioned right.
    Briar Trap: It somehow does even MORE damage per mana spent than Siege Mode (225.16 damage per mana). AND it can cause Bleed, reduce KD, proc NF explosions, and has a 20% chance to double everything. It takes half a second to use. I don't know what KoG is thinking with this skill.
    Phoenix Strike: For clearing, since Karma is so unusable in its current form.

    The rest are just skills to fill in the blanks that I use when the key skills are unavailable or not optimal for the current situation. Such situations are when I need to approach a target or when I need to avoid taking damage. Or both. Skills I use for these purposes are:

    Perfect Storm: I cannot resist the heal, even though Ain does it 10x better. Damage is okay, Gigantic trait makes the upper range huge (up to 3 levels high). It also pushes people above you off cliffs, making grouping easier.
    Eradication: Since it got buffed, I put it here over Call of Ruin. Huge range and doesn't knock the target down. I've yet to fell 5 targets at once with it.
    Backflip Shot: Cheap invincibility and backwards spacing when I need to avoid a boss attack or when I'm unsure if I'm in danger. Trust me, I cannot correctly accommodate for every enemy on screen when there are 5 or more of them, many who stoic after a certain number of hits. Backflip Shot is a security blanket you can rely on if you need a half second to figure out where you should run to.
    Furious Engage: I use this as a second layer of security much like Backflip Shot, when I'm unsure if I'm about to get pummeled by some random attack. The only difference is this skill moves me forward and doesn't leave me up in the air afterward. It also has about 3x the invincibility.

    Skills I juggle for that last spot:
    Innocent: It's her Hyper Active and it hurts. It also has a ton of invincibility, if you're just scared stiff about approaching that Heroic Hell boss.
    Humming Wind: Great at harassing opponents in the new Ereda.
    Rage Fungus: It holds down many of the enemies in Add's Dungeon, such as Berauks, Epic NPCs, Assaulter Crashes, and H-Type, effectively stopping them from starting a new attack for a good 8 seconds (it will not interrupt what they are in the middle of doing). Kinda unfair.
    Areo Tornado: Uh... when Eradication is on CD and I still need a good 300 MP nuke.
    Fatality: Reserved for when I fight someone behind a shield or against a KDed target (critical trait seems to ignore the damage penalty of being knocked down). Also used against Nasod Inspector and Juaquin when he goes binge drinking.

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    The last week I've been revolving around a lot of skills trying to a find a system that works best after the patch.
    Currently this is what I'm using for PVE.

    Fatality's damage is very noticeable post-patch and is very enjoyable.
    I decided to place Aero in the trans slot. I try to activate VPP beforehand and all that damage is insane.
    Perfect Storm is not only great utility, but pretty decent damage too.
    TA- Fungus is probably my favorite, it's just fun.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Mar 2011
    Canada, Ontario, Markham
    Normal Build
    Briar, Explosive Trap, Rage fungus, Eradiction, Siege, Fatality, Gliding Strike, Karma, Butterfly, Phoenix strike.

    Flex Build
    Siege, Explosive Trap, Seed of Wrath, Briar, Butterfly, Erendil seed, rage fungus, icicles, Eradiction, Fatality
    and a Pet.

    Strength Build
    Fatality, Gliding Strike, Perfect Storm, Rage fungus, Explosive Trap, Karma, Call of ruin, Phoenix Strike, Eradiction, Siege

    have fun.